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A Visit to Vulcan

Posted on Sat Jan 15th, 2022 @ 11:09pm by Lieutenant Borvan Pirek MD & Valev T’ghrek of the House of O’Kaan Ambassador

Mission: [Episode 4] A Hunting We Will Go
Location: Vulcan ship T’Planna Hath. Planet Vulcan.

Zach and Etienne reached their quarters.
“Etienne, go grab all of your clothes, special items that you may have, school equipment and bring it out and place it here in the main room.”

Zach goes to Grace’s room and gathers up her things. Then goes to the master bedroom and gathers his things. Then he gathers Shoniara’s items including tea’s, meditation items, oils, the dagger and her Pon Farr weapon. The rooms are emptying fast.

Zach makes some dinner for the 2 of them, plus Duke and Puss.

Zach contacts the teacher for assignments for the remainder of the school year. At least Etienne will be kept busy.

“Chase to Borvan. Have you cleaned your medical staff of the virus and explained what it is, how it works and how to defeat it. They will have to clear the rest of the ship. Have you transferred Shoniara to the Vulcan ship yet?”

“Chase to T’ghrek. Once you have cleared your ship of the virus, and Shoniara is on board, you may lock onto my signal and beam 4 plus belongings to your ship. Chase out.”

An hour later he received a message that the pure oxygen had been delivered in their sickbay with all the staff there and it had been commenced throughout the Vulcan ship. Borvan was already on board with Shon and Liara and Edward in his incubator. Sickbay on the Polaris and the staff had already been cleared and oxygenated. The bridge was working with engineering to facilitate it throughout the ship. Commander Teron was not really pleased they were going and taking Dr Pirek but the fact that the CMO’s life was in danger cleared his mind.

=/\= Lieutenant Chase this is the Vulcan ship T’Planna Hath, are you and your party ready to board, checking 2 humans and 2 animals? =/\=

“Lt Chase to T’Planna Hath. 2 humans, to animals and gear ready to board.”

The blue light of the transporter took them from the stark interior of the Polaris to the richer decks of the Vulcan ship. It beamed them into their well appointed quarters. There were 4 bedrooms including a master suite with a huge tub. There was a large kitchen and replicator and a dining room. The furniture was rich and plush with hangings and tapestries on the walls. There was also an office room for research or schoolroom. Sickbay was on the deck above. There was a small schoolroom on the deck below as two of the crew had children athough they were Vulcan Etienne had been invited to join them.

Valev was waiting for them. “Is everything to your liking Zach? There is a wardrobe of clothes you might like to look at, I replicated a set of robes for you as a member of the House of O’kaan. The other clothing is a Vulcan commanders uniform as I am promoting you. I read your notes that Commander Teron gave me and I think you might like to join the bridge crew as flight supervisor. It also means you get to fly the newest class of Vulcan fighter. It may take you a little while to learn the Vulcan controls but I dont’ think so. I believe your flight record to be immaculate.

I’d like to give you a couple of days to get the family relaxed enough, although Grace has already made herself at home on the bridge! It will take 3 weeks to get to Vulcan and in the meantime our doctors will be looking after Shon. If we need to deliver Liara we are ready to . Borvan has the suite next to you. I know it is a lot to take in but if you are happy we will get going ? The ship is now Manil Arek free and I spoke to Commander Teron and he will turn the prisoner over when they reach the next Starbase, although he still wants to stay where they are.

Any questions? He hugged Zach, welcome to my family I am very happy to have you and the family here and I would like to see you on the bridge. I just want Shon to get better.

“Oh I think I’m beyond satisfied. I thank you for the promotion. I will get to work learning the flight controls and how the craft flies. If one of your pilots can show me the ropes as in the controls and the flight characteristics I will be ok. A couple of simulator runs and I’ll be fine.

I will make daily or multiple visits to my wife. She needs to know that I’m there for her and that she is still my life. This is what this whole thing is about. My wife. Getting her well. Making her happy. See the joy back in her life. I think we will look stunning when we both wear those blue robes.

“Will I have any problems with your pilots with me taking a position that they worked hard for? It will be an honor to be a part of your bridge crew.

I do have a thought about the Vulcan research facility. I take it that they are still having Manil Arek demonstrations and attacks. What if you put the researchers into a secure area, with breathing apparatus, let the demonstrators/attackers in, lock the doors behind them so they can’t escape and run pure oxygen thru the whole facility. It’s worth a shot. We still need to find the original source to ever end this.

Now if you will excuse me, I would like to go visit my wife. Etienne x you stay here and work on your studies.”

Valev bowed, “as you wish Zach. I will have your answers whenever you wish. I will keep Grace until you want her back. I must admit I love her.”

He turned and walked out.

Shon lay in a private room in sickbay the bio bed had been softened with a mattress that allowed the sensors to take readings from underneath. She had been dressed in a blue and scarlet robe and covered with a coverlet with the House of O’Kaan sigil embroidered on it. She looked pale, composed and beautiful with her hair flowing round her. Borvan was finishing up with the incubator holding Edward that was now next to her. At least 3 of the family were together now.

Zach walked over to Borvan. “So how is young Edward doing? Growing like a weed it appears.”

“Hey Edward, how you doing?

Zach watched him for a minute then went to the bed. He brushed hair back off her face slightly.
“Hey Shon. It’s me Zach. Just letting you know that we are on your brothers ship headed to Vulcan. We will be there in about 3 weeks. I love you my wife.”

Borvan turned, “Edward is doing very well, another week and he will be able to come out of the incubator. Shon can feed him. I have been giving her a milk suppressant but will stop that.” He put his hand on Zach’s shoulder, “how are you feeling about all this?” he moved his hand to encompass the ship outside the room.

“Well we did discuss something like this maybe, but didn’t want it under these circumstances. If they can heal her, then all the better. Just so you know we most likely won’t be going back. So you may join us here or we can get you home. The important things is getting Shoniara well.”

Well I would not think there was any point in going back until Liara and Edward are born, we know what is happening to the little one on Vulcan and Shon is better. I can’t bear the thought of her loosing her mind, and her skills as a physician. I never told anyone this but I chose the Polaris because she was the CMO. I had been reading her works on plagues and viruses and was fascinated by it.”an alarm sounded, “don’t worry he said, different bio beds. …..” he paused. “I wish we could wake her.”

“I do to but I think that it may be best to let her rest for now. Rest and nutrition are what she needs now.”

I think though it would be a good idea to bring Grace and Etienne to see her it is a big change for them well Etienne Grace probably knows this bucket like the back of her clever little toddler hand.” He laughed.

“Yes they will want to see mommy so I will bring Etienne down later.”

Borvan nodded, Valev said he would be down later also to try another meld with her, see if anything has changed, her nutrition has improved, in fact I increased it a little more. I have seriously thought of removing Liara for Shon’s own good, Liara is taking nearly all of the nutrition I am pouring into her. That is why she is growing so much. Your her father and Shon’s husband, what do you think?

“If Shoniara is getting enough nutrition at the moment then I would say hold off a few days, or as long as we can. However I think Liara needs to come out before T’ghrek tries more melds. It might have a negative effect if Shoniara decides to resist too much. Whether that is tomorrow, 3 days, or a week. The longer she safely stays inside without harming the mother the better.”

Zach walks to the bed and rubs Shoniara’s stomach. “How are you doing Liara? Don’t be too hard on your mom, ok? Daddy loves you.”

Zach moves up and kisses Shoniara. “I love you my sweet. I can’t wait until we have our life back in order.”

Zach goes to get Etienne and brings him back to sickbay.
“Go touch her hand. Tell her you love her and you can’t wait to have her back home again.”

Zach stood back as Etienne walked up and talked to Shoniara.

Etienne stood and looked at her, he seemed scared to see her like that, “why is she so white dad?” He asked.

“Well that is because your mom is weak and hasn’t been eating anywhere close to what she should, especially since she is pregnant. Your sister is getting close to I want to come out time.”

He leant over and kissed her “wake up soon mom I love you, it’s hard without you especially now we are here. Daddy is going to be on the bridge and flying the new fighter. I think I will love it here if you were with us. I heard daddy cry last night because he misses you so much…and you have to get better for Puss and Duke to save their ears from my sister…why does she always do that mom.” Etienne went on and on and began to cry. Then he jumped.. “mom moved “ he shouted..”she did her fingers moved.”

Zach went over and confirmed if she did have some movement.

Borvan went over and checked. “She is under something called a restraint, it means there is a special forcefield so she can’t move.”

“But I am telling you she did.” He stamped his foot and began crying again.

“We are trying to keep her restrained and sedated so she doesn’t try to hurt herself or anyone until she is better. It will be ok.”

“No” Etienne shouted, “I felt mom move, why won’t anyone believe me! I’m staying here until she wakes up.” He went and gabbed Shon’s hand.

Shon felt someone touch her hand, the touch felt soft, then kisses on her cheek. ‘I love you my sweet’ and a gentle touch, a loving touch of a husband. She breathed a sigh of relief. She felt safe. She tried to wake and move. She stretched her fingers out but was unable to open her eyes. She tried to feel for Liara but her arms were too heavy. She began to panic.

A neural alarm sounded, something they did not have on the Polaris. Borvan was nonplussed. “ There should not be any movement in her mind with this level of sedation.” He said. “Zach we have 2 new choices, we either try waking her or I put her on complete life support, paralyze her, breathe for her but, that means we have to deliver Liara. I can’t take the chance her mind it working. Imagine having a mind in a body that cannot move? What do you want to do?”

“If she is big enough, deliver Liara and wake Shoniara up. We can always put her back under if needed after she gets information on the situation.”

Borvan nodded, to be honest another week would have been better for Liara, Edward was much bigger when we delivered him, but Liara still has nanobots in her so,I am sure she will catch up, however once they both come out of incubation they will both need to feed and that will be a strain on Shon.” He prepared his trays to deliver Liara preparing another incubator. He looked at Zach, are you sure about this?”

“Yes unless T’ghrek can come and calm her mind to give us another week. If not then I think we need to deliver and wake her.”

As if he had head his name T’ghrek walked in carrying Grace. “Daddy!” She cried wanting to be let down, she ran over to Zach. “Nunkle Blek said mommy was here and we were going to Vulcan?”

“You both look serious, what is happening?”

Etienne ran over to him, “Uncle Valev, mom moved but no one believes me.” Valev raised an eyebrow and looked at Zach.

“I can’t confirm movement, but he says there was. I won’t doubt him. We are debating whether to deliver Liara now even though it’s still a bit early and wake Shon up, or put her completely under and put her on a breathing apparatus. That gives Liara more time. If Shoniara did twitch, then her mind is racing, can’t move, can’t wake up then her mind will just go crazy and something bad will happen. So 3 options. Put her completely under, deliver Liara and wake her up, or maybe you can go in and reassure her mind that everything is fine.”

“I think the first thing to do is for me to see if anything has changed within her mind so I can assess whether we can bring her back to consciousness. I agree it seems a little early to take Liara out. I mean Edward is in an incubator and the embryo on Vulcan is still there.
I will meditate for a while than 'I will be ready. Zach I spoke to the pilot who will take you out, he himself is not completely used to the plane yet as it is so new he said if you wanted to go with him you could learn together. I told him you needed a little time to acclimatize. We are leaving the Polaris now, I don’t know if you you want to watch?”

“No, my place is here. If you could inform the pilot that I will meet him at 9:00 on the flight deck tomorrow morning. He can at least help me learn the controls, their location, markings and symbols. Then we will try some simulator time to get used to it. Thanks.”

He walks to the bed and watches his wife sleep.

Valev made himself comfortable behind Shoniara and applies neural pressure, he entered her mind easily and found himself in a version of chaos. She was fighting…..everything, herself, Zack, Borvan and in the middle of it all looking on with a smile on his face her rapist. He pushed through and stood in front of her calling “STOP.” She looked at him with unknowing eyes then Zach appeared and she recognized him. Her face crumbled and she cried.”I know you my husband.” She called to him telepathically with everything she had ‘Zack my darling, do not give up on me I love you so much, can you hear me! Inside your mind.”

Zach heard her voice in his head. He sat down, closed his eyes and tried to clear his mind.

“I’m right here my love. I won’t give up on you. We just want you to get well. We all miss you terribly.”

“Help me get out of here my love, there is fire all around me, people I do not know…and HE is here waiting for me to wake! I m so frightened I want only you to hold me, only you to be inside me, with me all my life, you and our family. If I wake he will be there.”

“Shoniara I promise you he isn’t there. He is just a memory. He is gone. Open your mind to your brother T’ghrek. He is in there with you, to help you. Allow him to help. I want you to want only me and I can’t wait until we are together again. Just relax my love. You are just seeing images that can’t hurt you. I promise.”

She quietened, T’ghrek did not know what had happened but something had changed. The fire was still there in her mind but Zach was now standing in front of her, she reached out to him trying to hold him. He backed out of her mind. “Zach, you were there and she is trying to reach you. I think we should wake her and hope to Surak she is herself again. I cannot promise she will not receded into her mind again before we get to Vulcan. One thing I recommend is that she is not left alone. The image of that bastard is still in her mind somewhere, hiding. I know Master T’rach can rid her of that image forever. I think if she stops eating again or loosing weight Liara should be delivered. What do you think Zach, Borvan?”

Zach stays in her minds and walks towards her. He grabs her, he hugs her.
“I’m right beside you. I won’t leave until you wake up. T’ghrek I know you can hear me. Wake her up then get me out of here. I’m staying until she is awake.”

“My love we are going to wake you up. The images are just memories and can’t hurt you. They can only disturb your mind.”

Zach wraps his arms around her and waits.

Borland looked at T’ghrek and he nodded. He removed the invisible restraints and stopped the medications that kept her asleep. He then made up 2 hypos, one to wake her and one to put her to sleep again quickly if necessary. He took deep breath and depressed the hypo into her carotid artery.

Zach went and stood by the bedside. He brushed so we hair from her face. He held her hand. He wanted to be the first thing she saw. He was just worried about her health and mental well-being.

She opened her eyes and looked into the eyes of the love of her life, she grabbed him S if she would never let go showering kisses over his face. “You were there Zach, there with me I love you all my life.” Borvan was hovering with a med scanner. She was crying. He nodded,

“ she can go back to your quarters so long as she is never left alone. Any thing at all then you are asleep until Vulcan”. She nodded.

Zach put his arm around her waist for support.

“T’ghrek, can you sit with your sister a few hours while I learn the new plane. I think she might like another face other than mine from time to time. Thanks.”

They walked slowly down the corridor and talked.

“Until we reach Vulcan your Vulcan half will have to take over. Your Riasan half will have to wait until we reach our destination. You need rest and food. You will get rest and food. It will be bed or chair. You don’t want to sleep the rest of the way, I don’t want you to sleep the rest of the way. So you will have to to let us help you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Ok?”

“Yes my love, I want to spend the time with you and our family. I do not feel like eating but know I must for Liara and for you. I am not sure why we are here on T’ghrek’s ship, all of us including Borvan but I am glad to be here with you.”

“Yes you must eat. You haven’t eat much in a long time. You need to get weight back on. We are on our way to Vulcan. You will be seeing one of the masters to help clear your mind so we can have our wife and mother back. So we have a couple week vacation. We have really nice quarters. You have to promise me that you won’t try to run out, or hurt yourself or anything like that. We need you here, with us.”

“Oh my husband I will really try to eat but I do not know when I do things, it is not me, I can see myself as if from far away but the person that does these things is not you think I would choose to leave you and the children. Never in a million years would I do that through choice. You are my mate for life. I just want to be back In our own bed with you beside me at night.

“That’s why we are going to Vulcan. To get help so you can find yourself again. I will try to make high nutrition meals so you don’t have to stuff yourself but you get enough. Let’s get you into bed so you can rest and relax until meal time.”

They walked slowly but eventually got to their new quarters “it is so big,” she said, there is a research/schoolroom where I can sit and Etienne and Grace can do their homework. A huge snuggly bed and, oh my…” she walked into the bathroom, “Zach” she breathed, “I can practically swim in that.” She went and lay down in the bed practically dwarfed by it. I always wanted a bed with curtains..” she smiled, “it is a woman thing my husband. You know I am glad we are away from the Polaris.” She shivered, it seems a little cold in here though.

“Everything in here is huge, and you don’t we’d to leave to work. No swimming. After we reach Vulcan you can swim all you want. Yes curtains on the bed are nice, and it is so soft. It really doesn’t seem cool in here. I think it may be caused by your loss of body weight, not eating and other causes thrown in.”

She pulled him down to her and kissed him. “Thank you Zach.” She said. “For loving me.”

“I married you because I love you, for good times or bad. Thank you for being my wife. I see silver starting in your eyes. I know you want, even need it and I want it too but please let’s wait until I have a healthy wife and we can both enjoy it so much more. Please?”

Zach leaned down and returned the kisses on those soft, luscious lips.

She fell asleep still kissing him.

Zach wanted to continue to kiss her but instead he pulled the covers up over her to keep her warm. He would let her sleep for awhile then it would be time to eat.

She slept a dreamless sleep and woke up about 2 hours later. She could hear noises from the kitchen and some pretty good smells. She thought she was being watched and realized Puss and Duke were sitting watching her. She yawned and stretched. “I’m awake” she called softly.

“Puss, show her the way to the kitchen. The meal is up and ready.

She put her hand on Puss’s head, “this place is so big.”she put the blue gown on and slowly made her way to the kitchen. “Wow” she said you could cook a banquet in here.”

“Well there is enough for now, and enough to nibble on later.”

She sat down at the large table, “where is everybody?” She asked.

“Etienne and Grace are with your brother. They will be here in the morning. Edward is in sickbay. Liara is there,” as he rubs her stomach. “Then we still have the 2 pigs there. Everything is bigger in this room. I just hope you like enough to eat.”

“So we are alone husband, please let’s eat, I will try my best I must say it smell good, where did you learn all this cooking?”

“Growing up we all had chores. Mine naturally was to help with or sometimes all the cooking. Don’t think I’ve killed anyone yet.”

‘If I eat can we go into the tub and cuddle, I promise I will not engage my Risan side unless you would like me to do something for you my love?”

“You eat and we will cuddle in the tub. The something you can do is to get well, eat well, sleep well and love well. As for the moment I will be content holding my wife. My wife won’t be content but we need to get you well.”

She ate almost all of the food he put in front of her and enjoyed it. Liara turned somersaults knowing she was getting more nutrition, she wanted to come out Shon knew that. She put her hand on her expanding abdomen, “nearly time little one” she desperately wanted something of hers and Zach’s for their own. The product of their love alone, she didn’t know how he felt about that, maybe it was just something that women did, she thought. “Well you see I hope I,pleased yo by eating your delicious food my love.”

“Yes you did good but this need to be 2 times minimum a day, preferably 3. Ok Let’s go run your bath so you can relax.”

Zach runs her water, adds some oils, then escorts her to the tub.”

She took off her robe abdomen now clearly distended by her pregnancy and breast full again ready to feed little Liara and Edward. She stepped on gingerly and wobbled a little as she sat back into the deep scented water and floated. She sighed in enjoyment and the weightlessness of her body, she forced herself underneath to completely submerge herself and then rose her abdomen cresting the water like an island before she did. “Zach this is so wonderful,” she said. Liara started kicking. “That begins to hurt now she is bigger,” she said.

Zach rubs her belly. “Now little one, don’t kick so hard. You will be out soon enough then you can swim on your own.”

Zach joins her in the tub. He can relax and watch her at the same time.

She lay there “computer is the program beta angelgeusen still in the collection if so play .” The answer was in the affirmative and the room darkened. They were suddenly surrounded by a galaxy of stars surrounding a nebula of pink and silver surrounding a black hole. She sighed in happiness. “When I first came aboard I was…in a bad way, Valev had just rescued me from a bar where I had lived in a perpetual drug and alcohol filled stupor. He made me this program to calm my mind, this is the first time in 7 years I have seen it.” She lay back looking up, “do you think I will make it Zach?” She asked.

“Oh yes I know you will make it. Your not that person anymore, and you have so much to look forward to.”

Zach lay back and looked at the stars over his head.

She pulled him to her and just lay there holding him as the steam from the bath rose and curled up into the stars. They lay there until the water began to cool she had fallen asleep and was gently singing down into the bath.

Zach dislikes cold baths or showers, so when the water started cooling he got out of the tub. He grabbed a towel which he used to dry Shoniara off as he gently pulled her from the tub. He carried her to the bed, laid her down then pulled the covers up over her. He let her sleep awhile, then went and started making a lighter meal for when she woke up.

She woke up in bed wondering how she got there. It was dark and quiet in their bedroom and she turned over expecting Zach to be there. She panicked “Zach!” She shouted, “where are you, I am frightened”

“I’m right here. The water got cold and you were sleeping so I put you in bed, under the covers, as snug as a bug in a rug. I let you sleep awhile, then came out to make something to eat. Salad and sandwiches. So, come out here and eat and tell me why your frightened.”

She went out and sat down next to him. She ate the salad. “I am frightened of being alone Zach, I don’t’ know why, I feel as though I am lost in a storm, having someone with me anchors me.” She bent over head in hands.”what is happening to me Zach?” She said beginning to cry. She got up and went back to the bedroom laying down on the bed crying like she never had before.

Zach followed her into the bedroom and sat on the bed.
“Your never alone. I’m always close by. Everyone feels alone even when in a group at times. What is happening to you? Stress, stress and more stress. Babies, murder attempts, viruses, mind control aliens, rape it all adds up. Your mind is retreating into a small section of your brain to be safe, but it’s no safer there than out here. We will get you fixed up. Get you healed.”

“But what if you cannot? Valev tells me I will be confined for my own safety,I would rather die than live like that, away from my family, away from my only love. I have just found you.” She grabbed on to him holding him tight. “Tell me you love me and you will always do so, even if we cannot be together.

“I love you now, I love you forever. You are only confined until we get to Vulcan and they can help you clear your head. Your confinement is basically for your own protection because you do things your not aware of. It’s not a punishment. I promise.”

“Will you sleep with me tonight Mark?” She said.

“I will sleep by your side, yes.”

She smiled at him and caressed her rounded abdomen. “When our little Shasta is born” we will be the perfect family of three.” She said lying back. “You made this house beautiful Mark.”

“One does what one can do. Now go to sleep and rest.”

Zach exits the bedroom.

“Chase to T’ghrek. I think Shoniara is having more issues. She is referring to me as Mark and that we are just a family of 3. I think she is regressing.”

“Well I am actually outside your door, I came to see if you had settled in.” He entered, “you know Mark was her first husband I am sure?”

“Yes I do know. She had been calling me Zach, then it suddenly changed to Mark. I think she is retreating to a time before all this stress and events happened. That’s just my opinion naturally. She did eat twice today, so that’s a good thing.”

Valev went into the bedroom, she was sleeping. He sat on the edge of the bed and woke her gently. Her eyes focused. “Valev, what are you doing here, it’s late?” She sat up.

Zach wanted me to make sure you were okay and I wanted to see my sister. She looked at Zach, “are you still up my husband? Valev I am fine, tired, very tired but fine thank you. Now go be with my little girl and boy. I hope they are not driving you mad?”

“No, everything is well Shon, sorry for disturbing you, goodnight.” He stood and motioned Zach towards the door. “There may be more of this, if it happens again try to encourage her to sleep, give her a hypo if necessary. If it gets beyond your control call me any time….when we get to Vulcan I will attempt to make a telepathic connection with you so we can communicate without speaking.” He put his hand on Zach’s shoulder. “She is worth all this you know, your family will be complete.” He turned and left.

“Yes I know she is worth it.”

Zach went in and crawled into bed beside her. He snuggled in close and held her.
She moved back against him not wanting there to be any space between them. “Zach” she whispered as she slept.

Zach squeezed her gently to reassure her that he was here.

She woke in the darkness during the night and realised she was late for her shift in sickbay. She rose went to the replicator and put on a new uniform. She looked for her communicator and thought she must have left it in sickbay. Sgd exited their quarters and realised everything looked different. She slammed back against the wall breathing heavily. This was not her ship. She had been kidnapped by him obviously, was that his bed she had been so comfortable in? She vomited in fear not knowing where to go to get help! She walked on hugging the wall.

Zach heard a noise like the door closing, then a slamming sound. The bed beside him was empty so he went to find her. He quickly threw his robe on then exited the room. He saw Shoniara walking along the wall as if it was guiding her, or to keep her from falling. He didn’t know which.

He approached her quickly. “Shoniara, it’s me Zach. Where are you going? You are on vacation my love.”

She looked at him as if coming Back from somewhere. “Zach?” She said recognizing him. “What are we doing here?” She looked confused. I thought I was late for duty my husband. I, I’m not sure.” She looked stricken. “Help me?” She whispered holding her arms out to him.

She looked at him as if she now saw someone else. Her face changed and she turned and ran. “Keep away “ she shouted looking round. She fell turning ashe did falling onto her abdomen, she screamed in pain and passed out.

“Lt Chase to sickbay. Lock on to my communicator. Beam 2 to sickbay. Prepare for c section. Energize.”

Shon woke to Zach looking over her love and joy in his eyes. She smiled her own eyes filled with love for him. She looked at her surroundings. “What happened, did I change again?”

“Yes you did. Then you ran and fell down on Liara. I have requested that they take her out a few days early.
Then maybe you can start to heal physically. You know they will do something else while they are in there. They will do a hysterectomy so this will be our last child. I’m in favor of that is it will be better for your physical health. We have 5 children to keep us busy for years. I love you Shoniara.”

“I knew this would happen Zach but I want to have more of your children. I know it is for the best but for a woman it is a difficult thing.”

Borvan moved to her side. “I am sorry Shoniara, all the trauma you have suffered, the nanobots, the fall on Sigma Station, there are too many to think about Liara will be in an incubator just for a week or so. Edward for just a few more days. If I do not perform the surgery you will have continued bleeds, possible ectopic pregnancies, your ovaries are ….well you know. I need your permission bit I need to deliver Liara soon when you fell you ruptured the placenta. You have a few minutes to discuss this with your husband.” He turned away to talk to the attending nurse.

“I do not want this my love, but I know it is the only thing to do. I worry that you may turn to someone else if you want more children, or, Surak forbid anything happens to ours, I do not want to loose your love Mark, we have Shasta but I want more?”

“I’m happy with the children we have and I’m not looking for more. 5 children is plenty for any family. I love you and only you.”

She looked at him strangely, “But Mark we only have one child!”

“I’m not Mark. I’m Zach. Mark has been dead for awhile. You and me have 5 children. Etienne, Grace, Edward, Liara and one on Vulcan. Your retreating into your memories. I love you forever.”

“I am sorry Zach, I am afraid you have me mixed up with someone else who looks like me.maybe the doctor can hel…” she screamed out in pain and began to bleed.”

“Chase to Borvan. Get in here and deliver Liara. Chase out.”

Borvan put her under and delivered Liara by cesarean section into her incubator. She was doing well, in fact she was nearly as big as Edward. Borvan then performed the hysterectomy so she would have no more children. Whilst she was out Valev visited her and calmed her brain once again. She woke as Shon.

“Is Liara all right?” She asked panicked, “what happened?”

Zach leaned down and kissed her.

“Liara is just fine. She is almost as big as Edward. They will be out of the incubators shortly I would think. They are beautiful babies. You did real good. You fell on Liara so they had to deliver a bit early but everyone is fine.”

Zach kissed her again. “I love you.”

She took a breath of relief. “I thought I had dreamt I fell on her. I must have tripped over Duke or Puss. I want to see my babies and then go home with you my husband.”

Borvan came over, I can let you see them both right now but you have to stay in overnight.” He paused “I had to perform that hysterectomy we talked about. You will have no more children Shon..I am sorry.”

She nodded and pursed her lips together but she could not help the single tear slipping from her eye and running down her cheek. She gave a small nod of her head. “Give me a moment with Zach……..please Borvan.” He walked away to prepare to bring the incubators over.

“So, is this the beginning of the end for us my love, you wanted a whole tribe of children and I can no longer give you that.”

“Honey, 5 is considered a tribe. I’m quite happy with what we have. I’m extremely happy with what we have done. Your health is the most important thing right now.”

“I will never stop loving you Zach..” she said..”oh here they come” her mothers eyes lit up as two incubators were wheeled in. “Borvan can I hold them?” She whispered. He looked at Zach.

“I think so long as we are both here then there is no problem but it will be Edward only for a week or so. He opened the incubator and wrapped Edward up in a blue blanket and handed him to Shon. His little hands reached for her fingers and his legs kicked out. “See Zach, he looks just like you my love, hello little one, welcome to the Chase family, I am your mommy.” She kissed him and he giggled. “Zach do you want to hold him?”

“I will hold him for a few minutes. I have seen him a few times already but now I get to hold him. Liara may be another day or 2 before she gets held. See how big she is though?”

She handed Edward to him, the little boy cackled happily to be in his fathers arms…then he peed like a little fountain. Shon laughed, “ like father like son,” she said. She looked at Liara, “my sweet baby girl, out in the world at last, I cannot wait to hold you in my arms. How anyone can think that you are anything but beautiful……” she fell asleep.

Borvan took Edward from Zach. “Sorry about your clothes.” He said smiling. Then he looked serious. T’ghrek told me that there were going to be only another 2 or 3 times he could calm her mind. Then she will have to be asleep until we get there. The problem is that every time he does that it pushes the memories further down inside her brain. Eventually they will get so embedded that no one will be able to bring them out. So, we have a ticking time bomb.”

“Do we want to consider putting her to sleep until we get there? What dos Valev think we should do? Awake or sleep?”

“Valev thinks it is too long to keep her asleep, we do not know what is going on in there, unless I stop all her body functions and breathe for her which I do not want to do. She has just given birth and these next few weeks are important for mother child bonding. He thinks we should give her another couple of chances, after that the decision is already made. I completely stop all her own body functions, heart, breathing, brain everything. To all intents and purposes she will be dead. Then on arrival we resuscitate her, it’s a risky strategy, but we both feel there is no other choice. If that happens we will have to use formula or else have Her express breast milk over time so we can safely feed the little ones. What do you think about all that?”

“I leave it up to you experts. I will do what I can to support her and encourage her. Maybe being around the children will be good for her. Someone will need to be with her in the morning for awhile while I learn my new plane. Maybe me being gone for a little while might be a good thing. I don’t know.”

“I will keep her here until you are ready to take her home and I think it would be very much worse if you are gone from her. You see you are her anchor, that keeps her from disappearing altogether. At least we do not have the MANIL AREK situation any more. Valev says he will make sure Etienne studies tomorrow and thatGrace will be fine. We’ll say your good nights.”

“Very well, I will cancel my training for tomorrow. I guess I can reschedule it for after our arrival on Vulcan.”

“Chase to Valev. I’ve been advised that I need to stay near Shoniara. I need to cancel the plane orientation until after we arrive on Vulcan. Then I should be able to spend more time learning while she under goes treatment. Chase out.”

“Valev to Chase, that’s a good idea that means you might be able to give your input into a new design we are thinking about. seeing as you will be Chief of Flight. Call me immediately if you need me, I will be happy to keep Grace and Etienne for as long as you need me too. Valev out”
Borvan came over, if you are not going to be gone you can take her tonight if you want?”m

“Ok I will take her home with me. I will try to bring her back in the morning to see and maybe feed the babies. If allowed.”

Zach walked over to her bed.

“You ready to go home? Maybe a quick meal, bath then bed? Sound good?”

“That sounds wonderful Zack, my own bed. Borvan thank you once again.” She slipped off the bed and went over to the incubators “I think Liara is going to have fair hair like my mother. Goodnight my little angels. Mamma will return tomorrow to nurse you….” She took Zach's arm and they walked slowly out along the hall to their quarters.

As they walked they talked about the children. “It will be interesting to see who looks like who. I would be happy if the girls looked like their mother. No more beautiful lady to look like. I’m looking forward to seeing the last child on Vulcan. I think it will be a very smart group of kids.”

She laughed, “maybe we can start our own institute, I remember you mentioning us getting our own ship one day and crewing it with our children.would 5 be enough? We could always adopt, especially if it is starship size.”

“Well if I remember correctly and I think I do. I think you were the one that said maybe we would get a ship with the children as crew members. Now that would bring a few problems. We would have to start out small as maybe a cargo hauler, trader, diplomatic courier, or possibly a small mercenary warship going to the highest bidder. Then we would have to decide which child handled which position. Plus they would all have to be warrior trained. Minds all linked. Still too early to think about.”

“Oh my, you have it all worked out though my love.” They entered their quarters “Zach please lock the door to your voice in case I decide to go walkabout again. But, now a hot tub awaits and I can have it as hot as I want, afterwards I will eat. “ she made her way to the huge tub and filled it as full ash she could get it, filled it with oils and began the star ceiling. She had to add colder water to it so the bubbles grew until they frothed over the side. She undressed stood and stretched her abdomen already shrinking. Her breasts however were so heavy they hurt, she noted her nipples were huge. Maybe it is because I have to feed 2 babies she though. She slowly sank into the bubble filled, hot oil scented water and luxuriated.

Zach stood there and just admired his naked wife. She was still just as beautiful as the day he married her.
He went to the door and put his voice lock on it. He then went and prepared a meal for them when she finally got out of the tub.

She lay in the bath and watched the stars, she really was lucky with all she had. The bath was so hot she was able to massage so of the tightness out of her breasts but that made the water milky. She laughed as she remembered learning in history somewhere that rich women used to bathe in asses milk for their beauty. She shut her eyes and imagined having a neck massage. She wondered what she would be having for dinner.

Zach decided on some stick to your ribs biscuits and sausage gravy with milk. Also there was chef salad. For dessert her made jello blocks. So quick and easy to make.

The tub was just the best thing in the world and she wondered if she stayed in long enough he would come and feed her in the tub..she smiled. She just might keep topping up the hot water and sleep in it tonight. No abdominal discomfort, no kicking or burning, no burying herself under the ribs. She was so lucky.

“Hey you have filled the tub enough for the night. The engineering department is complaining on the excessive water use. So come on, get out and get something to eat. Otherwise you might turn into a prune. You are still beautiful.”

She got out of the tub dried off and applied the crème that Marina had given her for their wedding. It smelled beautiful as she rubbed it into her skin. She walked out naked and sat down at the table to eat wondering what he would say. He had said he wanted them to get used to being naked and so she was doing just that.

Zach set the food out on the table. He walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. “You smell wonderful. That was a very nice crème that you received. You look incredible. Now biscuits and gravy await.”

She tucked into the biscuits and gravy but refused the salad she had some jello blocks though and then opened a bottle of wine from T’ghrek’s cellar. She sat on the couch crossed legged and began to enjoy the wine. She relaxed even more. Do you want a glass husband?” She asked

“I think a glass, or two with my beautiful wife and friend might be just the thing.”

Zach went into the bedroom and removed his clothes. He walked out and sat down beside his wife. If felt good to be open and free in your home.
She smiled as he walked out he looked so good. She poured him a large glass of wine and she cuddled up to him her legs across his lap. “Our new babies are beautiful. Liara is going to be a looker, I’ve not noticed any Vulcan ears yet though. She took another drink of wine and began to feel pleasantly muzzy.

“I don’t know if Vulcan ears develop early or later. They are just as beautiful like their mother. I will have to carry a gun when boys start coming to the door. Life will not be dull.”

So you still think I am beautiful? But will I still be so when they are older?

“You will always be beautiful. I see a beauty contest between mom and daughters. Their will be so many people chasing them, and the women after the boys!! Wow.”

Would you mind if this beautiful woman kissed you?”

“Well I wouldn’t deny her the pleasure of such an activity. If she insisted.”

“Well I would not like to force you but I am quite intoxicated so it you, say, wanted to take advantage of me you could?” She gave him a half smile as her eyes turned silver. “Remember what Borvan told us, we are now free to do what we want and it would be prudent to take advantage of having the place to ourselves without children. I also want something to remember if my mind is taken from me, one wonderful night of love with the man I love more than anything else in the galaxy..” she turned away from his and walked to the window looking out at the starfield at warp.

Zach walked up behind her wrapping his arms around her now small waist. He whispered in her ear, “me thinks you ain’t as drunk as you let on.”

He nibbled on her ears and neck then reached up and grabbed both breasts.

“So my husband you will have a new choice tonight One or all three,” she turned to him and began to kiss him, then each nipple, then stomach and them a light kiss on his groin, teasing him. She turned him round and kissed his back and kneeling kissed each buttock, she opened them and began to circle his ass with her tongue dArting it in and out. Her hands reached round to cup his balls gently squeezing them.

“I surely won’t stop you from what your doing, but am looking forward to where this is going.
She moved her hands round and up and started massaging him until he was rock hard, then she be t him over the couch and proceeded to open his ass and slip a finger deep inside him massaging his balls at the same time she inserted another finger and then another two together until she had four fingers beginning their push into his ass. She took them out and turned him round putting two fingers into her mouth and two into his. Her eyes were completely silver now and something was running down her thigh.

Zach knew what was running down her leg, the same thing would be splashing on her insides. He rolled her onto her stomach. He started to lick her ass cheeks, up and down the crack, then finally concentrated on her bud. He could feel resistance fade and he started pushing fingers in and out of her ass. His other had went and teased her other bud, and run up and down her slit. She was gushing like a fountain. He pulled his fingers out and gave her 2 to taste while he tasted the others.
She breathed heavily, “I wish I could have you inside both my ass and…….she came suddenly and hard I wan to taste you my love , give me a long hard drink?she turned onto the couch and leaned back on the front opening her mouth wide for him.

He moved so he could insert himself into her mouth. It felt so warm, and wet and inviting. He pushed slowly until he was fully in. She can hold her breath under water for 6 minutes. If I didn’t move could she last for 6 minutes. Let’s see. He spun around while still buried in her mouth, and went to the fountain and started licking up the juice.

Her mouth felt smaller than she had remembered or maybe he was bigger. She licked and flicked the tip of his cock pushing the skin back with her mouth she took all of him into her mouth and down her throat, her Risan genes working much harder because of the abstinence. She moved her mouth up and down milking him slowly sucking her cheeks in so it felt tighter for him. She wanted a full drink but then she wanted him inside her as well, deep inside her. There was no danger of pregnancy now and that led her to feel in complete lust with the man she loved. Her breasts began to flow milk, she could feel the amount increase taking some of the swelling away. She would do anything for this man.

Zach was being milked to a massive release, and his actions were having an effect on her as well. He knew because her thighs were starting to tremor and she was starting to buck. He would increase his action to time her release with his own. It was coming fast. He just hoped she was thirsty.

Shon knew she was near her second orgasm and began to suck him harder, she could feel his balls tighten, then she came in a shattering orgasm causing her mouth to spasm on his cock.

Her orgasm spasm causes him to release into her mouth. He released enough that it leaked out the sides of her mouth, while her juices covered his mouth.

She screamed as another orgasm ripped through her and she swallowed what he had given her. She could not control herself or her body, she needed more, I need you inside me now, it’s been so long my love !”

Zach moved down, spread her knees and pushed into where she wanted him to be. He thrust fast and fast.

It felt so wonderful to have him inside her silky wetness once again, his thrusting was hard and hurt her full breasts, she had been about to encourage him by opening his ass but had to hold her breasts instead. She laughed “I love you my husband” she said in time with his thrusts. She hoped he was enjoying being inside her again, no chance of pregnancy.

“I love you my wife. It feels good being inside you. It won’t be long now.”

“Zach continued to pump into a very wet pussy. The excitement of having his wife back caused to reach climax fairly quickly. So he joined her in another huge orgasm.

She kissed him hoping he could taste himself on her, “want more” she asked, or do you just want to cuddle?

“I think cuddle would be good for now. Just lean back against me.”

She leaned back against him, cuddles are good. “I do love you whatever happens you know.” She stroked his thigh gently as he put his arms around her. “Zach, have you been in the new plane yet?

“Not yet. I will learn it once we reach Vulcan and I have more time to learn it.”

“You know you could go far in the Vulcan service but you might have to learn the language,” she tickled him, “you already know the language of love.” She pulled his mouth to hers. “Do you want to return to Starfleet?”

“I think that we put that decision off until after we get you taken care of. The language will probably be an issue for me. I can learn essential words and such but the whole language might be a bit much. I have already been a bridge position on this ship as chief of flight operations. After we reach Vulcan we can sit down, maybe even with the children and see what we want to do.”

“That sounds good, I still want to be a doctor and so much want to continue…..continue….” She want silent looking off into the distance.

Zach wrapped his arms around her. He kissed her neck.
“You know I will always love you until the end of the universe. A penny for your thoughts.”

She turned and smiled, “I thought I saw….did you not see someone standing in the shadows…there, again!” Her voice became unsure. “Zach who is it?”

“I don’t see anyone, but if you want me to check I will.”

‘She nodded and stood. “I will go to the armory and get us some weapons.” She walked towards the door and pressed the release, she stood there naked, her forehead pressed against the door.

“Honey your naked and the door is locked. Locked for you protection. Now go get in bed while I check around.”

Zach watched as she reluctantly went to the bedroom. After she got into bed he did a search of their quarters. He found no one. Nothing seemed out of place.

He carefully went to the bedroom, keeping an alert eye on/ out for her.
“Shoniara, there is no one there. No one in our quarters except for us.”

She nodded from the bed, “thank you my love, I just thought I saw something that is all. Do you mind if we do not make love tonight my duty shift was so busy and the Captain was on my tail about the crew physicals. Come to me soon my love and cuddle me.”

“Yes you had a hard day. I agree a nice cuddle is just the right thing.”

Zach got in bed wrapped his arms around her and cuddled in tight. It just felt good to hold her.

She slept for a while nestled into him. Sometime in the night she heard a sound and went to check. It sounded like it was coming from Graces room. She crept in slowly to see a figure standing over the empty bed. ‘Jacques?” She whispered, “oh Surak is it really you. I thought you were .……”

he finished the sentence “dead, yes I know. Where is our baby?.

“But, you did you know I was pregnant.” He began to walk towards her a strange look in his eyes. “You were eager to jump into bed with someone else and have his brats..”

“This is not you Jacques you would not have said these things to me…” he looked sadly at her, “ it it is you, these things are in your mind.”

She turned and ran.

Zach felt her get out of bed and go into Graces room. He heard her talking in low tones as he neared the room. Then she comes running out. Zach looks in to see an empty bedroom. He turned and went after Shoniara. When he reached her he hugged her, held her tight and stroked her hair.

“Shon, you were having a dream. Maybe not a pleasant dream, but still a dream. I’m here. I’m not going anywhere. Come on. Let’s go back to bed.”

She began to shake. “Don’t you feel the cold in here Zach, it is in my bones, please make me a hot drink?”

“I’ll do better than that. Come sit at the table. I’ll make us some hot oatmeal, hot chocolate with whip cream, and hot tea. All meant to stick to your ribs, warm your heart and let you rest. Sound good? I’m sort of hungry myself.”

“That sounds good Zach, especially the hot chocolate. She got out of bed and put her nightdress and cloak on and went into the kitchen still shivering.

Zach set the food out, then quickly went and got a blanket which he wrapped around her.

“Oatmeal is hot and filling, hot chocolate is decadent and tea is relaxing. What more could you want?”

She ate some of the oatmeal and stood. “I need a hot bath. I am so cold, she shivered as she picked up her hot chocolate and took it with her into the bathroom. She was trying to focus her mind as to what was happening to her. Her head was woosey and the scars on her back itched interminably and then she noted her nose was bleeding. She wiped it away quickly and climbed into the hot bath. The last thing she wanted was to go back to sickbay, if she did not see a bio bed ever again it would be too soon. She took her chocolate and sipped the sweet hot delight.

Zach went and got robes and placed them nearby. He went to another room to call Borvan.

“Chase to Borvan. I think our patient is having side effects from all her procedures. She is shivering and I think I detected a faint nose bleed. She had been eating, and resting somewhat better. A quick checkup would be appreciated. Thanks. Chase out.”

Shon finished her hot chocolate wiping the cream off her nose. She floated expecting to feel hot in the water but she still felt cold. “Computer add 15 degrees to the heating.”she got out of the tub and emptied it, she took the hot towels and dried herself, placing her warmest pajamas on. She put her robes on over and got into bed. She was still shivering as she noticed Jacques sitting by her bedside, she shut her eyes and opened them again. “Zach, he is here again!” Panic in her voice.

“Who is here again? There is nobody here my love.”

Zach goes and sits beside her, puts his arm around her and pulls her close.

“Jacques it is Jacques, he says I did not wait long enough for him he is not himself….” She shivered again and her nose began to bleed.

“Jacques is not here. If he is here, then he is dead. That is the only way he is here.”

Zach went and got a cold cloth and placed it on her nose and pinched it shut.

The door chimed, it was Borvan.

“Come on in. She is in bed. She thinks she sees Jacques and that’s when this started.”

“Hey Shon,” Borvan said when he entered the bedroom. “Zach tells me you are having some hallucinations seeing Jacques.” She nodded “he is everywhere now look he’s over by the window.” Both men looked over the bay was empty. Borvan scanned Shon, shook his head and then again. “For some reason you are running fever and it’s very high which may be why you have been hallucinating. Zach tells me that you have also been having nosebleeds.” She nodded. “Well your clotting agents are fine, but,” he scanned her head. “Any headaches.?” She shook her head. Your frontal lobe is hyperactive. Okay, well I will give you a broad spectrum antibiotic, something to reduce swelling and a sedative.” He applied the hypos to her neck. “I’ll look in on you guys in the morning, goodnight Shon.” She nodded. He walked out of the bedroom, by the door he motioned to Zack. If she starts shivering again give her this hypo. Keep the door lock on, I don’t like the look of this. I will speak to T’ghrek we might have to put her out until Vulcan but I’m not quite sure this is mind based.”

“I don’t know either. I just report what I see. Could Jacques be dead and trying to haunt her? Is that even possible? I will reset the lock as you leave.”

As Borvan left Zach reset the voice lock on the door. He went back and rejoined Shoniara in bed.

She lay quiet for a while enjoying the feeling engendered by the drugs she had just been given. Then she spoke. “Zach my love, what if I really am seeing him, what if he has come for me and I am going to die…so much has gone on over the last few months. I miss the person I was, strong, in charge, beautiful and knowing where my life and career was going. Now I just feel useless …..” she curled up more. “You and the children would be all right, children are very resilient just look at Etienne, Grace loves spending time with Valev, she would rather be with him than me. You, you my love would morn but you would find someone else to love you. Jacques beckons me you know, I know he wants me to join him.”

“You are strong. You are beautiful. You have a loving family who misses you. Valev is Uncle Valev, not mom or dad. They miss you. You can have your career again or start a new one. We are going to get your mind taken care of, then we will finish this Manil Arek matter. As for Jacques I don’t believe it is him. If he loved you he wouldn’t act like this. I think that there are other explanations but I’m no expert. Remember, I’m always here, and they have to go thru me to get to you.”

She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him. “You believe in me husband and I know you would protect me with your life but I never used to need protection however I am not the same woman who beamed down to sigma station to meet Ardera, my mind was my own before she invaded it and I have never been the same darling I rely on you so much now but give you nothing in return, how can you deal with that?”

“It’s called being married, partners, best friends. I do it because you will get your mind, your strong mind that you had before Sigma Station. In the future I may need to lean on you for support so then you will have to be strong for me. That’s what we do.”

She kissed him again and they lay there together. Then, there he was sitting directly behind Zach, looking at them together. He raised his hand and she flinched. He extended a finger and drew it slowly across his throat. “No, no” she cried and buried her face in Zach’s chest.

“Chase to Valev. I need a favor. Could you contact the Polaris and ask if the Captain and Jacques ever made it back? Shoniara is having images of Jacques and he threatens to kill her, do her harm or something. I don’t see what she does but can’t discount the possibility of a haunting or something.”

Sometime later he had his reply.

“Valev to Zach, no they report they have not heard anything. A shuttle was sent through the wormhole but there were no ships there. The Polaris has been ordered to the nearest Starbase, you have all been put on extended medical leave so you d0 have the option to return if you should so wish. I am hoping you will stay here with us. As for haunting it is not something that Vulcans believe in however ghosts are a large part of Risan culture. Do you need my help? Remember only two mental interventions are possible now before we have to….well you know what to do. Valev out”

Shoniara slept the occasional moan coming from her.

“I copy. I was just keeping you informed of the happenings. Chase out.”

Zach knew that these weren’t happy dreams, but didn’t seem to be terrifying dreams. He could live with that for now. He went and made some finger food type snacks and brought them into the bedroom and placed them on a table. He got in bed and placed his arm around her. At least she would know he was there.

For some reason she knew he was there and it comforted her. She had never seen ghosts before but I her culture it was believed the people who loved yo and had died could break into the solid world occasionally . She began to cry in her sleep.

Zach had never seen a ghost or even knew if ghosts were real, but spirits are real. They are angels and demons. So this was a made up image of Jacques or he died, was made at the universe and came to blame her. Naturally this makes no sense as that wasn’t Jacques way. So we will give it time and say it’s her mind making it up until something tangible happens otherwise.

She whispered Jacques name in her sleep, then “leave me alone you are not dead, only sleeping I deserve happiness and I have Grace my child to remember you by, Etienne is here with me also.” She began to cry again and move in the bed kicking out. “I loved you once, leave me.I love Zach with all my heart.”

Zach heard her dream conversation and it made him feel good, because she really had loved Jacques. He gently wiped away the tears, stroked her hair and held her. That’s about all he could do for now. He grabbed a few munchies to eat, then snuggled right up to her.

She woke during the night, it was dark and she could feel her husband close to her his arm round her waist. She felt warm and loved. “Zach you are the love I never dreamed I would have. I love you more than life itself. Thank you for loving me.” She whispered and then slept once again.

“Thank you for coming into my life so I can love you,” he whispered back.

She woke a little while after, something had disturbed her she thought. She could still feel him lying next to her. She turned slowly so as not to wake him and looked into his face. His eyes were closed and he looked so very young. She brushed the hair out of his eyes and traced the sweep of his brows and the lips that were slightly parted. She wanted to remember him this way. She traced his neck but was afraid to wake him, she just looked at him, wondering how lucky she was to have him and having been able to bear two of his children.

Zach was sleeping lightly and felt her brush his hair. He gave a small smile at the tenderness.

She brushed his lips with hers and nestled down her head on his chest. She could hear his heartbeat and it soothed her. She wanted him to know just how much she really loved him and that she would give up her life for him.

Zach felt her give a very lite kiss then put her head on his chest. He reached up and wrapped his arms around her and held tight. “I love you,” he whispered.

She whispered, “I am sorry to wake you my love, I just wanted to touch you as every time I look at you and am close to youI feel so lucky. I remember the young man who didn’t want to get close to me. How far we have come, I am so sorry I can no longer have our children as I find myself wanting more.”

“I sleep lightly. You are allowed to touch me. The one that didn’t want to get close was single and in a strange situation. We aren’t in a strange situation now. We have 5 children at the moment. No we can’t have anymore on our own. If we want more we could consider adoption.”

She laughed softly, the result of our making love is our children, that is what I want, to have you plant a child inside me, feel them growing, feel my breasts filling, it is something I will always miss my love, I know we have Edward and Liara yet to really meet and they are yours but, I will miss you in that way. I just love touching you in the dark, feeling every contour of your body.” she traced her fingers lightly down his spine and onto his buttocks tracing the line of his firm ass with her fingers cupping each cheek with her hand. “So beautiful” she breathed and brought her lips up to kiss him gently, “so soft my love.”

“I know that the joy of being pregnant is a special feeling for a woman. If we want to keep some semblance of a career we have plenty of children. There is nothing better than touching your partner, just to feel their curves. Mine are nowhere as soft as yours.”

She laughed. I don’t feel as though any of my curves are soft any more, I don’t feel like a woman having spent so much time on that damn biobed, asleep or with Valev inside my head. No I am no longer beautiful.”

“Don’t you let anyone tell you that your not beautiful because you are. That goes for you to. There are self esteem issues that everyone deals with, but something’s you just have to accept. You will always be beautiful to me and the children. Those are the only opinions you need to worry about.”

She smiled a slight smile, she continued to trace her fingers round his thighs and to his groin, gently cupping him in her hand then moving it up his chest, and rubbing her fingers across his nipples. “I love doing this.” She said and kissed him again, this time a little more deeply.

Zach enjoyed her touch, where and how she was touching. He returned her kisses. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her to him.

“I just cannot stop telling you that you are the love of my life, I find your body intoxicating my love.” She kissed his chest and ran her fingers down to the crack of his ass caressing gently then probing his opening gently as she took a nipple in her mouth lazily sucking it as though to extract milk.

Zach wiggled his butt just a little.

“Sorry, but we are out of milk. Protein shakes are all that’s left.”

She laughed low and soft and bit slightly into his nipple, her hand went slowly round to his front and took him gently in her hand massaging him slowly. “I am a bit tired of my shakes at the moment my love. She touched his inner thighs and brought her face up to kiss him her tongue forcing itself inside his mouth.

“That’s fine. I was just informing.” His tongue now playing with hers.

“Touch me” she breathed as her eyes turned silver.

Zach puts his hands to each breast and massages them. If nothing else they will feel a little bit better. Maybe get a little milk out so they aren’t so big and hurt.

“Kiss me all over my love”

Zach does just that. He starts at her face, down over her breasts, stomach, thighs, calves, feet/toes, up to the inner thigh with a little nibble, then a quick kiss at the fountain. Then he turns her over and starts at the neck, down the back, down the legs to the feet, back up inner thighs, to spread cheeks where butt gets kissed/licked. He sees the juices flowing.

“Is that enough kisses?”

She smiled wickedly, “yes my husband and now comes the touching starting here if you can spare the time.” She touched her lips “and just take your time with the rest and I, being your wife will do the same for you.”

“I guess I have nothing but time my beautiful wife.”

Zach started by stroking her hair, massaging her ears, then breasts, rubbed her belly, massaged the legs from top to bottom then back to the top.

“And I have nothing but willingness my Lord.” She stroked his hair and face, down on to his chest where she disappeared from sight under the covers, down to his groin stroking the tops of his thighs and then beginning with his balls began to slowly massage them with her fingertips until they began to get hard. Then on to his shaft, stroking and caressing him. She caressed down both thighs inside, his knees and his lower legs. She began to lick his toes taking each one into his mouth. She made her way back up doing the same until she came again to his groin. She reached round and moved herself over him for a moment sitting on his side her breasts heavy and dripping with milk. She disappeared round to his back and began tracing her fingers all 10 down to his waist. She fondled both ass checks then pulled them apart gently and began to lick his ass, she licked and dipped with her tongue until it was open enough for her tongue which darted in and out. She traced around then gently inserted one finger, reached round again to stroke his balls, then another finger moved gently to join the first . She moved them slowly and deeper into his ass whilst still fondling his balls. She inserted another finger deeper now to join the others and began to open and close them so as to give him a ripple effect inside him. She pulled them out slowly and stretched herself back round him. She did not speak just looked at him.

Zach wiggled his toes as she sucked them. Her playing with his balls was completely unfair. Her tongue was so hot, wet and insistent when it reached his butt. It sent shock waves of pleasure shooting thru his groin area. Her fingers were on a journey of pleasure. It felt so good feeling them slide in and out of his ass. Her fingers were going deep enough that his prostrate was getting hit, which naturally made something rigid from the pleasure. He knew he wanted something else, but in time he knew.

“Zach, if you could have anything of me what would you have, or have me do for you?”

“It’s not the answer your looking for but if I could have anything it would healthy you in all aspects. To pick one body part over another minimalizes the rest of you.

She raised herself up on one elbow and looked at him quizzically. “Zach what is wrong, is it me, am I not good enough for you? Here I am trying to make love to you and you keep shutting me down.”

“You misunderstand me. I like all your parts equally. To pick 1 part of you undermines your other parts. I love your mind, your sexiness, your beauty, your face, your breasts, your ass, your pussy, those long legs, your adventure attitude, your eyes, your ears. I love each and every part and aspect of you. I’m not shutting you down.”

Oh, sorry I must have misunderstood you then.” She got out of bed and walked over to the window and stood looking out into the slipstream of warp. “Go to sleep I love you.”

“I love you greatly. Would you like to sit and watch the stars?”

“Yes I will, I want to get lost in them, to have them take me away from here?”

“Come, let’s sit and watch the stars and cuddle.”

“No, I am fine on my own Zach, please go to sleep, I promise I won’t try to go outside or do anything else foolish so you don’t have to watch me like you have been doing.”

“Very well. I will wait for you in bed.”

She watched the stars for an hour or so and then stood and slipped into Etienne's room hoping Zach had not noticed and curled up on his bed staring at the
walls crying softly.

Zach had noticed. He had trained himself to sleep lightly when desired. He heard her go into Etienne’s room. He followed and heard her crying.

“Why do you cry, my love?”

Because you no longer love me Jacques, because I betrayed you with Zach. You sit and watch me to punish me, what do you want of join you?”

“Shoniara, Jacques isn’t here. If he was, why would he treat you so bad.?”

She backpedaled up the bed coming to rest against the bulkhead eyes wide in fright and trembling. “Go away, leave me alone!” She screamed. “I loved you, I truly did I bore your child!”

“Shon, it’s me Zach. Jacques isn’t here, just me. Jacques is just in your mind. Come to bed my love.”

She looked at him…”Zach, is that you..thank Surak, he was here again Jacques he was here. He wants me to go with him!” She stood and let him take har back to bed.

“Just where does he want to take you? It would be interesting to know where that would be. Especially since he isn’t here.”

“I think he is dead and wants me to be too., why can’t you see him like I can!”

“I don’t know why. Yes I assume he is dead. That comes back to the question why does he want you to go with him? Take you away from Etienne? Leave no one to take care of him? What dad would do that?”

“It does not make sense , maybe I am loosing my mind. I just do not know. “ she climbed back into bed. “If nobody else can see him then I must be at fault. I cannot live like this Zach but I love you so very much and I adore our children but I cannot live with these visions, I am no longer the strong woman you married. I can’t even get you to make love to me.

“Just because we don’t see him doesn’t mean that you don’t. The question I suppose is, is he really there or is your mind making him up because you feel guilty about not staying, for marrying me and not him,
or some other reason. I don’t know. I know that your visions will clear up once we reach Vulcan. As for the not making love to you I have, but on the best medical opinion, and if it was your patient you would agree that love making needs to be curtailed until your body heals. It has nothing to do with my desire for you.”

I have to weigh up the benefits of not making love to the benefits of my Risan heritage. Maybe these visions are because I have not been able to fulfill my desires. You know as a Risan female I need the outlet of sexual release for my mental health. If Borvan says so can we continue our love making?” She rose and went back to bed gently caressing herself, her fingers gradually found her clit and released it from its hood. She moaned and licked her lips.

“I don’t make love to you because I don’t want to, but on the best medical advice I receive. As far as I can tell it is sound medical advice considering what you and your body have been thru but also feel it is the same advice you would give your patients. That’s why I follow that advice. As for visions due to lack of sexual activity I don’t know enough to say that that is the reason. It isn’t because I don’t want to.”

“Chase to Borvan. A question. Could lack of sexual activity from her Riasan side cause visions?

“Hello Zach, I’m not sure, I would have to research it. I do know that lack of sexual activity for them is a catalyst for some mental illnesses, so, maybe yes. I can say you could recommence sexual activity if you take things slowly. She has to have that outlet. I will let you know, in the meantime just go slowly. Borvan out.”

“Well we have received the go ahead, but slowly. He will research the part about visions. Slowly is the key word, remember.”

“I wonder what he means by Slowly’ what do you think slowly is?”

“No more than an hour a night. That would be slower.”

“My love I just need to feel you inside me, however slowly you wish us to do it.Please love me, make me feel whole, make me feel yours once again.”

Zach moves to kiss her, hard. He squeezed her breasts, pinching the nipples. He licked the nipples as milk appeared.

She moaned and slipped her hand down to his balls and massaged them gently, “I love you” she whispered, as she began to massage his ass, her finger slipped inside and she pushed it deep into him just glancing his prostate she could feel him immediately harden. She added another finger and began to move them up and down, she added another, “how does it feel to have me moving inside you? Want another one husband”

“I think if you do another finger, then I can’t do this.”

Zach moves down, positions himself and pushes deep into her pussy, nice and slow. He looked up and saw the expression of joy appear on her face.

“The best of all is when you are inside me, nice and slow, if you need to thrust you can give me a shake, or in my ass, oh Surak” she breathed “I love you” her silver eyes were full of love for him. “I can feel you moving big, stretching inside me.”

Zach did a slow thrust in her gushing fountain. He lean down and kissed her as he continued squeezing her milk filled breasts. It felt so wet, so warm and tight being inside her.

‘“Oh my darling, this is what I need to make me feel loved, I hope I’m not too wet but you make me like that. My breasts are so tight I will start feeding Edward tomorrow. How can you keep control inside me?” She tightened herself to give him more friction.

“It isn’t easy to maintain but wanted to give you a little fun time before I’m done. Where do you want it to end up?”

She smiled lustfully, “where do you want to put it, you did all the work my love?”

“Well since we don’t have to worry about nanobots, we will give you a drink right here.”
He puts his arms around her knees and pushes them up and out, spreading and totally exposing her. He started to increase his pace as his release closed rapidly.

“Oh yeees my love right there “ she orgasmed, then again, she touched her exposed clit and exploded.

Zach now pounded her hard as she played with her clit. He held out as long as he could but the excitement was too much and he exploded his seed inside her as she comes a last time.

she tasted him on her fingers and smiled a sleepy smile. “No more babies” she reached down and felt him limp and wet beside her, she felt his empty balls and chuckled. “I wonder how long it takes to fill them again.” She pulled him to her.

“It takes a little while but not too long.”

“Will you always love me Zach?” She asked and fell asleep in his arms.

Zach stroked her hair gently. “I will always love you.”

She woke and slipped out of the bed running a large amount of water into the tub. She stepped into the steaming water relaxing in the buoyancy of her body as she floated.

Zach heard the water run in the tub. He would let her have some alone time before he checked in on her.

She dived under the water and looked up.through the prism of the water she could see someone looking down at her, she thought it was Zach and began to come up. Then arms came down through the water and held her shoulders down stopping her from rising. She pushed her legs against the sides trying to dislodge his hold. She knew she could hold her breath for a long time but his hold on her was tight and she knew he would not let go. She brought her legs up out of the water and tried to kick whoever it was. His hands tightened around her upper arms so she could not use them. She knew she could not cry out or she would loose air. She continued fighting but was beginning to tire. She felt water begin to leak into her nose and she began to see stars.

Zach decided to go check on her. He saw her thrashing around and under water. He hurried over and grabbed her by her shoulders and pulled her up out of the water.

She could hardly breathe as he pulled her out. She was panicking “someone tried to drown me” she shouted trying to get her breath.

“There was no one here. Just you thrashing in the tub. At least your ok at the moment.”

There was someone here, if not how did I get these? She held out her arms to show bruising developing below both elbows that looked like finger grips, they were turning a nasty blue, shoniara began to cry still spluttering. “I thought it was you but when I tried to come up he held me down!”

“There was no one here. I would have felt someone when I pulled you out. I don’t know.”

“Chase to Borvan. Could you come to our quarters to check a matter. She says someone held her underwater in the tub. I pulled her out but saw or felt no one. She is also developing bruises on her arms. I don’t know what is going on.”

Borvan turned up a few minutes later. Shon was sitting on the bed looking scared and rubbing her arms. She saw Borvan, “I was having a bath resting on the bottom of the tub as I do when I saw a figure overhead, I thought it was Zach, I tried to rise up but whoever it was pushed me back down, held me under and tried to drown me, holding me down by my arms. I was nearly out of breath when Zach turned up. He said there was no on there but look at my arms?” She held them up for him to examine. The bruising was coming out darker now. He looked at them and placed his fingers over the bruises.

“Well they look like finger marks to me! You’re sure you saw no one Zach?”

“Yes I saw no one. She was under water when I pulled her out. If someone was there I would have felt it if someone was holding her down. I just don’t understand it.”

“I TOLD YOU IT MUST HAVE BEEN JACQUES you don’t believe me either of you “ she screamed. “When will you realise I am telling the truth, when I AM DEAD”, she shouted.

Borvan looked at Zach, then back at her. “Shon I am going to give you a sedative!”

“NO” she screamed and ran to the door, “I have to get away” she desperately tried to open the door eventually banging on it.

“I’m sorry Shon” Borvan said and depressed the sedative into her neck. She dropped like a stone. “Put her to bed Zach, don’t let her go anywhere. I need to go research something I’ll be back soon.” He left.

Zach picked Shoniara up and carried her to the bed where he placed he gently into bed, covering her up.
He sat in a chair, put his head in his hands and cried. He didn’t know what was happening or what to do to help.

“Borvan to Chase I have asked Valev to come see her, I have explained everything, he will look into her mind to see what she should help. It may be just her mind but the finger marks on her arms are much too big for her to have done that to herself, there is no way anyone could have gotten in to your quarters is there? Zach, are you okay? This must be difficult for you, I can give you a relaxant if you like?”

“No, no one could have been in here. At least as far as I can tell. Like I said, even invisible I would have felt someone. I can’t explain the bruises. I ok, just frustrated at not being able to do anything.”

Valev arrived quickly. “Borvan has appraised me of the situation, I have an idea that is not at all logical. There is a legend of old Vulcan that when one is consumed with guilt that guilt can manifest itself into a Berak. A kind of apparition that takes form and carries off the soul of the one who feels guilty, guilty or not. I am unable to believe I am a man of logic but my sister, she is only half Vulcan. Can it be that the legend is true. What do you believe Zach, do you believe in spirits?”

“Yes there are spirits, at least in the spiritual realm with angels and demons. I suppose this is possible explanation. I can’t fight something I can’t feel or see. It makes it worse because she thinks we don’t believe her.”

Valev nodded, “first I will look into her mind whilst she is asleep to look through her eyes and see what she saw then…we will try and help her.” He sat and mediated for a while. “Zach can you come over and hold her as she will relieve the episode

Zach moved to the bedside and placed his arms around Shoniara. He hated putting her thru this again but they had to find out the cause.

T’ghrek entered Shon’s mind once again He felt the great love she had for Zach and the need for her to enter the water. Steam was everywhere as she stepped in and he felt her relax. It was dark in the room and he felt her desire to spend some time under the water. He looked up through her eyes, through the water that refracted everything. ‘Zach?’ he heard her think as he saw a face above in the water. He kicked off from the bottom looking forward to holding him when…he was pushed down…….. outside his mind Shon had begun to raise herself up off the bed, flailing her arms and legs, she was no longer breathing…………T’ghrek was pushed back down under the water, screaming in his mind to reach the surface.……………out of her mind, she was still not breathing, then she seemed to be pushed back onto the bed her arms still as though they were held.………back inside he felt hands around his upper arms pressing into the skin holding him down..he kicked out, he was loosing air now, he looked up to see a dark face.………outside her mind she kicked and fought against Zach her face beginning to turn blue….back inside her mind T’ghrek felt his breath failing when suddenly the hands holding him down were gone, he rose to the surface coming out of her mind at the same time. He struggled for breath gulping great mouthfuls of air. Shon was also doing the same the blueness leaving her face. T’ghrek sat back breathing heavily his arms hurt so badly he pulled a sleeve up, there were marks on his arms exactly like hers, as though he had been held down.

Shon was quiet once again and seemed to be sleeping once more. “Do you have any brandy?” Valev asked.

“Zach went and got the requested drink, bringing the bottle with him. He handed Valev a glass and poured to the top.

“So something is there. So the question is what is it, who is it and how is it there?”

Valev drank the glass down and asked for another. “Shon must have been terrified but she never thought it was you. We never believed her Zach.” He turned to Borvan who was checking on her. “How is she Borvan.” Sedated pretty much now, as much as I can give her without taking her back to sickbay but I dont want to do that. She needs to wake up with her family around her and to feed Edward. Everything as normal as possible.

Valev nodded, I need to contact Vulcan and speak to one of the spiritual monks connected to the family, he might have more information regarding the Berak. I must say I would not have believed it, even hoping it was Manil Arek once again, anything but this non corporeal thing.” He held Zach’s arm, she must not be alone at any time, this thing may try again it was lucky you heard her thrashing about. Watch her at all times, oh and she needs to have Puss and Duke with her. Animals have second sense for this sort of thing. I will bring them down now and the children home in the morning after breakfast. Hopefully I will have some information.”

“It will do her good to have the extra support from Puss.”

Borvan spoke, “should we not maybe put her under for the rest of the trip?”

Valev shook his head…”and leave her unconscious for this thing to try again…no, she needs to be here with her husband and her family. Borvan even you might need to stay when Zach gets tired. Zach I have spoked to the Vulcan space mission and they have expressed interest in seeing you when we get to Vulcan. They would like your input on the design of a fast new one man fighter.” He smiled “something to be thinking about as a pilot, what you would need and/or like to have?” Valev nodded.

“I would have to think about it. It would also depend on what type of role or mission it would be used for. There several types of aircraft from the past that has specific roles that would have to be known. I will think on it.”

Valev nodded, “that is all I ask Zach. Let me go and get Puss and Duke. When she wakes do not tell her I was inside her head, just try to validate what she says and for Surak’s sake stay near her.” He left to go get the animals.

Borvan looked at Zach, “what do you want me to do, I can stay if you want me too?”

Shon moaned and moved about in the bed.

“You can take one of the other bedrooms. You will be close if needed.”

Zach moved back to the bed and lay down beside her.

She woke in her own bed and froze, there was someone behind her. She felt his warmth and strength and knew it was the man she loved. She turned to him. He was awake looking at her. “What happened Zach?” She asked as she put her arm around him and moved closer.

“He came again but then he left. Valev is going to bring Puss and Duke down for support. That’s about all we can do for now.”

The door chimed and Borvan went to answer it, Shon raised her eyebrows in surprise as he opened the door and Puss and Duke scrumbled into the room Puss heading straight for her. She buried her face in his fur she immediately relaxed. Duke on the other hand was more interested in Borvan’s bare feet,Cardassian feet must be tasty. “Why is Borvan here?” She asked. Puss jumped up onto the bed and lay down at her back his head resting on her side “and” she continued “where are our children?”

“They will be here tomorrow. Borvan is here to help if we have more incidents with the whatever it is?”

“Thank you for being here my love, you know I love you to the ends of the universe don’t you.” She kissed him softly and lovingly and fell asleep with a contented sigh. “Don’t leave me, ever Zach.”

“I won’t leave you ever. Promise.”

She woke and jumped up in the d, there was a noise coming from Etienne’s room, then she realised it was only Borvan snoring. Zach was awake looking at her. She lay down and smiled at him. “Don’t you ever sleep my husband?”

“Yes he snores. But that’s ok. He is here if needed. I have learned to sleep when I can. Or I sort of go out of body allowing the body to rest while the mind remains alert. I will get my sleep in due time.”

He moved so he could kiss his wife.

“Why do I always feel safer after you’ve kissed me? She smiled. “How much longer do we have in bed before it’s time to get up? Borvan promised me today I could actually feed Edward, our son Zach….our own son!” She paused, “you will stay with me today won’t you in case……” she did not complete the sentence.

“We will give it a few more hours or when Borvan wakes up. Then we will go and you can feed Edward. Then Grace and Etienne will be back if Valev lets them go.”

She got out of bed and walked to the window watching the stars…”we dropped out of warp Zach” she said. “I wonder if there is a problem?”

“I don’t know. I would assume that if there was a problem or it concerned us we would have heard from Valev. I take it then that we aren’t near Vulcan yet? Oh well, we can cuddle and look at actual stars for a bit.”

“That sounds good Zach but you don’t have to stay awake surely because I am……wait a minute are you and Borvan keeping an eye on me in case I go off at the deep end again! You think I am going mad?”

“No your not going mad. There are things going on that we don’t know. Things are being investigated. Borvan is here for your health, I’m your protector. Is there something wrong with me wanting to sit and watch the stars with my wife?”

She smiled broadly, “no not at all, in fact it sounds wonderful although not quite as peaceful as it could be with our snoring house guest…do I snore?”

No you don’t snore. You toss, turn and thrash about, but not snore. So come here and snuggle up and watch the stars.”

She walked to him as he laid propped up on the couch, she sat and snuggled into his chest as his hands went around her holding her. “I love star watching and I love you and I will never stop loving you even if one day I am unable to tell you.”

“I love you and will never stop loving you. I feel even if it is just in the mind you will tell me. You may not be able to say, but I imagine you will find a way to show it.”

“Zach I want to spend my whole life with you and our wonderful children but I am so afraid that my mind will fracture with everything that has happened, already I have lost my medical position, I can no longer have children, have lost babies, raped, taken by Manil Arek and Ardera now this apparition which no one but myself can see..I must be going insane and I wonder how long it will take before you put me away somewhere and move on with your life.” She clung to him. “ I cannot even say I am the same person I was when we were married.”

“Nobody is the same as they were yesterday. We have been thru a lot. Your not going insane. Like I said things are being investigated about what’s happening. Did you mean your wedding vows? I did. That means we stay side by side and fight whatever needs to be fought. Vulcan will give a lot of answers and healing.”

“I meant my wedding vows with all my heart, what I am trying to say.………oh never mind. Let’s just watch the stars, oh, there we go we are on our way again” the ship had silently jumped back into warp and the stars elongated, no longer individual bodies. She leant back against him.


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