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A Visit to Vulcan 3

Posted on Fri Jan 21st, 2022 @ 3:31pm by Lieutenant Borvan Pirek MD & Valev T’ghrek of the House of O’Kaan Ambassador

Mission: [Episode 4] A Hunting We Will Go
Location: T’Planna H’ath Vulcan Cruiser

Shon was still fast asleep exhausted by the events 0f the preceding evening when the contact came through from sickbay.

=/\= Borvan to Chase, Good morning how are things?=/\=

=^=Well she has a bad depression, but I think her body is healing fairly well. Her mind needs work but it hopefully will improve with time. Hopefully we reach Vulcan soon so she can get the help she needs. Do you know how soon we will get to Vulcan?”

=/\= I think about 7 days now, I’m coming to see her, do a physical check okay. I suspect she may have something called post natal depression. It’s an old Earth illness in women who have just given birth. I have heard of Risan women having it. It can be very dangerous, even ending in suicide. Anyway I’m on my way. Borvan out =/\=

Borvan took about 5 minutes to get to their quarters and pressed the chime.

Zach met Borvan at the door. “I agree with the post natal depression diagnosis but it goes much deeper. Losing family in the fire, Ardera, Manil Arek, the rape, now this entity. She has been through a lot especially since we got married. Hopefully I have helped keep her stable but don’t know if I can do enough. I do love that woman so. In case you didn’t hear, she did try to kill herself last night. She was going to transport herself into space. So life is an adventure. Come on, she is in the bedroom.”

Zach led Borvan to the bedroom.

Shon was still asleep so before waking her he ran a bio scan, finishing her turned to Zach and motioned for him to follow him back out into the living area. “Remember a few days back when Valev and us discussed putting her into stasis until we arrived at Vulcan, well, I think that time may be near. Her Vulcan neural network is breaking down everything that has happened to her is being delt with by the Risan part of her mind which is not equipped to do so. Her Vulcan mind is now overwhelmed it is having an effect on her body which I know you have seen. I will speak with her them you and I must speak with her brother. Are you in agreement Zach?

“I find it hard to say yes. I am in agreement also. Let’s do this. Why don’t you go talk with Valev. Give him the information you have and see if he agrees. If he agrees then we proceed. Do you have something with you to knock her out? It might be best if she is out now then wakes up on Vulcan. So you have as long as you knock her out get get an answer. Agreed?”

“I need to speak to Valev first and I know he will want to speak to her, I have a sedative by;o with me but I would have to go to sickbay in order to commence the life support she will need, remember Zach, this is not just knocking her out. This is stopping all her bodily functions and having them done for her, in fact it is like killing her. I cannot say with 100% certainty she will come out of it fully at the other end.”

“Talk with Valev. If he says do it, then we do it. Let me know what he says. You don’t have to ask permission, just do what needs to be done. Understand that she may struggle against it so be prepared for that. Might want to have her brother present.”

“So Zach, you are saying do it, even if it means she dies? I just want to be clear on this.”

“She won’t die because you will make sure she doesn’t. I have faith in your skills and in Valev. So positive thinking, ok?”

“Good morning,” Valev’s voice rang out from the turbolift. I was just coming to see how Shoniara is today?” He halted, Zach you look very somber,” he sighed, “what’s going on?”

“We were just discussing you. Borvan feels that it might be best if Shoniara is knocked out for the rest of the trip. Borvan can give you the details. We were just wondering your opinion and if you would discuss it with her. She won’t like it. Not even a little bit.”

Valev pushed passed them and went to where she lay asleep. He knelt by the bed shaking her gently on the arm. “Sister, it is me Valev, what is wrong.” Even before she awoke he could sense the pain and despair rolling off her. Her eyes opened, “Valev?” She said shakily. “I came to see you this morning with news from Vulcan, your final embryo is now growing and safe. Manil Arek has been eradicated there thanks to your discovery. Ta’l’n-agh my sister!” She nodded her appreciation of the compliment. “Shon what is wrong?” He said softly. She looked at him “I cannot go on Valev, look into my mind and see.” He nodded and placed his fingers on the pressure points and rested his forehead against hers. His body immediately became rigid as he began the journey through her thoughts beginning with her attempt to end herself. Her failings as a mother, the rape, the entity, Manil Arek and Ardera and also her guilt over Jacque. He also realised how depressed she had been ever since the death of Mark and Shasta. Deeper inside he found her thoughts that she was not good enough, or beautiful enough for Zach. He placed a thought to sleep peacefully within her brain and left her mind. She smiled peacefully as the command to sleep overtook her. He stood and walked over to them. “Borvan her Vulcan brain is dying, we have to put her in stasis, in complete stasis, we cannot allow her to even dream. We will be within transport range of Vulcan in four days.” He put his hand on Zach’s shoulder “you understand the gravity of this and that she might not survive?”

“As I told Borvan she will survive because of the team taking care of her. I will worry and be concerned for her safety. But I know that she will survive, the Masters will restore her mind and I will have my wife back. Then we can plan our future.”

Borvan spoke, “I will need an hour or so to prepare everything. I will let you know when we are ready.” He looked troubled as he turned away and walked off down the corridor. Valev said “do you want to tell her you love her, I can wake her up for a few minutes? But do not tell her what will happen, just tell her to sleep and it will be so?”

“Yes I would like to tell her I love her.”

They walked into the bedroom where she was sleeping a smile on her face. “Remember Zach when you are ready just say ‘sleep’ to her and she will. Now let me wake her. He put his forehead against hers and she opened her eyes.

“Zach are you there, I was dreaming about you, you are the love of my life, until the end of time and ever after.” Valev nodded to him.

Zach walked to the bedside. He leaned down, cupped her face with his hands and kissed her gently on the softest lips ever. “I love you Shoniara. You are the love of my life. You are my world. I will love you until the end of time. Sleep my love.”

Zach gently stroked her face as she went to sleep.

“She is all yours.”

Valev came back into the bedroom and sat by her. Outside were the sounds of the children waking up. Etienne was saying “maybe mom will walk Duke and Puss with us this morning she’s been promising we can go to the seaside in the holdeck.” Graces voice was then heard over his “I wonder if dogs ears are different wet?” Etienne said “where are mum and dad, I bet they were kissing again last night.”

Zach came around the corner and saw Grace and Etienne. “Mom won’t be going for walks for awhile. She will be sleeping until we get to Vulcan. When we get there they will make mommy well, healthy and happy. So if you want to go for a walk it has to be with me.”

To Valev he said, “do what you have to do.”

Zach and the kids went for a walk.

A few minutes later Shon was beamed to sickbay with Valev. Valev washed her with Vulcan honeydew flower and dressed her in her House of O’Kaan blue robes. He combed her hair and lay it loose around her according to Vulcan ritual adding a sprig of jadaha berry between her breasts. He whispered a Vulcan prayer for life and one for death and kissed her softly on the cheek “Ta’la-nath my dear sister.” He whispered and sat to meditate whilst Borvan prepared her for death and life support. When ready he gave her a hypo to stop her breathing, and then one to stop her heart, the bio sensor keeping watch on her vital signs screamed in alarm as her heart finally stopped. The clamshell life support cinched around her and began to do the work of keeping her body functions alive, oxygenating her tissues. Her heart began to beat 30 times a minute different from the 140 beats a minute. He adjusted for her Risan heritage also. As he went about his work with the help of the Vulcan team on duty he began to feel tears on his cheek. Zach seemed to have faith in him but in truth he had no idea if she would live again. If it had been his decision he would not have done this, just for one week he would have found a way to keep her alive, if she were his..but then he remembered she was another's and had chosen to be so. He ordered up a bed for himself to be placed in her room, he would be with her 24 hours a day until she awoke or did not. After Valev had left he placed a kiss on her lips, got himself a drink and sat by her bed checking her tests which he would run every hour until they arrived on Vulcan. He was due to discuss the matter with the institute in the morning.
He sighed =/\= Borvan to Zach it is done, visit whenever you want, she is decent for the children to visit her if you think it is appropriate. Borvan out =/\= he sat and began to remember they day they met.

“Chase copies. Maybe tomorrow. Chase out.”

Zach took everyone to the holodeck for their sea side walk. They came upon some rocks and Zach suggested they sit and talk for a bit.

When they sat Zach looked at the children. “I need to tell you somethings. Mom is sick. The one major problem your mom has is something called depression. With all the things that has been going on she feels very sad and not good about herself. It has started to effect her Vulcan part of the brain to a very large degree. When we get to Vulcan they have people that can make her better. So until we get to Vulcan we have placed your mom into a very deep sleep. She has machines breathing for her so she won’t dream or anything. We will go visit her tomorrow. Now know that we expect you to be truthful with us at all times. So when Etienne told her that she scared you that upset her, making her think that she isn’t loved, or a good mother or parent. So when she gets better make sure that you make her believe that you love her and want her to be your mom. Do you understand?”

Etienne began to cry, “but I do love her dad, I thought maybe that I had done something wrong and that you would both make me go away and that was what scared me, not mom. My dad.……I mean my old dad had depression once after my ..old mom died. For a while he would not speak. But dad, mom has always been so strong she was in charge of the whole of the medical staff on the Polaris and looked so good in her uniform, why can’t we go back to that I want her so much..” he broke down and threw himself onto the sand crying.

Grace was just sitting on a rock looking out to sea where Duke was playing in the surf. She turned and ran to Zach wanting him to pick her up “does this mean that mom won’t ever be reading me a story ever?” She asked, because if that is so will you be doing it? She began to cry as well snot and snuffles eating into his collar. She looked up, “Very well then I will be mom until she is better. You know dad she wanted you to get to know how to fly the fighters on the ship so you will have an idea when we get to Vulcan. She was so proud of you and loves you so much. I asked her once how much and she said ‘to the end of the universe and time’ that means a long way doesn’t it dad?” She hugged him, “what will happen to Edward and Liara?”

“Come here Etienne. Group hug. Now first off dry the eyes. Look it will be a little while until we get mommy back. She will be with doctors to help her with her depression, dreams and nightmares. I know mommy wants to get back to work, being a doctor, doing research. She will get back to all that, but it will take some time. So I’m asking that you be patient with her. As for stories I will read night time stories until she returns. Etienne, you need to tell mommy what you told me. It will make her feel better. While you two play and do school work I will work on helping to design the new Vulcan fighter. Deal? So I will sort of be flying. Come on. We had better be getting back.”

Their quarters were just as they had left them except that the bed was now bare, Shon’s pyjamas were nearly flooded on the bed and her smell seemed to be everywhere. In the bathroom her oils and soaps remained on the side of the enormous tub she had wanted and enjoyed so many baths and lovemaking in. Her uniform had been set out for tomorrow although she now would not be needing it. By the side of the bed her medical PADDs and her research papers rested as though she had just put them down. Etienne was in his room crying softly so his dad would not hear and Grace kept asking him when they were going to see her as she wanted to kiss her goodnight.

Suddenly Zach’s communicator activated, it was Valev. =/\= Zach I have arranged for you to take a flight in one of our old fighters tomorrow so you will know what they feel like and what they contain. I will leave the time up to you but know that I will have Grace and Etienne for whatever time you need me to. I will be in touch tomorrow. How did the children take it?=/\=

“Etienne is taking it hard because he was honest with her and her depression took it hard. Grace took it better as I expected. Her concern was who would read her bedtime stories. If you could meet me on the flight deck at 0900 you can introduce me and then you can take the kids. We will go by sickbay and check on Shoniara before going to the flight deck. Chase out.”

Zach went to the children bedrooms. Etienne was quietly crying. Zach walked to his bed. He hugged Etienne, kissed him and told him, “it will be ok. You did nothing wrong and your mom knows that. Now go to sleep.”

Zach goes to Grace’s room. He sits down and reads her a story. “We will go say hi to mommy tomorrow but she won’t hear you. But we will let her know that we are there. Good night.”


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