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Posted on Tue Dec 28th, 2021 @ 3:13pm by Commander Shoniara T’ghann Dex M.D & Lieutenant Junior Grade Borvan Pirek MD

Mission: [Episode 4] A Hunting We Will Go
Timeline: Current

Posted on Mon Oct 11th, 2021 @ 5:47am by Commander Shoniara T’ghann Dex M.D & Lieutenant Junior Grade Borvan Pirek MD & Captain Tyzon Laque & Admiral Taka Sito & Commander Jason Taron
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Mission: Episode 3: The Night The Light Went Out at Sigma Station
Location: USS Polaris
Timeline: Current.

=/\= Doctor Pirek to Lieutenant Chase =/\=

=^= Chase here doctor. What can I do for you? =^=

=/\= There is to be a ritual to help Shoniara Dex return to us and she has talked of you, we would like you to attend the ritual at 18.00 hours in holodeck 3. This is your choice only. You do not have to attend. =/\=

=^= Very well. I will be there. =^=

T’ghrek spoke to Captain Laque. “I would also like Admiral Sito to attend and any other friends of my sister. It is of great pain to me that Colonel Theriault is not here as Shoniara’s parter and father of her child.”

Tyzon spoke up. "We do have an update on Colonel Theriault, that was provided by Admiral Sito and that is he got orders from Star Fleet Marines to follow the attackers and went on a...... oh what is the word, I think it's called a Black-Ops mission. He had to depart right away, from what I understand, but he should be returning as soon as he can."

"Ambassador? I would be honored to attend the ritual. Admiral Sito said

"When do we get started? I want Shoniara and Grace, back with us. That little life is so helpless right now, I could break down and cry." Jason said with a single tear running down his cheek.

Ty ran to his Imzadi's side and embraced him. Ty looked up and spoke to the Ambassador. "Please forgive Jason, he lost his sister few years ago, has grown quite attached to Shoniara, like a sister in such a short time and little Grace is all he talks about. How Uncle Jason will give her piggy back rides and playing with her on the holodeck."

"I'm alright Ty, I mean Captain. I can't bear the sight of loosing either other them. I finally get to be the uncle that I wanted to be." Jason said wiping the tear from his face.

"It is alight Jason, like I told you many years ago, emotions are what make us strong. Just remember what not expressing them did to my father. " Ty said.

"I feel exactly the same way. If I didn't have to be in control all of the time, and trust my heart is breaking right now as well, but we have to be strong for both Dr. Dex and for little Grace." Ty said stroking the golden blond locks of his Imzadi.

Tyzon turned his head to the both the Dr. and spoke."Let's get her to the holodeck."

Shoniara had had to be transported to the holodeck on foot. She was still being kept alive by the bio bed and Pirek and Ench’ra did not want to take the chance of site to site transport. She lay in the great hall her body covered in a white robe of Vulcan silk her hair dressed with the Riasan pearls her mother had given her. She looked beautiful, serene but unresponsive. Her pregnancy was beginning to show thanks to the Borg nanobots increasing the rate at which the child grew. The lights of the thousand candles seemed to spread their light into eternity as the mirrored hall caught each and every one and reflects the glow a hundred times. A plain table had been placed next to the biobed to symbolise lack of worldly thoughts. T’ghrek stood tall, naked and handsome in his white silk robe to match hers.

He turned to Ty and Jason. “Gentlemen, I have a favour to ask of you. You are both empaths of great power, it would help if you also took part in the ceremony. All you need to do would be to help open her mind so I can enter. I m only asking you as I can see how much you love and respect my sister and her child. It will also give the ritual more chance of working. We have to restore her whole mind and as I am an honest Vulcan I can admit to never having performed this ritual before. I believe you view nudity as part of your empathic ritual so If you wish to be so then so it will be. If this does not work my beloved Sister will be lost to us forever, a mere husk to be kept alive until Grace is born. Therefore this must work.

"Ambassador, Thank you nudity is an expression of freedom and of power, I think that is what we will be." Ty said.

Tyzon and Jason both removed their uniforms. Both of their hearts were beating like they had just ran a track meet and came in first place.

Pirek and Ench’ra checked her bio signs, they were weak but still there. The Borg nanobots doing their slow work to repair her body and the basis of her mind. Pirek nodded. She was ready.

Marina Kerrigan stood to the back of the hall holding Etienne in front of her. He was crying so she stroked his hair. She wished so much that Jacques had been here for Shoniara and for his boy. Ye gads he did not even know that he was to be a father. She could not help a smile slipping in imagining giving him the news.

Ardera had managed to leave her quarters unnoticed as unbeknownst to the crew she had a personal cloaking device devise by Breen and Borg technology that the Gorn Hegenomy had had bound together into this wonder. It was Implanted under her right arm so had not been found in the search. She looked around the holodeck amazed at this level of complexity just from photons and light, their ships had nothing like this, she looked at the body on the bio bed. She remembered the cargo bay and wished that she had had a chance to kill the doctor. She imagined doing it now, plunging her knife into the still body, watching the blood flow and the organs spill out. And the child yes the child, she imagined stealing it, bringing it up to hate the Federation, StarFleet and all it stood for. She searched for Zach amongst the throng of people. ‘There’ she said to herself. Her lust for him grew every time she thought of him. She imagined him under her power naked and restrained and licked her lips. ‘Yes’ she thought ‘she would make him want her as he lay there helpless’. He would beg for her before he was done. She sidled up to him getting as close as she could until she could smell him. She would take this ship and deliver it to their enemies then….blood will flow. Before she knew it she touched Zach on his cheek. Appalled she stood back, invisible.

Zach stood in the holodeck as the doctor, the Captain, the ambassador were standing around Dr Dex, naked as the ritual apparently called for. There is a Vulcan priest that is starting the ritual to reach the mind of Dr Dex. Zach is watching intently as suddenly he feels something touch his cheek. It felt like a soft, intimate touch. He quickly looked around and didn’t see anyone. He casually reaches out and around to feel for anything. Quickly thinking, Zach can only think of one person that would think of touching him like that. Ardera.

Zach moved to the rear of the room, and again felt around for anyone.

Zach touched his comm badge. =^= Lt Chase to security. Send a detail to Ardera’s room and confirm that she is there. I think she is loose on the she and is somehow invisible. If you find her, use a scanner to locate some sort of cloaking device on her person. Treat her as a hostile at the moment. Chase out. =^=

The holo image of the High Priest stood before the bio bed and lifted his hands in a silent Vulcan blessing. He turned to Tyzon and Jason “T’var A nHa-Nash naV-or Katra T’ghrek, ena naV-or Katra Shoniara. The universal translator worked for those who did not understand Vulcan “ you will protect with your life the katra of T’hgrek and of Shoniara. Do not be afraid to journey into your own selves as you take this task. Place your hands either side of her head and look into her soul, open her closed mind and be not be afraid of what you see there.

Tyzon and Jason both took their place on either side of Shoniara's head. They laid a hand on each side of Shoniaras' temples and their free hand they held. Both Ty and Jason closed their eyes and said a silent prayer to an unknown deity.

Ty spoke to Jasons' mind. "You ready to save two lives?"

"More then ever Ty. Let's do this." Jason responded and with all their might they poured every loving and healing emotions through the link they shared with Shoniara and Grace.

T’ghrek bowed to the priest and climbed the steps to the table next to Shoniara. He thought she looked so peaceful, so childlike. Now they were going to invade her mind. ‘He had a sudden thought that he himself was to be an uncle. He lay next to her closed his eyes and waited.

Security quickly replied to Lieutenant Chases order. =/\= Sir, Ardera is not in her quarters. We can’t understand it she has not passed us. We will keep searching security out. ‘/\=

Ardera had followed Zach to the back of the room cursing herself for having touched him. What she was ordered to do was to retrieve the command codes, her captain would punish her if she did not return with them, or the ship. He might even kill Zach if he found out how much she cared for him. It was all she could do to leave the Holodeck and make her way to the bridge. Maybe the computer in the captains ready room would contain the codes. She took one last look at Zack and slipped out of the holodeck heading for the bridge.

The door to the bridge slipped open and Ardera congratulated herself on having reached seat of power. The conn officer looked round and commented on the open door with no one inside the turbo lift. For a moment she looked around noting the number of officers and crew on duty. There seems to be too many for one person to take so she decided to have a look in the captain’s ready room. She entered without trouble although the officer on the bridge decided to ask maintenance to check the door system. Once in the ready room she divested herself of her cloak and began to look around. On the desk was a holo-photo of Captain Laque and Commander Taron in front of a backdrop of a lake. They were facing each other looking into each other’s eyes and holding each other’s hands. She had not realized until the holodeck that they were together. For a moment she wondered what it felt like to be in love. The captain’s padd was beside it, ‘now this would be more helpful’. Not daring to stay any longer she placed the padd under her cloak and reactivated it. Again there were now more comments about the doors opening and closing but she managed to exit the bridge without being seen. She headed back to her quarters to begin to decrypt the information on the padd.

Lt Chase couldn’t get past the touch on the cheek, with no one there. Or at least visible. The news from security that Ardera wasn’t in her room was maybe even more disturbing. Zach touched his comm badge. =^= Lt Chase to security. Assume that our “guest” is moving around the ship, cloaked by some manner. Continue searching for Ardera. If you find her, have her placed in the brig, searched and scanned for some cloaking device. If something is found, place her in the brig. If nothing is found, let her go. Chase out. =^=

Three minds flowed into the empty neurons that were contained in Shoniara’s brain. Encouraging and healing her mind. There was also something else there, something that seemed jealous of the increasing flow. WE ARE ONE streamed back into the three brains, Ty, Jason and T’ghrek. LEAVE US ALONE the voices continued. Shoniara moaned as T’ghrek broke through. ~ my sister remember your life with us, remember the pain and beauty of your life before you met us. ~ the nanobots contained themselves and poured into the pain centers of the three Jason, Ty and T’ghrek causing acute neural telepathic pain.


Pirek began to be worried about Shoniara’s life signs which were dipping. He decided not to stop them yet. T’ghrek still inside her mind sat up and shouted in a voice that was not his and made some of the guests shudder. “WE WERE THE BORG, WE ARE NOW PART OF THIS ONE, WE WILL MAKE HER LIKE US WE WILL BE HER. THE LIFE INSIDE HER NOW CONTAINS US. T’ghrek lay back down. Shoniara smiled as she felt the peace that Ty and Jason were pouring into her. She heard T’ghrek and knew him. Her memories of who she was and her life until the cargo bay began to re coalesce. She calmed the nanobots down in her mind, letting them know they were a part of each other. She heard Ty and Jason’s voices inside her brain.


Ench’ra who was monitoring T’ghrek noted his neural activity was off the scale and knew he had to sever the connection soon. He just hoped it had been long enough to begin Shoniara’s healing. Pirek whispered to him. “The baby, look!” They both stared at the monitor. Grace was moving more than she had done before. Putting the placental link between mother and child in danger.

Shoniara knew she was a doctor and a Vulcan and Riasan. She knew she loved Jacques Theraiult and that she was having his child. She could feel the kick within her and shared the joy of the mother child bond, a bond that would never be broken. Her child would be special she knew this, but in what ways she did not know. Her hands moved to cup her small bump and she smiled. Her mind connected to Ty and Jason’s. ~Thank you my friends

Ench’ra looked at the Priest and shook his head, He had to break the link now. The priest moved to T'ghrek and put his hands on his forehead. “T’a-nav T’ghrek, T’a-nav T’ghrek,” his voice raised T’A- NAV T’GHREK.”

T’ghrek opened his eyes and sat up. “The link is broken.” He said. My sister will recover, she has her memories back. How is she doctors?” He looked at Pirek and Ench’ra. Ench’ra spoke. “Your sister had some intital physical problems at the onset of the meld but has now settled. She must however return to sickbay to ensure appropriate monitoring for her and the baby. She is still however unconscious.

T’ghrek stood and was handed the royal blue robes of the House of Okann which he slipped on. “My friends the ritual is over, I thank you all for attending and helping my Sister Shoniara T’ghann Dex Chief Medical Officer of this Starship and heir to the House of Okann recover. As some of you know she is with child, a little girl Grace. We await my sisters full recovery and the birth of Grace. I would like to invite you all to a reception aboard the T’planna H’ath tomorrow evening. It will be a full dress uniform affair and Captain-“ he turned to Captain Laque and Commander Taron and nodded . “Your whole crew is invited.”


Ench’ra and Pirek had begun their transfer of Dex back to sickbay when security entered the holodeck and looked for Lieutenant Chase. Finding him they made their way through the crowd towards him. “Sir we have been unable to trace the woman Ardera, we are scanning the ship for know cloaking devices but we know very little about personal devices. We have secured the armoury. What are your orders?”


Captain Laque approached Lieutenant Chase.



MARINA Kerrigan sat exhausted on the couch in Jacques quarters. Etienne had finally gotten off to sleep after crying for a good while. Duke however had covered him in slobber and had played with him for a while. Even Puss had gone to sleep. Now for some reason he had woken and kept going to the door and growling. She tried to study the duty rosters for the morning but gave up after a while and picked up her glass of wine. As much as she loved Jacques and Etienne looking after his son was a full time job and it was cramping her love life. “What now Puss” she said as he again went to the door growling.” Duke, mystified looked at Puss. They had actually gotten on quite well once Puss had shown him that now he was subservient to him. She smiled, ‘who would have thought she would be looking after a 10 year old boy his dog and a Sehlat. Puss started to the door again.

Secure back in sickbay Pirek left to get some rest whilst Ench’ra remained with Dex. He checked her bio signs which were stable and sat down in Dex’s office working on his full report to T’ghrek. sitting on the furthest bio bed covered in her cloaking device was Ardera. She was still working on the Captain’s padd but wanted to see how Shoniara was doing. She was disappointed to find out that she was improving and was hoping she would get to be alone with her. She planned to end the doctor’s life as she had wanted to do in the cargo bay and had several ideas on how to do this. However her mind kept going back to Zach Chase. She had thought by now she would have been able to seduce him. Her plan now was to kill Dex, she smiled, that would be her personal pleasure. Then she planned to take the Captain hostage and make him take the ship through the wormhole to the waiting fleet. Then she would get her reward, Zach.

RUNABOUT ‘AD ASTRA’ cloak and stealth protected.
Pirexan space.

“Have you had any luck tuning in on the messages from the bridge of the lead ship?” Jacques was eating his ‘rations’ and not enjoying them. He had been thinking of the last meal he had had with Shoniara, his heart ached for her and he wondered what was going on on the Washington. He felt slightly unnerved about the lack of movement from the fleet which they had expected to warp off to ‘wherever’. Now they were stuck here in the underbelly of the ship.

Mark turned from the view screen clearly having had enough of trying to decrypt the messages. “No, no luck at all. We’ve been here for six days now ‘J’ how much longer are we going to stay here?” Jacques put his rations pouch down, ‘any excuse to stop eating’ he thought and smiled. ‘“Well if the fleet is not going to move then we really need to try to get aboard one of the vessels.” Mark smiled, “yeah we could go play in someone else’s yard!” Jacques stood and moved over to the table which showed holoimages of the Pirexan ship. He smiled and pointed, Jacques joined him, “see here I think this would be our way in, this airlock here, we would have to EVA it though.” He patted Jacques on the back..”well, how about a little space walk buddy?” Jacques nodded. ‘Then they could go home’ he thought. Every hour he spent away from Shoniara and Etienne he felt more lonely, he’ll he even missed Puss. He imagined looking into her green eyes, watching them turning to silver as he touched her.

He looked at Mark…..”let’s do it bud” Mark nodded.

Doctor Ench’ra rubbed his eyes and ordered a bowl of cold plomeek soup to keep him going. It had been several hours since Borvan had left to sleep. He had just checked on Shoniara, she was not yet conscious but her brain activity was increasing by the hour. He thought he would suggest to Borvan that they begin to taper off the drugs that were keeping her asleep. Her wounds and fractures had all but healed and baby Grace was doing fine. Indeed more than fine, growing well. He could now see feet and toes. She appeared to be sucking her thumb. ‘Why do human babies do that’ he thought, it never happened in Vulcan children. For a moment he thought about his wife Ve’ra and their five children on Vulcan. It had been two years since he had last seen them but after this T’ghrek had told the crew they were going home. He turned suddenly at a sound, something metallic was falling. He went out of the office and looked around. All was quiet, he sighed, “just an old mans imagination” he said to himself. Then, he noticed it. A laser scalpel on the floor, he knew it had not been there before. He picked it up. “Hello” he said to the empty room. For some reason he felt uneasy. He tapped the combadge leant to him for the duration of his stay on the Polaris. =/\= This is Doctor Ench’ra to security=/\=


=/\= Lieutenant I am here in sickbay with Doctor Dex, somebody has been in here. I have found a medical instrument that could be used as a weapon on the floor. I heard it drop and I have not seen anybody enter or leave since we returned from the ceremony. Can you come down =/\=



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