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And the Plot Thickens

Posted on Sun Jan 16th, 2022 @ 1:25am by Lieutenant Borvan Pirek MD & Captain Tyzon Laque & Admiral Taka Sito & Commander Jason Taron & Valev T’ghrek of the House of O’Kaan Ambassador

Mission: [Episode 4] A Hunting We Will Go
Location: USS Polaris
Timeline: Current

0530 in the morning Sick Bay

Captain Laque and Commander Teron stopped before entering Sick Bay. Jason pushed Tyzon up against the wall.

"Ty, you have to be the most bravest man I know or the dumbest." Jason said

"Why do you say that Jas...?" Ty questions

"Its just that you are going under cover as the enemy, boarding the enemies ship and joining them. What if they find out that you are an imposter?" Jason asked

"I have a solid plan Jas.... Don't worry. If you worry, who will command this ship and keep it running?" Tyzon replied

"I don't like this plan. I want to formally object to this plan. As your Number 1, it is my duty to protect you. I am protesting." Jason said and placed his hands on his hips.

"Commander Teron, your objection is noted and will be written in the log, but I am doing what I think needs to be done, for Grace's sake. She needs her father." Tyzon said

"You have never called me by my rank when we are alone, except if someone is watching. Someone is watching us isn't there Ty?" Jason asked

"Turn around." Ty said and Jason turned around and there stood AmbassadorT'ghrek and Admiral Sito.

Ambassador T’ghrek raised his Vulcan eyebrows at the open display of affection and put it down to their Betaziod heritage.

"Captain Lacque, mind we have a word with you about what you are planning to do?" Admiral Sito asked

"Certainly Admiral. Commander Teron, please wait for me with Dr. Dex and the rest of the medial staff." Tyzon ordered

"Tyzon, please listen to reason. Do not do this. It's to risky. Star Fleet has not given their sanction. Admiral Sito said

"What say you Ambassador, this is the father of your niece that I want to rescue. I am doing this to keep a family together. I want Grace to know both of her parents, not just one." Tyzon said

“ If you can do this thing Captain Laque then I think it is the wisest course. I think my sister will be most conflicted however as she and Mr. Chase have begun what I think might be a romantic relationship. Colonel Theriault however deserves to know his daughter and continue with his son Etienne. The problem is Captain you have this Starship to command and we may be on a war footing with the Pirexans and whoever else is on the other side of the wormhole.

"Thank you both, but my mind is made up. I will bring Colonel Jaques home to be his daughter. He may not be alive, but I will bring him home nonetheless. Now if you both excuse me, I need to get inside, we have a long procedure to do go through." Ty said

Tyzon entered into sickbay, but he overheard the final thoughts of Admiral Sito and the Ambassador.

“Admiral, has Captain Laque always been this reckless? I fear loosing the ship for the sake of one man however valuable is just not logical.”

"Yes he has always been like this. Every since he was a cadet in the academy. When Tyzon makes up his mind, there is no turning back. He will see this through, even if it risks his career. Trust Ambassador, this is not the first time Tyzon Laque has taken a risk and it wont be the last. Why do you think I picked him to command the newest ship in the fleet. He completes everything that he does. " Admiral Sito says beaming with pride

“Well you know him best Admiral, my ship and I however stand ready to assist in any way we can.” He made a small bow to Sito.

Tyzon looked around at the various medical staff and Commander Teron, but someone wasn't present. Mr. Chase. Tyzon pressed his commbadge.

=/\= Captain Laque to LT. Chase, please report to sickbay. =/\=

=^= Chase here. Message received. On my way. Chase out. =^=

Tyzon addressed his crew. "I know what you are all thinking. IT doesn't take a telepath to pick up on this. You have it written all over your faces. You don't want me to do this. I won't have protection while I am over there. Well let me address this one first. Commander Teron and I share a telepath link that cannot be jammed, by any means. He will always know where I am and what I am doing. Not only that, The Transporter Chief has been clever enough to disguise Federation Tech in the form of this Pirexian rank badge. So At the first sign of trouble I can get out, hopefully with Colonel Jaques with me, dead or alive. Hopefully alive. Second, I have the best crew in Federation and in Star Fleet. So I do have protection, all of you, but your objections and protest are duly noted and logged. Now, if someone could manufacture a Pirexan uniform please."

Tyzon went back behind the medical curtain and began to disrobe his uniform. He wrapped himself in a towel and walked over to the bio-bed where Dr. Dex was.

"Well Dr. Dex, I'm here." He motioned for Shoniara to come closer. " Ty whispered in Shoniara's pointed ear. "I am going to bring him home Shoniara. This isn't about your relationship with him. This is for Grace's sake. I want her to have a relationship with her father and get to know the man that I know. So if you are ready, then let us begin. Oh, and give little Etienne a word from me. Daddy is coming home. " Ty stated

Dex had had a sleepless night thinking about Jacques coming home, it was true she still loved him but it was Zach who had taken her heart now. It would be complicated to say the least but at least Etienne would have his father back.

“Right Captain now I need you to stay very still. The Pirexans are not terribly clean so I hope you have not showered this morning.” She smiled at him “although I am pretty sure Jason insisted on it.” Most Pirexan men over the age of 20 years wear moustaches so if you hold still this will encourage your follicles to grow in just a few minutes. Their eye colour is always muddy brown so I will darken your pupils. This will not hurt but for a second or two you will not be able to see.” She applied the dermal follicle stimulator to the Captains top lip and after a few minutes the follicles began to grow until Ty had a full moustache. She applied the colouring to his pupils. Now the main thing is that your skin is too light. This dermal probe will darken your skin to the required depth. When you return I will need to remove that..unless you take a liking to it that is?” Ty’s skin began to darken until it was nut brown.

I have manufactured a uniform for you, it is made of a wool like substance which is quite heavy and, I am sorry I introduced a smell to it which is present in all the male uniforms. It is a form of male musk sweat. There is a pull over top and shorter calf length trousers. Your boots will do as there is no particular footwear exclusive to them. Ardera also communicated to me that most of the men had scars. I will create one just here.” She pointed to his right cheek. “I will of course make it look old.” Shoniara applied a dermal regerator several times to increase the skin ridges to look like an old healed scar. “There, you will pass muster as a Pirexan Captain. One more thing.…………” she hesitated. Pirexan males only have relationships with women and make lots of rather overt suggestions to them along with swagger. I hope you can manage that?” So all that remains for you is to get dressed and put your plan into action.”

She kissed him lightly on the cheek. “Come home safe Ty, with Jacques if you can.”.

Ty touched his cheek. This was the first time, since his mother he has been kissed by a woman.

"I will come home safe. I promise. Now for the hard part. Getting me over there." Ty said

Ty pressed his Pirexian badge and the com came to life on the ship.

=/\= Transporter Room 1. Can you mask or buffer my transporter signal? I want it to make sure that it looks like a Pirexian is beaming aboard? =/\=

=/\= Transporter Room 1 here Captain. I think we can do it with a few modifications. This will take some time. =/\=

=/\= Very good Transport Room 1. Let me know when you are done. Laque out. =/\=

Next Ty contacted Communications.

=/\= Communications control, is the Pirexian voice synth ready? =/\=

=/\= Communications here Captain. We have limited voice on the Pirexians, but we should be finished within the hour. =/\=

=/\= Perfect as always Communications. Please make sure that this channel will be open and monitored around the clock, double and triple shifts if you have too, just make sure that you can always find me. =/\=

=/\= Understood sir, Communications out =/\=

"Where is Mr. Chase? He knows that I do not like to be kept waiting." Ty said

“I’m here now Captain. I was doing a final brief with the crews.

"Aww Mr. Chase. Report. How is the preparations going? Do you have a full complement of ships for our little raid?"

We have 17 ships. 8 fighting in pairs and I will fight alone, and help as needed.”

"Good. Now one last thing. I want to thank you all for helping me with this plan. I could not be prouder of this crew and of this ship. We are few, but we are mighty. In any event that I am not able to retrieve Colonel Jaques, I want you to know that this will not be a mission failure, but we will never stop trying." Ty addressed his crew

"Ty, come home to me." Jason said

"Jason... I promise. You have command now. If you need to talk to me, use our telepathic link. Do not hail the ship in any way. Do not attempt to contact the Pirexians. Now I will take my leave and go to Transporter Room 1. Wish me luck."

“Good luck Captain. We will try to keep their ships occupied for you.”

"Oh and Mr. Chase, please tell me when you have launched your fighters and began your first pass. So I can transport out to the Pirexian ship and began my search."

“Yes sir. I just need to get back to my fighter, then we will be ready to launch. Pilots are doing pre-flight checks now. We have enough Arsenal to do some damage on their ships.”

Zach walks over to Shoniara as the Captain exits sickbay. He gives her a smile, a hug, and a kiss. He softly says, “I love you. Grace take care of your mom for me. See you soon.” Shoniara pulled him back to her and held him passionately and kissed him again a deep searching kiss. I love you Zach whatever happens, come home to us and make us a family.” She let him go reluctantly and watched him go.

Tyzon exits Sickbay and goes to Transporter Room 1. When he arrived at his destination, he was greeted by Engineering and Communications.

"Sir? Here is the Pirexian Voice Synth you asked for. Now again, we have limited speech patterns from the Pirexians. So becareful what you say." The Communications warrant officer warned

"Thank you WO Modock. I will do my best." Ty answered

"Also, I have made this up too. I have done some modifications to this phaser, that only work on voice command, from you. No one with be able to use it."

"CPO Patel, you are the best." Ty exclaimed.

"Now I know the stench of me looking like this as filled the room, so Engineering and Communications are dismissed." Ty said

"Aye Aye sir!" And both the Enigineering Chief and The Communications Officer departed the Transporter Room.

"Now all we have to do is wait." Ty said

Ty did press his combadge once more.

=/\= Laque to Dr. Dex.=/\=

=/\= Dex here Captain =/\=

=/\= I want to reassure you that I will do my very best to retrieve him. This is for Grace. I can't get her a gift when she is being born, but I can do this. =/\=

=/\= I know you will Captain fair winds or foul =/\=

=/\= Again Shoniara, I will come home with or without him regardless. I am hoping for with him, but only time will tell. Keep Grace growing strong. Keep Jason eating. He tends to forget to eat when he worries. Oh and if you should feel the need to take command of the ship at any time, please step in. This is Jason's first command and he doubts himself. He will need your support. =/\=

=/\=I will look after your sickbay and keep an eye on Jason. =/\=

Zach climbs aboard his fighter and starts the ignition systems. “Pilots, fire them up. Remember, interceptors lead, bombers follow and cover there 6. Once in range, interceptors engage enemy fighters. Bombers unleash your destruction, then engage enemy fighters. Home Plate this is Eagle 1. Conduct final comm check and prepare for launch.”

Mr. Chase report. “Fighters are launching now.”
“Home Plate this is Eagle 1. Launch al aircraft.” Eagle 1 led the fighters out of the ship enroute toward the Pirexan ships. As the enemy appeared he sent the order. “Eagle 1 to all fighters. Tally Ho. Let’s show them who they are messing with.”

=/\= Thank you Mr. Chase. And with good timing too. I am starting to stick up the entire ship. Another star on your record. You keep surprising me. I throw you curve balls and you keep hitting them back at me. Laque out =/\=

"Ok Chief. I'ts time. Get a good lock on the Pirexian ship and beam me over there now.' Ty said and stepped on to the transporter platform." Tyzon said

"Engage" Ty said and he was gone.

Meanwhile on the Pirexian ship.

"Issss the mind neutralizer ready?" The Pirexian Captain said

"Yessss sssssir it issssss." The Pirexian doctor said''

"Good. Bring in the prisoner." The Pirexian Captain said to the guard standing at the door.

The guard opened the door and Colonel Jacque was brought in. He looked battered and bruised and almost lifeless, but he was a fighter, he was fighting to stay alive so he can back home to his family.

They sat the Colonel in chair and they restrained him down so he could not more.

The Pirexian Captain came near to Colonel Jacque and leaned in. "Ssssssso Colonel, are you going to give usssssssssssssss the Command Codes to your sssssssssssship or do we have to take them from you?"

"I don't care about myself. I will do anything to pertect my ship. So if you want those command codes, you will just have to kill me and go take them for yourself, because from what I hear, that plot to leave a spy on my ship backfired and well you don't much for leverage do you, you Pirexiam scum."

"Killing you is an option, but we will still be at square 1 and that's no codes, so we are going to do a better things. We will keep you alive, but we will wipe your memory of your life with StarFleet and of your family and life on that ship. Gone, everything you ever knew gone. "

"Do your worst, but you wont get the codes. You will have to take them out of Captain Laque's cold dead hands."

"Oh we have special plans for your Captain. He is next on or list to capture and torture."

The Pirexian docor comes over and injects the Colonel with something that knocked him out cold.

"How long will it take?"

"Ssssssssssshortly sir. HIs body needs time to readjust to the medication."

"Good, throw this useless StarFleet officer back into his cell. When he comes too, take him to the kitchen and put him to work." The Pirexian Captain told the guard.

"Yessssss sir.""

Meanwhile on another part of the ship.

The cosmetically changed Captain Laque beamed in what looks to be a labratory of some kind. There are medical equipment everywhere. Lot of dials and knobs and things to push. The Captain had one plan, find the Colonel and get out and back home in time for dinner.

Ty pressed his Pirexian badge and whispered. =/\= I am on the Pirexian ship, I have beamed to in to be some sort of a lab. They is equipment everywhere. I see the exit and I am walking to it now. =/\=

The door opens and a couple of Pirexian soldiers appeared. They noticed the Captain and saluted him.

Captain Laque returned the salute.

"Dr. Bereck We were told that you were not going to be here till next week. How did you come aboard unnoticed?" One of soldiers asked.

"How dare you address me in that manner. I am Dr. Bereck Captain of the Pirexian Medial Corp. You will call me sssssir and nothing more." Tyzon said

The Pirexian soldiers shank back in fear and intimidation."

"We are sssssssssssorry sssssssir. " One of guard said

"Now if you excuse me. I was one route to see the Captain of this sssssship and to report him the conditions of his medical lab. You two may return to duty after you point me in the direction of the Captains chambers." Tyzon said

"Not a problem ssssssssir. Right his way." The solider said

They led Tyzon through a mirad of twists and turns till they came to be what looks like the bridge of the ship, but there was no one there.

"Where is your Captain?" Tyzon asked

"I do not know sssssssir." The Pirexian guard said

"Then go find him. I will wait here." Tyzon said

"Yes ssssssir." The Pirexan guard said and both of them turned on their heels and went off to look for the captain of the ship.

"Now's my chance to find the good Colonel and get out of here." Tyzon thought'

Tyzon went to one of the computer terminals. "Dang blasted all. It's written in Pirexian. Oh wait my universal translator." Tyzon plugs in and it translates the script to English.

"Oh here we are the Brig. That is where they should be keeping him. That's the first place I am going to check." Tyzon said. He unplugs the translator and was about to leave the bridge when the doors opened and there stood the Captain of the with the same two guards as before.

"Dr. Berek, Your transport here was unannounced. Why did HQ did not contact me?" The Captain asked

"I told them not to. I wanted thisssssssss to be a sssssssurprise insssssspection." Tyzon said

"A ssssssssurprise indeed. Actually I think we have something you can look into. Your mind altering drug, we have ussssed it on a human. It worked perfectly. The sssssssssubject is in the kitchen right now." The Captain said.

"Take me to him. I must ssssssee this for myssssself." Tyzon said

"Right away Dr. Berek. If you would follow me."


Zach led his fighters out of the hanger bay.

“HomePlate to Eagle. Enemy fighters approaching.”

“Eagle copies.

“Eagle to Sparrow flight. Enemy fighters inbound. Hold then off for awhile until bombing run is done.

“Eagle to Hawk flight. Form up on me. Weave on inbound and evasion on exit. Target weapon systems.”

Zach leads the bombers in a weaving attack. His weapons locked onto a turret. A press of a button and torpedoes launched, resulting in explosions on the enemy flagship. He saw more and more explosions as he turned away from the enemy ship. The incoming fire had greatly decreased.

“Eagle to Sparrow lead. Bombing run finished. Help is coming your way.”

“Sparrow lead to Eagle. Help is appreciated. There is a lot of them, but their pilots are poorly trained or their aircraft are bad. It’s like an old time Turkey shoot.”

“Eagle to all fighters. Engage at will. When they start to retreat, let them go.”

“Eagle to Sparrow and Hawk leads. Join up on me for defensive patrol. All others return to base.”

After a period of no enemy in sight, Zac he ordered the remaining planes to land. Zach was the last plane to land.

Once maintenance and munitions had 6 aircraft armed and fueled, Lt Chase put the group on 24 hour stand down.

“Eagle 1 to Home Plate. Group is on 24 hour stand down. Keep me informed of any intruders. Chase out.”

“Zach to Dr Dex. Sorry about no contact, but we have been constantly on the go. Are you hungry? My place, 1 hour. See you then. I love you Shoniara. Zach out.”

Meanwhile on the Bridge of the USS Polaris

Commander Jason Teron was sitting in the command chair of the bridge. "Ensign Parry, please bring up the Pirexian ship on the viewer."

"Aye Aye Commander." Ensign Parry did as commanded.

"Thank you Ensign. And what are you still doing up here? Your duty assignment ended hours ago.?" Jason asked

"Well were all tasked to keep watch over you. Captain's orders. Captain Laque has fatih in you, but he didn't want to go out there to bring the Colonel home, without support, here in the bridge." Ensign Parry said.

"Well I will personally tell Captain Laque my glowing words in my report." Jason said.

"You miss him don't you Commander?" Ensign Parry asked

"Yea I do. He's out there and I'm stuck in here. I am just as much a part of the crew as anyone here and I should do something to help." Jason stated

"What are you thinking?" Ensign Parry asked

" I do not know yet, bit I have a bad feeling that something is going to go wrong and that we need to be ready. Please get Commander Dex for me?" Jason asked

" Will do. Sir." Ensign Parry said as he pressed a few buttons.

=/\=Bridge to Commander Dex. Commander Teron as requested you on the bridge.=/\=

Dex made her way to the bridge, it was strange seeing Commander Teron in the big chair where Ty usually sat. She walked over and smiling put a hand on his shoulder.

"Thank you so much for coming so quickly. I can't help shake a bad feeling about this whole operation. What does your Vulcan senses tell you Shoniara?" Jason asked

She sighed heavily. “Since the incident with Ardera they have been severely limited. I do sense Ty is still alive, as to Colonel Theriault I have not been able to sense him for many days now. As much as I would like to see him home safe I do not think this will happen.” She turned away, “I am sorry I am unable to sense more. Also Grace seems to be ‘picking my brains’ so the old Earth saying goes. This means I sometimes find it hard to contain my emotions as my Vulcan side would have it.”

"I see. I do value your insight. How is little Grace doing.?" Jason asked

Grace is doing very well. I have now been relieved of active duty to administrative duties until Grace is born. Drs Pirek and Ench’ra will be taking over sickbay. I have just under two months to go but it will possibly less. She cannot wait to come into the world.

"Is Lt. Chase back home yet?" Jason asked.

“Yes, he is although I have not seen him, we are supposed to be having dinner together this evening.”

" Also think that Lt. Chase needs to be up here as well. Can you fetch him for me?" Jason asked

“Commander Teron…Jason I would rather sit down please? I am feeling a little dizzy.” Without further ado she sat in the nearest chair. Her face was white and her hair was beginning to paste to her cheek. She touched her communicator. /\=/\ Bridge to Lieutenant Chase you are required on the bridge /\=/\

" Know that you’re not an errand girl, but thank you anyways.

Lt Chase was informed that his presence was requested on the bridge. He quickly got out of bed, pulls on a fresh uniform. He entered a turbo lift. “Bridge.”

The turbolift stopped and Lt Chase exited into the bridge. “Lt Chase reporting as requested sir.”

Shoniara’s heat skipped a beat when she saw him, she sat back resting her bump seeming interminably huge in front of her. Every time she saw him she wandered if he still loved her as huge and as ugly as a she was right now.

Zach entered the bridge and saw Commander Teron sitting in the command chair, and Dr Dex was sitting in a nearby chair. “How are my two favorite girls today.?”

Zach walked over and took her hand and knew immediately that something was wrong. Shoniara looked pale, was sweating and seemed fatigued. He frowned in concern.

“Lt Chase to sickbay. Could a doctor come to the bridge and check on Dr Dex. She is pale, sweating and seems to be tired. Thanks. Chase out.”

“Doctor, you will be having a doctor come check you out. I foresee more bed rest in your future.”

Zach turned and faced Commander Teron. “What can I do for you sir.”

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Dr Pirek entered the bridge and went straight to Shoniara, He too looked concerned. Running a bio scan he frowned.

“What is it Borvan?” She asked worriedly.

“Well we knew this pregnancy would be a strange one, I believe Grace will now appear within the month, she has grown exponentially.” He pulled out a hypo..” No wonder you have not been eating, don’t worry this is just a nutritional supplement and a slight sedative. Shoniara your heart is overworking, as a Vulcan you know your heart rate is ordinarily high but it has nearly doubled it is now 340,” He looked at Zack. “Lieutenant Chase was right, it is bed rest from now on. I don’t want you on your feet at all. If you refuse then it is sickbay as a patient for the rest of your pregnancy.” She raised her eyebrows about to say something then thought better. She knew he was right she felt awful.

Zach walked over and listened to the discussion. “Dr Borvan might I make a suggestion. Put her on bed rest in my quarters. I can watch over her, and I guarantee that she will eat. With your permission of course.”

Shoniara looked at Zack “She is IN the room Iieutenant!” She spoke sharply and her tone was that of a Commander.

Borvan spoke, “it’s Lieutenant Chase’s quarters or sickbay Commander, it is as easy as that.”

She nodded and looked at Zach, “please I am sorry, one of the things I do not like is being talked about as if I am not there. I would be very happy to stay with you if you can do one thing for me, talk to Marina Kerrigan and see if she will look after Etienne for a week or so? I am worried about him?” She realised the whole bridge crew were listening.” She smiled weakly. “There ends the latest episode, I will be back next week and am available for requests.” Laughter broke out and the tension dissipated. She leant back her eyes closed.

“Yes Doctor, I know you are in the room. I was just making a suggestion to the attending doctor. You are free to refuse the offer if you choose. Yes I will see if Marina will watch Etienne for awhile. I will tell her she can bring him to visit also. I will also get Puss and bring him.”

“Thank you, I will accept your offer, and be very happy to do so. Are we dismissed Commander Teron?”

“Good. I’m glad you accepted. Once the commander releases us we will go to your quarters and you can gather a few things you may want with you. Then we will go and put you to bed, per doctors orders.”

“That would suit me very well Zach if you can put up with me and Puss, I am to sure how much longer I can survive like this. I feel enormous, ugly, not myself at all. I want our lives together to begin but until Grace is born I cannot help but think we are on hold. Zach I love you” she whispered.

Zach kneels down at the feet of Shoniara and takes her hands. He whispers to her. “It will be nice to have you and Puss in my quarters. You can definitely tell that you are a first time mom. I don’t know any woman that doesn’t think they are huge, are ugly, are unloved. What you don’t understand that when your pregnant you have a glow, a radiance. Yes at the moment you are enormous, but that is because Grace is growing fast now, and the enormous is only temporary. Yes Grace is always holding things up, aren’t you Grace!” Zach places his hand on Shoniara’s stomach and gently rubs. “I love you too Shoniara,” Zach whispers.
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