Hello intrepid adventures, my name is Matthew and I play Captain Tyzon Rodrick Laque. Welcome to the USS Polaris. I am so glad that you have joined us. Before you being playing please check out the following wiki pages, that my senior staff and I have created for you, but before that I wanted to give an introduction about the game. This game is a Non-Canon game. What is a non-canon game, you might ask? Well the following section will give you some insight.

Non-Canon vs Canon

    Canon is defined as: Following in direct relation to movies, novels or TV show series.
    Non Canon is defined as: Not following a direct relation to movies, novels, or TV show series.
We are the latter. This is a game of my own imagination. My own world that I have created, with its own villains, missions, and exploration. So in the next few pages, you will find a Player's Hand Book. Please utilize it as a guide to how to play. We here on the Polaris welcome you aboard.