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‘ AFTERMATH ‘ part 1.

Posted on Sat Oct 9th, 2021 @ 9:03am by Commander Shoniara T’ghann Dex M.D & Lieutenant Junior Grade Borvan Pirek MD & Captain Tyzon Laque & Admiral Taka Sito & Commander Jason Taron

Mission: Episode 3: The Night The Light Went Out at Sigma Station
Location: USS Polaris
Timeline: Current

Captain Laque arrived on the bridge tired and just a little forlorn. He entered the bridge and without saying a word he went right to his ready room. Before too long, Jason, his Imzadi and 2nd Officer entered to find out what is wrong.

The chime on the Captain's room sounded.

"Enter." Ty said and the ready room door opened and there stood Jason, decked out in his uniform. Jason was a welcome sight to behold, but Tyzon couldn't shake the feeling that something was not right. He had to figure out why Ardera was left behind.

"Ty....I mean Captain may I speak with you?" Jason asked

"Please come in." Ty said*

Jason entered the ready room and look a seat in the chair in front of the desk.

The door to the ready room closed.

Jason turned his head and looked to make sure that the door was closed and that no one could see or hear the conversation between them

"Is it safe?" Jason asked

"Yes it is my Imzadi." Ty answered

"Good, I have forgotten the formalities of this uniform and rank, but I am a StarFleet Officer first and formost and your Imzadi second. Now I can at least breathe for a bit." Jason said

Jason saw the expression on his Imzadi's face so he walked over and planted a kiss on Tyzons lips.

"Thanks Jas...... I needed that." Ty said

"Of course you did. That's why I did it." Jason answered

"So what's wrong?" Jason asked

"I just can't shake the feeling that something is going to go horrible wrong and I need to figure out why Ardera was left behind. Was it intentional? was she supposed to be a spy.... and where Colonel Jaques is? I know that Colonel gets his orders from Star Fleet Marines, but he could at lest briefed me about them. Not knowing is like not being able to use my telepathy is scary. He is still a member of this crew." Ty said

"I am sure that whatever Jaques is doing, he is doing to help the mission not to hinder it. As for Ardera, I feel the same way, but she is here now. But promise me this Ty at the first sign of trouble coming from Ardera, you will drop her off at the first planet we see and get her off the ship." Jason asked.

Admiral Sito walked onto the Bridge and asked where the Captain was. He strode over to the ready room eager to be debriefed and happy to be free once again. For a moment there he thought the Station might be his eternal resting place. He also had information about Colonel Theriault. He shivered and pressed the chime.

"Enter." They both said

The stood Admial Taka Sito, Tyzons' favorite mentor."

"Admiral. You are a sight for sore eyes. How are you recovering?"

"Good, I am getting better. This is the first long distance walk I have had since my fall at the station. The hospital suite you have for long term care is top notch. I wish for my own quarters though."

"We have the space, so I don't see why not." Jason said.

Sito smiled already looking forward to a night in a good bed. “Tyzon to be serious for a minute I have a message for you from Starfleet Marine Command regarding Colonel Theriault. This has hardly ever been done but due to the current situation Starfleet Command deemed it necessary that you know. This so to go no further than this room. Theriault is currently on a mission on the other side of the wormhole tracking the aggressors fleet. His brief is to find out as much as he can about the peoples there are in the group, type of ships, their destination and to report back. This was a sudden decision so he did not have my leave to at least let you know. He will return to your command when his mission is over.” Sito stood, arms behind his back.

"Taka, thank you so much for the briefing. I kind of figured that is what happened. As Captain, I am responsible for the countless lives on this ship and when one goes missing, I have to rack my brain to find out why. Thank you Taka."

A few minutes later Janus the Bolian bridge officer contacted his Captain =/\= Captain we have Ambassador T’ghrek on the T’Planna Hath wanting to speak to you?=/\=

=/\= Understood Laque out =/\=

"Now Ty.... I know that you are tired and you need rest. The Admiral and I will be here if you need us. I know that when you get tired, you can let your emotions go. It's part of being a sub set of Betazoids. I know that, but Vulcans can sometimes be a little testy. Don't lose your cool." Jason said

"Actually, We are going to this little exchange. Tyzon needs us, we are his family.' Taka said

"That we are." Jason, Tyzon, and Taka exited the ready room

"Put him on." Tyzon told Janus

"Aye Aye Captain" Janus said

A few seconds later before the three men was a handsome Vulcan. From the tips of his pointed ears to the perfect sculpted eye brows, there was nothing out of place. Tyzon put a smile on and greeted the Ambassador.

"Greeting Ambassador Live, Long, and Prosper" Ty said and saluted the Ambassador.

“Captain Laque,” He returned the Vulcan greeting. “Peace and long life. I am glad that you and your crew are safe and I commend them for the way they have delt with this incursion. I am sorry that we were unable to get here any sooner to help but now my ship and its people are at your disposal.” He came nearer the screen. “Captain I believe you know Shoniara is my R’ustaii bond sister?.” He did not wait for the Captain to answer.” I have been to see her in sickbay, currently she is being kept alive by your EMH and a Doctor Pirek whom I find to be” he paused “…able.” He began to pace up and down the T’planna H’ath bridge. “Have you been to see your chief Medical Officer yet? “ somehow he made the innocuous question accusing. “The baby lives, a girl I believe but it is far from certain that Shoniara will survive. She has no brain activity at all and the bio bed is keeping her alive whilst she tries to heal. To a Vulcan the brain is everything so I would like my personal physician to see her and if need be transfer her to my ship for her care?”

"Though I appreciate your words Ambassador, I have a few of my own. You boarded my ship without permission from me or Star Fleet. That was....."Illogical". We both love Shoniara . She is a well respected member of my crew. According to the Federation Accords, that was signed by you in 2655, it states and I quote, "To board another ship without permission is an act unbecoming someone of Ambassadorial status and will face a Tribunal inquiry. Now that I know that, I have half a mind to send word to appropriate authorities, but because you are next of kin to Shoniara, I will turn a blind eye, but just for the record and this will be logged. I want Shoniara cared for in the best way possible. Just one moment." Ty said

Tyzon turned back to Ambassador. " Now we one more matter to discuss and that is the matter of of the baby. Colonel Theriault, the father, and yes he is human, and Shoniara has agreed and approached me on the subject of if they both should "expire" that I and my Imzadi, who is standing right next to me, should care for the child. Humans call that being a God Parent . Seeing that the Colonel is on a mission of his own right now and we do not know when he will return, the responsibility falls to my Imzadi and I. So when the baby is born, I will call you right away. Furthermore, when the child is born, her name will be Grace. Those were Shoniara's wishes and as her bond brother and next of kin they should be carried out. There is one thing that you need to know about me Ambassador, is that I am sub sect of Betazoids, which are very advanced telepaths, which when joined with their Imzadi, which I have been since the age of 18, can communicate and listen over a great distance, so no matter where we are in the system, I will be always listening. No sensors can jam me and my telepathy. We even got the crew to tap into each others innate abilities. Shoniara and the child share a link with me. I was the one that knew she was with child. Shoniara did not even know.

"That seems logical." The Ambassaor said.

“One more thing Captain. What was my sister doing down on the station, alone without another crew member? If someone had been with her this might not have occurred . I find Starfleet reckless in the extreme to let this happen Admiral and will hold Starfleet responsible if she dies.” There was a pause which seemed to be endless. “Having said all that I would like to invite you and your senior staff to dinner aboard my ship tomorrow evening.”

"To answer your question. During the incursion with the Pirexians, which we have discovered is what they are called, She went back to the station to do one more sweep for anyone that was missed for medical treatment. It was routine. She was in the cargo bay, when she stumbled upon a Pirexan, who was left behind and was shot and stabbed trying to defend herself from the attacker. We have already taken the liberty of taking the assailant into custody, but she was only a child. I will be sending over my report to you after I take some much needed rest. As for the dinner, my senior staff ,minus one, will be more then happy to join you for dinner. So with that I need to end this conversation. Live Long and Prosper Ambassador." Ty said

T’ghrek bowed his head , nodded to someone and the view screen blanked.

Ty turned to Jason and and Admiral Sito.

"Testy was an understatement. He was down right arrogant." Ty said

"I think you handled yourself with dignity and pose Tyzon. That is going in my formal report to Star Fleet. However, if I could lend some advise?" Taka said

"I am all ears Taka." Tyzon said

"I would not of brought up the subject of the Federation Accords." Taka said

"Why is that Admiral, it's the law?" Jason asked

"The Federation Accords was a recorded meeting with the highest members of the Federation Council. The Ambassador was not pleased that he had to sign that document and was out voted. He protested for months to get it reversed, but each time his protest was heard and voted against. That is why Jason." Tak said

"So consider myself schooled. That was once piece that was never covered in when I become Captain." Tyzon said

"Well we do need to update the text padds." Take said laughing.

"Well its time to go to bed." Jason said

The acting second officer arrived and the position of command was changed. Jason, Ty and Admiral Sito got on the turbolift and headed to their quarters. However there was one thing that was on Jason's mind. So he asked "Ty? Where are my quarters?"

"With me silly. You will be sharing the Captains quarters."Ty said

"Oh goody, I guess I will be without a blanket again. You are a blanket hog." Jason said

Ty smiled at his Imzadi. That was a inside joke that was shared between them.

"Well boys, this is my stop. I will see you in the morning." Taka said

"Good night Taka." Tyzon said

Both Jason and Tyzon got off the turbolift and walked down the corridor to the Captain quarters. They said good night to the passers by, that were going about their night shift duties. When they reached the Captain’s quarters, Tyzon opened the door and escorted Jason inside. As the door closed, Jason locked lips with his Imzadi. Jason was finally back where he belonged and Tyzon felt whole again.

Meanwhile on another part of the ship.

Ardera walked round her quarters searching for something she could use for a weapon. She wondered why she had not been settled in the brig. She had tried the replicator for a phaser and a knife but her request was refused. She noted the comfortable surroundings, the soft bed and sonic shower. ‘These people are ripe for conquest. She could see herself sitting on the bridge of this ship as her Captain, her reward for bringing the crew to her planet. From there her people would attack the quadrant with their increased knowledge and firepower. ‘Yes she thought a good reward indeed.’ She knew that the Captain and his …..’what was he, love interest, slave’ she did not know but she knew that they were powerful empaths so she had to hide part of her mind from them. She made a decision and pressed the limited communicator that the Captain had given her to contact him. =/\= computer this is Ardera can you please put me through to …She fumbled for his name. Lieutenant Chase . She added the please as an afterthought.=/\=

=/\= Lieutenant Chase you have a contact call from Ardera . Would you like to take it =/\=

Zach heard the beep on his comm badge saying that he had a call from Andrea. He paused, wondering what
his enemy might want. Despite the softness of the Captain, he didn’t trust that person.

=/\= Lt Chase here. What can I do for you Ardera?=/\=

=/\= You are the Lieutenant that was with the Captain when he found me, the one with the phaser?=/\=

=/\= Yes I’m the one with the phaser.=/\=

=/\=I am very bored here alone and I feel so lonely, I would like to know more about you…and of course this wonderful ship. The Captain has told me I cannot go out alone. I think your crew might try to kill me for what I did to your doctor. Would you come to my room and have something to drink with me, just as a friend. If I want something else I will ask you, it is the Pirexan way, direct…I await your answer =/\= she sat very quiet waiting hoping he would say yes. Then she would begin her conquest of him and then the ship.

=/\=Considering your current status I will have to get permission. I will come if given permission. Chase out.=/\=

Zach touched his comm badge. =/\=“Lt Chase to Captain Laque. The foreign visitor would like me to come visit. If given permission I would like to establish some security measures, just in case =/\=

Captain Laque and Jason just was settling down when his commbadge went off with Lt. Chase voice.

=/\= Captain Laque here Lt. How can I be of service?" =/\=

=^= Yes sir. Our guest has requested my presence. I just wanted to make sure it was ok. =^=

=/\= Lt. yes it is fine, just take a security detail with you. I do not want what happened on the station to happen again. I still do not trust her. At the first sign of trouble you wake the ship and we will all come a running. Do you understand me Lt.? "=/\=

Ardera took a tiny bottle she had been hiding in her bodice. She walked over to the replicator. “Two Pirexan flower juice.” They appeared and she sipped one slowly, ‘it tasted quite good actually. Taking the little bottle she dropped three drops into the other glass.” She knew that if he drank it she would appear more attractive to him. She had replicated a sheer satin sheath with a split up the side to show off her long brown legs. She felt sure of herself as she sat and waited for him to contact her

Lt Chase headed to security to talk with the chief. “Chief, I’m headed down to see the Pirexan female. However I don’t trust her in the slightest. I don’t know if she can read minds or emotions, but I would be more comfortable if you placed more security measures in place. Secure the ship. Don’t tell me your plans, just protect the ship.”

Lt Chase departed security and headed for the Pirexan females quarters.

“Come in Zach.” She said answering the door chime. “Please sit down, make yourself comfortable, I just need a friend and you looked at me in the cargo bay and I thought you looked nice and kind.” She smiled sweetly ensuring the satin sheath showed her thigh. “Would you like to try a Pirexan sunset?” She handed him his drink.

Zach entered the quarters of Ardera. He casually looked the room over, then walked over and sat in a chair.
“So you have been our guest for just a few hours and your bored already? You must really lead an active life with very little time to relax, or to yourself. Correct? So why did you send for me?

Maybe this was going to be harder than she thought. She smiled again. “Please sit, May I call you Zach? I just wanted someone to talk to and you seem to have a kind face. These are just four walls and I want to explore all of this wonderful ship and meet people I can call friends. Please have a drink?” She offered him the glass once again. “Tell me a little about yourself, where do you come from, what do you like to do?

Zach said, “I can’t as I’m still on duty. Anyways, about me. Not much really. My family is and always has been military for as long as I can remember. I was the youngest, smallest and weakest of my siblings and the few friends I had. So I hid myself in books on military history, both modern and ancient. I learned tactics, weapons, honor, the warrior code, respect, leadership from armies and small units old and new. I took up ancient hand to hand fighting as I grew older. I built me strength of body, mind, soul and character.

I have a love of animals, but am currently without one.

As a bachelor I learned to cook. It is relaxing when I have the time to indulge.

So your turn. Why the charade of a child? What is it that you want from us? Why are you so important that your fleet hasn’t left the area?

She smiled a sweet, mischievous smile. “Well there is not much to tell really. I did not know you thought of me as a child Zach, I assure you I am all woman, very versed in the pleasuring of the male. It is something we are taught as soon as we turn from children to women. Some of us also undertake education in the arts of war and fighting. I am an expert at hand to hand combat….maybe you would like to take me on?” She looked thoughtful. “As for what I want from you, not us. The first time I saw you I wanted you, wanted to know more about you. Where you come from, what your life was like before this” she waved to indicate the ship “became a part of you. Will you show me around? I can assure you I am no danger to you or the ship. My fleet, well it returns through the wormhole and your Captain has assured me he will take me back if I want to go. Maybe, maybe I could stay here if someone put in a good word for me?” She looked at Zach, now she had answered his questions she stood, walked behind him and placed her hands on his shoulders. “I want you Lieutenant Chase, come back tonight and stay with me?” Her lips brushed his ear, her breath hot on his neck.

Zach stands slowly to his feet, then turns to face Ardera. =^= That is flattering and very intriguing. I’m not sure that I’m all that, but who am I to dispute things. I’m not sure I can make it tonight as I have a lot to do. But I will try. I have to go now. =^=

Zach departs and heads to the nearest turbolift. As the doors close Zach says, =^= computer, locate Captain Laque. =^= Zach instructs to turbolift to take him to the captains location.

=^= Captain I need to speak with you, in private. Sir I’ve just come from Aderas quarters. A couple of things. She is no girl, she is all woman. To say that she wanted her way with me would be an understatement. She said that we just clicked. She also wants to tour the ship, visit crew mates, make friends. She also said that maybe if someone spoke up for her, maybe she could even stay. She insists that her fleet left thru the wormhole, but I’m doubtful. I personally don’t feel it’s safe to have her wander the ship, even escorted. However this isn’t my decision so I’m asking on how you want this handled? How much of the ship she can see or what’s withheld? What are your instructions? =^=

=/\= Laque here Lt. I read you. Not listen very closely. She is not a prisoner, but our guest. However, I do not trust her in the slightest. If she wants to roam the ship, she will have to earn the trust of the crew. I suggest that you and security escort her around the ship, but whatever you do Zach, Do not and I repeat Do not sleep with her. Keep your hormones in check. If need be and you have to sneaky about it, try to get a DNA sample. A stray lock of hair, a finger print, something that we can use against her if need be. Something tells me that she might be up to no good. You have your orders. Laque out =/\=

Meanwhile in sickbay

Etienne stood outside sickbay the Vulcan guard looking at him. He swallowed hard the Vulcan had a wicked looking rifle in his arms. He took a deep breath wondering again where his father was and entered the quiet throb of sickbay. Almost immediately he saw Shoniara lying on a biobed, equipment and instrumentation all around her. He headed over to Borvan thankful that there was someone he knew. He touched the Cardassians arm.

“How is she Doctor Pirek?” He asked in a small voice.

Borvan turned. “Hello Etienne,” for a moment he wanted to lie to the boy, tell him she was going to be fine, reassure him that he might indeed have a new mother and a sister. But, that of course would be a lie. The boy was intelligent and sensitive but, he needed the truth. “Etienne Shoniara is very ill, she had a fall on the station and was badly injured. Help was a long time coming and…and for a moment she died.” A small trickle of tears began to run down Etienne's face and he put out his hand to hold Shoniara’s. It was cold and lifeless and he remembered the last time she had hugged him. This was not the woman lying there more of a machine than a living being. Borvan put his arm round his shoulder. “She has improved a little, the machines are helping her, she just needs time.”

“Do you know where my father is?” He asked hopefully.

“No Etienne I am sorry I do not. Sometimes people have to go away on missions so secret they cannot tell anybody…..I am sure your father is fine he just can’t be in contact for a while. “ Borvan remembered seeing Colonel Theriault collecting some equipment from the quartermasters office earlier the day before. Coming from a military family Borvan recognized the look Theriault gave him. A look of utter sadness but showing the stoic look of someone who had a job to do. Theriault had nodded and turned away and that had been the last time he had seen him. “Has Marina been to see you?” He asked.

“No” said the little boy.” But she has said she will stay with me until he gets back and make sure I get to school.” He hesitated “I just want to go back to the way things were, why do bad things have to happen?” This did not seem to be a question Etienne wanted answered rather a question to a seemingly unfeeling universe. He burst into tears. Borvan knelt down and held Etienne to him whilst he cried.

Deep cover on the other side of the wormhole

RUNABOUT ‘AD ASTRA’ cloak and stealth protected.
Pirexan space.

Theriault threw down the spanner in disgust. It hit the seat and fell onto the floor with a clang which woke his sleeping companion.

“What is wrong now?” He said.

“Jacques grimaced.” I can’t get this bloody replicator to work whatever I do Mark.”

Mark smiled. “Well it’s Star Fleet rations then, it’s not as though we have not had then before!….” He harrumphed “ What in the name of hades is wrong with you? You are not the man you were on our last mission.”

“Jacques checked the long range sensors. “No sign of the Pirexan fleet yet. Merde, what the hell are they still doing in the wormhole? We might be part of an elite team but I swear this is the quietest special ops I’ve ever been on.”

“We both know that things can change in an instant Jacques, anyway you managed to evade my question what it wrong with you?”

He sighed. “Mark A few weeks ago I met the most wonderful woman, she is a doctor, and a Medical Commander on the Polaris. She is half Vulcan half Riasan, she is beautiful, smart and has the heart of a warrior. I never thought I would find anyone to love like I loved Malina but Shoniara. I was going to ask her to marry me and then I got stuck with this mission. I was not even allowed to let my Captain know I would be gone, God knows what he thinks of me. I miss my son, Mark. I can only hope Shoniara is looking after him and, indeed I hope that she is still talking to me when I return.”

Mark thought for a moment and whistled. “Yes I think I saw her on the station before I was called to mission. Tall, black hair and green eyes, lovely…..figure great brea……”

“Mark!” Jacques exclaimed sharply then smiled, “yes that’s her.”

A proximity alarm alerted them blaring out across the deck. They both jumped and three other special ops marines entered the bridge phaser rifles present. Jacques fingers swept across the console. “Fleet emerging from the wormhole, Pirexans and seven other unknown ships.”

“Cloak holding we are undetected. Prepare to go to warp!”

A couple of minutes later they were still stationary.” Why the hell are they not moving off” Mark asked.

“Let’s try to get nearer” Jacques said. The ‘Ad Astra’ moved slowly towards the fleet.

There was a clock ticking somewhere, not a modern tick but the slow tick tock of a very old hand made grandfather clock. It had a pleasant deep sonorous sound as though it had been marking time in its own way for centuries and had no intention of ever stopping. The logs in the grate crackled satisfyingly and put out a heat that covered the small room with ease erasing the cold coming from the sound of the storm outside. A soft yellow light filtered throughout the room illuminating the book the small dark haired child dressed in her pajamas was reading, as she lay on deep cushions by the fire. A man sat on the deep carpacious couch gently stroking a beautiful woman’s feet as she moaned in pleasure. Across the door lay a huge cat like animal his green eyes showing through the brush of deep golden fur, slowly closing as his pads beat time to his dreams. The woman yawned and the man tickled her feet as she laughed.

“When does The transport get in tomorrow?” she said. The man stretched his arms and took the PADD off the small table filled with photographs , he perused it, “Etienne says about 14.00 as soon as the Academy lets out.” As the little girl heard the name she looked up, “Etienne’ s coming home, Etienne's coming home,” she sang in her childish voice. “Grace quieter.” She put a finger to her lips. “You will wake Puss and you know how grumpy he gets.” “Not when I scratch his ears Mummy?, I always scratch them when he gets cross with me.” Grace yawned. “Time to go to bed soon my love. You have to get up early if you are going to help me with the dinner. Uncle Jason and Ty promised they would try to get here but Admirals work is never done, it takes up so much of their time, plus they have the new baby, so, they might not make it this year.”

The clock chimed eight times. “ Bed for you my little bee!” The man stood swept Grace up into his arms and carried her to bed. “I will come and tuck you in later my love, and we will finish that story” the woman said.
A few moments later the man returned, She looked at him and held her hands out. “ Help pull this huge angabeast out of this couch or I will be in it all night.” She smiled. He pulled her up and she pressed her hands to her back, her size denoting an advanced pregnancy. He looked into her eyes, “Mon amour you are never so beautiful as you are right now. They kissed passionately and held each other.

The cargo bay was dark and full of blood, the darkness was total and there seemed to be no air it the volume being taken up by the stench. She knew she was being stalked by someone or something and her fear was total. ‘I should have no fear’ she told herself, I am Vulcan. She lay where she had fallen unable to move. She could see her child outside her lying still in her blood and her mind screamed.

“Starfleet I’m coming for you,” whispered a low voice. It seemed to be everywhere around her.

She tried to feel for her phaser and turn on to her back but she seemed to be help in one place. “It’s such a shame you know, you lost your baby,” she saw a soft booted foot nudging the dead child.

“When your rescue party comes they will find the two of you, together mother and child. She picked up the bloody tiny body and put it in front of her. Shoniara took it as gently as she could and held it slippy in her arms.

“No, please no! she begged as the Pirexan drew her knife and slowly cut her throat. Her blood flooded into her lungs and out onto the floor where it mixed with the blood of the baby who would never grow up. As her eyes began to dim she tried to cry out “Jacques!” He could not hear her as she died alone.

Somewhere in Shoniara’s brain a single receptor, one of billions fired and became a single neurotransmitter, several, Ionotropic receptors formed channels for ions to move through whilst the glutamate bound to them. Acetylcholine flooded her cholinergic neurons stimulated by the processes of life. The bio sensors noticed this and alarmed. Borvan looked up from the chair he sat in not having left her side since she had been delivered into his care. He looked once, and then again. “Shoniara, can you hear me, it’s Borvan” he shouted excitedly from the bottom of the biobed. He went to her side and looked at her trying to elicit medical responses. ‘Nothing damn it, nothing’ he exclaimed to himself, but there was no denying it, her brain was doing something. He tapped his communicator, ‘someone was going to be happy about this’ he smiled.

=/\= Computer please connect me to Doctor Placib Ench’ra aboard the T’Planna Hath =/\=

Dr Placib Ench’ra had woken early, as T’ghrek’s personal physician he was able to take certain liberties many of the crew could not. He hat taken his breakfast early in order to research the problems in brain chemistry with non pure Vulcans. He was well into his research when he was interrupted by the call from the Polaris. =/\= Good morning Doctor Borvan, what can I do for you?” He could see the Starfleet Doctor was animated, almost to the point of dancing about. He sighed, he could never understand the human need for excitement, surely it would have been more productive to put that energy into what they were dancing about. He himself was not full Vulcan so, he had been known to ‘crack a smile’. However he decided not to encourage the good doctor.

=/\= There is something happening within Shoniara’s brain, it seems to be trying to re route itself past the swelling that is still present. I hope you can join me as soon as possible to consult on her progress? =/\=

=/\= it would be satisfactory to join you but I have to ask your Captains permission, he did not answer that particular question when the Ambassador spoke to him yesterday. In fact I believe relations were distinctly …frosty. Leave it with me Doctor. =/\=

=/\= Thank you Doctor Ench’ra, I will await your arrival, Pirek out =/\=

At that moment T’ghrek was also involved in conversations of his own. He had been surprised at the scale of the Captain’s attack on him. As Shoniara’s next of kin he had thought that him visiting her would be accepted as normal, but that had not been the situation. He had already spoken to Ensa Jaro the Federation President an old friend from fifty years ago. He had sympathized with him but had told him there was very little he could do. The Captain was the absolute head of his Starship and what he said went. The next call he had made had been more productive. The Head Of Starfleet, Admiral Brett Gillis was also an old friend having conducted several non productive interventions with the Sobrarans that The Vulcan Ambassador had helped him with. He had been surprised when he had been contacted about the situation between the Vulcan and the Captain of the Polaris. He had sighed and advised T’ghrek that he would place a personal call to Captain Laque. Hence that was why he tried to make the connection to Tyzon.

Beta shift was just about to end after a quiet night mostly spent in the continuation of helping the station return to normal. The bridge crew was just about to change to Alpha shift when the communication came through. =/\= USS Polaris this is Starfleet headquarters, we have a request for a personal call from Admiral Gillis for Captain Laque =/\=

Ensign LaHoya jumped to and put the request through to the Captains quarters. =/\= Captain this is the bridge, we have a communication for you from Admiral Gillis at Starfleet Headquarters =/\= she said.

Tyzon and Jason were resting peacefully dreaming dreams that a pair of lovers should be, nestled in each of others arms, when a communication came from the bridge communications officer came over the ship wide comm. Both Tyzon and Jason were shirtless and sat up right way.

=/\= I'll take it on my desk. Thank you. Ens. LaHoya=/\=

"Jameson, It is good to see you. Patricia? How is she?" Tyzon asked

"She is good thanks for asking." Admiral Gills said

“ Tyzon, good to speak to you how are you AND Jason? Next time you are in San Francisco we must get together.”

"We are good thank you Admiral. Did Patricia get the roses I ordered for her birthday?" Jason asked

"Yes, she did. I do have a message for her favorite adopted nephew. Auntie Pat wanted to say Love the birthday roses. Can't wait to pinch your rosey cheeks. Love Auntie Pat." Jameson said.

Jason gushed.

" Now, I had a very unsettling call this afternoon. I have had a call from Ambassador T’ghrek of Vulcan following a talk the two of you had yesterday. For a Vulcan he was in a steaming mood. I believe your CMO was badly injured and he was concerned that as a senior member of staff she should have had an escort whilst in the situation she was in. As you know Starfleet regulations state that medical officers should have security cover whilst involved in off vessel operations. What happened Ty?”

"Jameson, I know that you did. Advanced telepath remember? LIke I said, to our friend the Ambassador, Dr. Dex was making a routine sweep of the station after the Pirexians left. Security on the station had already cleared the cargo bay, and found no-one, however I think they over looked something. Now they were doing a manual security sweep with flashlights, becuase the electricity was out in that part of the station. So Dr. Dex, got word that everything was a green light and transported herself back to the station and began her sweep. She was being monitored by Station Security all the time, until she reached that part of the station and that is where they lost visual on her. Everything was going according to procedure, Dr. Dex was attacked. This was not my fault and I will not be held responsible. This is the stations fault.

“Ty no one is looking to make you responsible for anything, I know that the decisions you take are always carefully considered. I am just asking that you take things easy with the Ambassador. He can command the Vulcan fleet which we may need, things are not going well with several members of the Federation. It looks like the Cardassians are mobilizing for something and the Klingons are strengthening their outposts. To be honest we need all the allies we can get Ty. Welcome him aboard the Polaris to see his sister anytime. You know everything with our Vulcan friends are black or white, no grey at all. She is his sister after all. How is your CMO Ty?

"Jameson, I know what I did was right.
I was aboard the Station and if I knew before hand he was coming, I would of acted a lot differently. To answer your question about Dr. Dex, I am absolutely beside myself with worry. Even with Jason here, I am not able rest. That life inside her. That baby. It needs a chance to survive. Jason and I have been entrusted that if something was to happen Shoniara or Colonel Jaques that we are to take over and raise that baby. What do I know about raising a baby? Of course Admiral. I will make sure that the Ambassador is welcome on this ship. That is your order and it shall be done. Actually, the Ambassador invited myself and my senior staff to dinner aboard his ship later on this evening. I think we are going to change venues. I will host the dinner instead. I have been wanting to try one my new dress uniform anyways. Now I have the right time and place to do it." Ty said

“Ty please make the Ambassador welcome on your ship even if it is only in sickbay. Maybe the four of you can work together to bring your doctor back. Look forward to seeing you when you get back to Earth. Gillis out.”.

RUNABOUT ‘AD ASTRA’ cloak and stealth protected
Pirexan space.

“Get closer if you can? ‘J’ ” The runabout was under the belly of the lead ship which was apparently Pirexan. It was certainly an older vessel which, if the weapons damage was to be believed had been in many battle situations. It was fairly small and Jacques had estimated that they could only carry a crew of about eighty. There had not been much comm traffic between the ships of the fleet but Mark had ensured that the Ad Astra was able to listen covertly to and record for later any communications that occurred. Two of the other ships were Breen, little new to be learnt from them apart from a new weapon that was capable of firing particle dense boranite. This could be used to confuse targeting scanners on Starfleet vessels and the mission had managed to obtain full information on the design. The other vessels were harder to place, one had the formation of a Gorn ship but had been altered by another unknown technology. This ship looked ultimately more dangerous. Armed to the teeth with hardware that the runabout was currently downloading information about.

“I think this little mission of ours is turning out to be very productive” Mark said “The durainium on these hulls has been significantly depleted in some places. What do you think?” He waited for his partner. “Hey, runabout to Theriault” he said.

“Mmm, what…oh yes I agree, if we were to concentrate fire on that area then..”

“What’s the matter Jacques, ever since we came on this mission you have been distracted. Is there anything I can do?”

“No Mark, it’s just I can’t concentrate, I’m thinking about her all the time, what she’s doing, who she’s talking to, is she in danger? “

“Oh boy do you have it bad soldier!” Mark exclaimed. “Look Theriault it doesn’t look like this fleet is going to go to warp anytime soon, that makes us lucky, let’s get the Info and get back to the ship.” He slapped him on the back. “Remember DEATH OR GLORY.” Jacques smiled. “DEATH OR GLORY.”

Marina Kerrigan had enjoyed the longest sonic shower she had ever taken and wondered how looking after Etienne would impact her love life. She had just been getting to know Lukasha Pierce a very attractive Lieutenant in the engineering department. She smiled to herself as she thought of their bodies mingling on the very bed she was sitting on. If she tried hard enough she could still smell the sweet fresh perfume of her. But, she loved Theriault and by default Etienne and by even more default Shoniara Dex. She had seen their relationship grow and blossom and she knew how much they loved each other. Now, they did not even know if she would live or what would happen when he returned. She knew he would he always did and if she had died she didn’t know how he would ever recover. Her door chimed and she dressed quickly. “Just a minute Etienne.” She called. A few minutes later she opened her door and he ran in and grasped her round the waist snuggling into her.

“Can we go and see Shoniara, please Marina, she might be getting better?” She smiled at him.

“Have you finished your home work and is Duke fed?” She asked as he nodded his head. “okay but we can’t stay long.” He put his hand in hers and they left for sickbay.


Dr Ench’ra was surprised to hear that Shoniara’s brain seemed to be trying to reconnect on its own. ‘Maybe it was something to do with the fact that she had a human half?’ He wondered. “Doctor Pirek was Cardassian and that had surprised him, he had not known that Starfleet had a Cardassian Doctor let alone one out here. ‘Pirek however was an excellent doctor willing to look at anything that might help.’ He entered sickbay to see Pirek with a cortical stimulator.

“Dr Ench’ra, thank you for coming so quickly. Her neurons are replacing themselves exponentially. Her body is beginning to perfuse on its own as her heart is now trying to beat on its own.”

“Has she responded to the cortical stimulation at all?”

“No,” said Borvan. “But I have only had it up to 60 kgh, the highest I have used it on a human was 90kgh.”

“Doctor you must remember she is half Vulcan and it is that part of her brain which we have to reach. I brought the experimental drug I discussed with you yesterday. Ventanadiyak, It is injected directly into the neo cortex at the same time as the cortical stimulation is used but at 200kgh. That should be enough to get those neurons and vibrions expanding at a greater rate. Shall we try?”

Pirek was just about to say yes when he remembered that Shoniara was a Commander in Starfleet and Chief Medical Officer of a Starship. Maybe he should get the Captains take on it. Although as her physician he was able to use what he thought to help her but he was confused. He had heard of this new drug and that it contained borg nanoprobes. He really wanted to research it more but he was caught up in the hope that it would help his patient survive. He decided. “Dr Ench’ra I need to check with my Captain. Not to get his permission but because this contains Borg nanoprobes he might want to a know more about the procedure.”

Ench’ra nodded, “I felt sure that you would. Would you like me to leave or..”

“No, no,I will try to contact him now. He tapped his combadge =/\= Dr Pirek to Captain Laque =/\=

Again Tyzon woke up, because of his commbadge. "Can I please just get a few hours rest?" Tyzon thought. "A Good captain is a rested Captain"

"Ty....Come back to bed. I'm cold." Jason said moaning

"I will be right there my Imzadi. I just need to answer sickbay. " Ty said

=/\= Laque here Dr. Borvan. How can I help you?=/\=

=/\= Captain Dr Ench’ra is here with a new treatment we wish to try on Shoniara. She appears to be growing new neurons herself but not in great quantities, if she does not those she has begun to produce will start to die in a few days. This new drug contains Borg nanoprobes that are supposed to find the viable neurons and transmit a code to replicate those only. I am informing you of this before I go ahead.=/\=

=/\= Dr. Dex and that baby are in your skillful hands. Make me proud Pirek. Now I need to back to sleep. I will be down first thing in the morning. Laque out =/\=

Borvan looked at Ench’ra. “Well you heard the Captain. Dex is in your hands.” His voice trembled a little and he held her hand for a few seconds. “We’re still here Shoniara!”

Ench’ra produced the nanoprobes from his case. “These need to be inserted at the base of her brain to give them the best chance. I have to tell you that I am not sure what response we will get as she is a hybrid.” Borvan nodded. “Ench’ra began the infusion, “it should only take a few minutes to know if we are getting a response. “ The infusion finished they waited. All was quiet for several minutes them a small bio alarm began to sound gradually becoming louder and more strident. Dex suddenly began to seize violently.

3ccs of midazolol Borvan, let’s get this under control.” Pirek did as he was asked, the Vulcan physician was so quiet and he did not seem to react to the emergency. He admired his calm and then remembered he was full Vulcan. Dex came out of the seizure and they waited. “

Meanwhile in another part of the ship.

Tyzon woke up with a start. He felt around in the darkness and his hand landed on something or someone sharing his bed. "I wonder who could this be?" He asked himself. In the back of his mind he knew who it was, so he placed a soft kiss on the forehead of the person that was sleeping next to him. Jason stirred and his eyes fluttered open and he gazed at his lover.

"I'm sorry Jason, I did not mean to wake you up. I forgot that you were there." Tyzon said

"It's alright. I'm not used to sharing a bed either. It's been years since we have done this." Jason said

Jason was right, not since their time at the academy that have shared a bed. For four years, Jason and Tyzon slept together in the same dorm room. But their Senir Grade year they grew accustomed to waking up next to each other, getting ready for class together, sharing meals with each other, basically living in each other back pockets. Then when they got their assignments they had to say good-bye to their accustomed living arrangement.

Tyzon placed another kiss on Jason's lips. "MMMM even with morning breath you taste yummy." Ty said.

"Why thank you kind sir." Jason replyed

Yes, Jason and Tyzon was undressed, yes they were wrapped in each others arms, but that is all they did was sleep. They were too exhausted from the events of the past few days to even think about "making up for lost time".

"So Ty, are we going to sickbay this morning?" Jason asked

"Yes, I need to check on the progress that the Dr Borwan and the Vulcan Dr. are making with Shoniara." Ty said

So Ty got up and put his bare feet ont he warm carpeted floor. He stood up and stretched his long limbs.

"Damn Ty, I have forgotten how sexy you look without that blasted uniform." Jason said

"Well you get to enjoy the view again, becuase you will not be going anywhere. Starfleet Intelligence will have to come here personally and drag you away from me, becuase I am not letting you go without a fight." Ty said

"You still know how to get a "rise" out of me." Jason said

"Well if we had more time, I would take you right here and right now, but we need to get showered and dressed and down to sickbay." Ty said

"No time for coffee?" Jason asked

"You can use the replicator for instant coffee." Ty answered

"Well, I guess I'll have to miss a freshly brewed the old-fashioned pot." Jason said.

"What did they not have replicators on that Apollo?" Ty asked

"Well yes, but every morning, my former captain and I would go to the ships 10 forward, before it opened and make fresh pot." Jason said.

"That reminds me. There was notation on your record, I have been wanting to ask you about." Ty said

"I knew this was coming." Jason said looking like the cat eat the canary.

"It said that you were about to be promoted, but you transferred to Sigma Station to help run things there before transferring here." Ty said

"Oh that, I thought you were going to talk about the other notation." Jason said

"What other notation?" Ty questioned

"Well there was an incident on the Apollo. A certain Ensign was trying to get to close to me, if you know what I mean, and well I had to shut him down." Jason said

"That was not on your record." Ty said

"Oh good, it got deleted." Jason said

"What happened?" Ty asked

"Well, I was talking a walk on the observation deck and well that Ensign was getting all stalkerish. He followed me and he cornered me in back of the deck. I could not get away from him, and well he tried to force himself on me." Jason said and almost broke into tears.

Tyzon, still naked walked around to Jason's side of the bed and he placed his hands into the hands of his lover. "Whatever happened there won't happen here. The crew knew you were coming. Even some of the crew that are just like us have told me that you were off limits. So there is nothing that you need to worry about. Whatever you had to do to get that Ensign off of you, you had to do it." Ty said

"Well you didn't let me finish Ty. We got into a fist fight and well I knocked him out. I tried to call for Security, but the Ensign ripped my communicator off my uniform and well I knocked the Ensign out. I made a formal complaint against him and well once he patched up from sickbay, he ordered Security to throw that Ensign in the brig. Well we were running out of room in the brig, becuase the Apollo was being used for as a criminal transport and well we had to give him a cell mate. That Ensign died in that cell. I made the entry in on my own record of the events, but I guess that Star Fleet Intelligence wiped it clean." Jason said

"Jason, this is not the Apollo. You are safe here. I am sorry that happened, but that will not happen here. I am here to protect you. You share my bed and my heart and nothing is every going to change that." Ty said

"You don't of me any different?' Jason asked

"Why should I Jason. I love you with every fiber of my being." Ty said lovingly

"I guess that we need to get dressed. Shower with me?" Jason asked

"I will be there in just a moment, I need to send a subspace message real quick." Ty said

"Ok love don't be long." Jason said

Jason got up out of bed and walked over to the very large sonic shower. Ty went over to his desk and sent his subspace message. Now that Jason was out of ear shot Tyzon spoke his message.

To: Admiral Pintash- CO of Star Fleet Intelligence
From: Tyzon Laque- CO if the USS Polaris

Admiral Pintash,
This is concerning the transfer of Commander Jason Teron to my command on the USS Polaris. I have overviewed his record and I see that he was about to be promoted before the skirmish of Sigma Station. I am sure that event has reached your ears by now. I am sure that his promotion was overlooked because of the skirmish, but it is over now and I would like to take the liberty of promoting him myself. I am in need of an Executive Officer and I am sure that Jason fits the bill. I am not saying this, because he is my Imzadi, I am saying this as his Captain.

Jason also informed me that there was an event that he entered in to his record about a certain Ensign that tried to force himself upon him and that certain Ensign died in the brig, because he was killed in the cell by his cellmate. I see that entry has been cleared. Jason is happy about it. Thank you so much for clearing that. I will be awaiting word about his promotion so we can get him installed as soon as possible.


Tyzon Rodrick Laque
Captain-USS Polaris

Tyzon hit submit on his desk console and the message was sent. Tyzon then got up and padded over the to sonic shower where Jason was just finishing washing is golden blond hair.

"Is there room for me in there?" Ty asked

"But of course." Jason said in a French accent

Tyzon got into the shower and wrapped his big arms around his Imzadi.

"So what was the message about?" Jason asked

"Can't tell you. Confidential." Ty said

Jason pouted his full kissable lips. "Aww please?" Jason begged

"Sorry Jas... I can't... Somethings are confidential for a reason, but I can tell you is that all will be revealed when the time right." Ty said

"Well the Captain knows best." Jason said

The pair of lovers switched positions and Ty began cleaning himself. He whistled a tune from a very old Betazoid folk song, that his father taught him, when he was young.

"That was a beautiful tune Ty, where did it come from? Jason asked

"That is called the Ring Barer. The lyrics explain why we use the saying "By the Rings of Betazet. It talks about the first ever Betazoid and how and why we were created." Ty said

"You will have to sign it for me sometime Ty." Jason said

"Sometime, I just might. It is mainly used at birthing rights and sometimes funerals. It helps those that have passed on, return to the force that created us." Ty said

"Well its pretty none the less." Jason said

"Well I'm done. Let's get out of here and get dressed. We will grab breakfast on our way to Sickbay." Ty said

The happy pair of lovers got out of the shower and got dressed in their uniforms and left their shared quarters. As they walked, they talked about what it felt like to serve in the Federation bonded yet separated. Both of them shared the same loneliness and isolation, but with the communication that they shared, they knew that they were never really alone.

As they reached their destination of Sickbay, Tyzon paused and looked Jason. "Jas..... Shoniara was badly hurt in the fight in cargo bay, I know you saw that, but there is an experiment going on with Borg technology that I want you to be prepared for. Nothing big, just a transfusion of Borg nanoprobes to help Shoniara heal properly. So are you ready?" Ty asked his lover

"As ready as I'll ever be." Jason said

So the pair walked in to Sickbay and found Dr. Pirek and the Vulcan Dr. busy at work.

"Dr. Pirek? How is the patient?" Tyzon asked

Borvan turned in surprise to see the Captain and Commander Taron standing there. He noted how refreshed Captain Laque looked and smiled. “Captain, Commander” he nodded. “I would like to introduce Doctor Placib Ench’ra. We placed the Borg nanites in Shoniara’s brain two hours ago. She had a bad reaction to the introduction of them but has been quiet ever since. Too quiet really, we expected something to happen but…nothing. Her brain activity has reduced itself to near zero once again. To be honest if this does not work we do not have much more to offer.” He walked round to the top of the biobed checking the sensors. “Captain, if she wasn’t with child I would suggest we put her in transport stasis and send her to Starfleet medical. I feel quite out of my depth here but Grace is fine as you can see,” he pointed to the sensor that showed a very small child almost unrecognizable as such yet, but, she was moving softly deep within Her mother.

“Captain Laque, I would suggest that we move The Ambassador’s sister to our ship where we can monitor the nanites more deeply, there may be more we could do with our invasive procedures?”

Commander Taron had wandered over to Shoniara and he held her hand gently. Suddenly as the sensors began to alarm she grabbed his hand in a grip of iron and sat upright. She opened her eyes and looked at Jason, still holding his hand in her grip her lips moving soundlessly. Borvan waved his hands in front of her seemingly sightless eyes noting they were their sometimes unusual silver colour. She tried to swing her legs off the bed but was unable to move as they were still in healing stasis. “WE MOVE FORWARD” she said in a voice not her own.”

Ench’ra was now monitoring her brain function, “Her neurons are firing at an exponential rate, the nanites seem to be working, he raised an eyebrow. “This cannot be” he said. “Dr Pirek the nanites are replicating at the same time as the neurons, they are deneucleated, nothing of the Borg remains.” He looked mystified. “I suggest we sedate her?”

Pirek loaded a hypo pressed it to her neck and helped her back down to a lying position as she finally released Commander Taron’s hand.

"Well that was at least something of a reaction." Jason said

"A reaction is a reaction none the less Jason, but looks like the nanobots are doing their thing." Ty said

The light was so bright she had to shade her eyes although it did little good as she could still not see anything. There seemed to be something moving in the light, dark figures that mumbled as they milled about seemingly without destination. After a few minutes the voices became more understandable and she seemed to want to belong with them. “We move forward, never back, we are one, we live.” She moved in step with them, became one with them, “we live” she said.

The door to sickbay opened to reveal Ambassador T’ghrek his bodyguard remaining outside. “He nodded. Captain I ask your permission to see my sister.” He looked at them noting their looks “What has happened, is Shoniara okay?” He asked.

"Ambassador, Please do come in. Actually, I am glad that you are here. The nanites are working, but something might of gone wrong. There was a reaction that the Doctor's were not expecting. It's like the nanites were talking to us through Shoniara." Ty said

"You told me this was safe! Enchr'a!" The Ambassador exclaimed angrily. Well as angry as a Vulcan can get.

"I am sorry Ambassador, this reaction was not forecasted. We had to sedate her. She was not in her right mind, but if you look at the monitor, the nanites are repairing the damage to her brain. This will take time." Dr. Ench'ra said

"Ambassador, there is something I wanted to talk to about. It was my reaction to you being on board without permission. That was callous of me. If I had known that bringing up the Accords was such a sore spot for you, I would not of done it. Please accept my humble apologizes." Ty said

"Apology accepted. I was out of line myself." The Vulcan Ambassador said

"In return, I would like to transport Shoniara over to your ship, so she can be with the people that she loves the most. We are here ship family and we lover her dearly. but you are her "Family" and if she expires, I would like it to be among the people that she holds most dear to her heart." Ty said

"That was very kind of you Captain." The Ambassador said

"Can she handle beaming over. Or do we do this medical transport?" Jason asked both Doctors.

Pirek and Ench’ra almost spoke in unison .”it would be very unwise to move her currently. We are monitoring the nanites which have discovered the child and are entering the placenta. This has never been reported before, since this ingress, the fetus, child, Grace has grown by six weeks when she should only be at twelve weeks gestation she is now at eighteen weeks If we extrapolate the growth rate and, it stays the same she will be born in four months instead of the current eight to nine.” Pirek shook his head. “This is incredible.”

T’ghrek actually looked stunned, but what about Shoniara?”

Ench’ra spoke. “Sir she does seem to be recovering slowly, her brain functions are improving exponentially. We just need her to wake up and be herself. We will watch her and monitor her and Grace around the clock.”

“I would like to try the Val-T-ra ritual Ench’ra. Would that hurt the child?”

Jason spoke up. "Excuse me Ambassador, I do not mean to speak out of turn, but may I ask you a question? What is the Val-T-ra? I studied Vulcan rituals and rites at the Academy, but that was never mentioned in the texts."

T’ghrek turned and looked at Jason. “Of course Commander. The Val-T-ra ritual is a particular one to the House of Okann, it has been one of our most sacred rituals for over a thousand years. It is used to renew the Katra of someone who has had traumatic brain injury. It transfers brain activity from one to the other to help heal. It is dangerous to the giver but of infinite help to the recipient.

Ench’ra almost shrugged in answer to the Ambassador’s question. “That is unknown sir.”

T’ghrek looked at Captain Laque. “I would like to try the ritual tonight Captain with your permission? I apologize that I will have to cancel the dinner we were preparing for you. As Empathic Betazoids you could help with the ritual. It would at least let us know if she is on her way back to us. My sister is a fighter Captain , I only wish Grace’s father was here. The ritual does have an element of danger as it delves deep into her mind, which at the moment will be very fragile.

"Ambassador, our holodeck is your holodeck tonight. Just tell the computer, actually.... Polly image."

Polly, the ships A.I. manifested herself into physical form.

"How may I be of service Captain?" Polly asked

"Polly, this is Ambassador T'ghrek. He needs to perform a special ritual. Can you program his instructions into the holodeck computer?" Ty asked Polly

"I most certain will be able to do that for the Ambassador." Polly said

Polly turned to the Ambassador and gave the required greeting the Ambassador.

"Live Long and Prosper Ambassador T'grek. How can I be of service to you?" Polly asked

Ty turned to the Ambassador, "Please give your instructions to Polly, she is the brains of the ship can do most things. Even if you speak in Vulcan, she will be able to carry your instructions out. Oh and to answer your question. Shoniara is great friend and valued member of my crew, we would be lost without her. Jason and I will be do anything to bring her back to us. So you tell us what to do, we will be right there. I will just need to turn over command of the ship to my acting First Officer."

Ty pressed his commbadge. =/\= Lt. Commander Leo Pard. This is Captain Laque speaking May I have a word?=/\=

=/\= Commander Leo Pard here sir how may I help you?" =/\=

=/\= I know that you just finished command school, but I will need to activate your Acting First Officer status right away. Command Teron and I are detained at that moment and will not be able to resume command for sometime. We will be still on the ship, but we are needed to help save the life of the good Dr. Dexs' and her daughter, Graces' life. =/\=

=/\= Understood Captain. Acting First Officer status activated. Will be reporting to the bridge and asumming command until your return. =/\=

=/\= Very good Commnder. Laque out=/\=

Ty turned back to the Ambassador and Jason. " We are all yours Ambassador."

We will need to transfer my sister to the holodeck if that can be done safely?” He looked at Pirek and Ench’ra. Pirek nodded. “Yes Ambassador we can recreate what we need here in sickbay.” T’ghrek nodded, “thank you. Also thank you Captain for putting yourself forward to help Shoniara, I realise how much you think of her and Grace.” He looked at Polly. “Polly at 18.00 hours please equip your holodeck with the central room in the D’pAna Monastery on Vulcan. I will need the light of 1000 G-an’Ch-a candles and a table large enough for myself to lay on next to my sister. Ench’ra you will be in charge once my Katra has been transferred to Shoniara.” He turned to the Captain. “If this works Captain Shoniara will be well on her way back to us.” He bowed.

RUNABOUT ‘AD ASTRA’ stealth and cloak protected
Pirexan space.

“Mark take a look at this,” Theriault exclaimed. “I’ve just intercepted a message from the Pirexan ship to the Breen ship. It looks like there is a Pirexan agent aboard the Polaris, there is talk of sabotage and bringing the Polaris through the wormhole. We have to warn them.


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