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[Ep3] Attack on Sigma Station

Posted on Sat Sep 25th, 2021 @ 12:15pm by Lieutenant Borvan Pirek MD & Captain Tyzon Laque & Admiral Taka Sito & Commander Jason Taron
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Mission: Episode 3: The Night The Light Went Out at Sigma Station
Location: Sigma Station(Delta Quadrant)
Timeline: Current

Ty appeared on the battle bridge with the officers and LT. Chase.

Ty spoke to the Lt. Chase. "Ok Zack, get your fighters together. You are going to be space support. The officers here and I will take care of the rest. Make me proud. "

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Ty pressed his combadge =/\= Colonel Theriault how is Dr. Dex?"=/\=

=/\= Captain, Shoniara Is awake but is very confused she does not know me where or who she is. She is talking in Vulcan, the universal translator is having difficulty keeping up with her as apparently it is a very old dialect. They have also had to restrain her as she is quite intent on leaving sickbay.=/\= he could not keep the worry out of his voice, but he smiled a little at her struggle. ‘That’s mon amour’ he though, ‘ if anything happened to her’. He could not loose her.

=/\= Good make sure that she is fit for duty. Is Dr. Borvan with you?"=/\=

=/\= Yes sir he has been helping with Shoniara =/\

=/\= He will be acting CMO until Dr. Dex is back on her feet. =/\=

=/\= Captain this is Dr Pirek, I heard your order. You will not be disappointed in me =/\=

One of the ensigns reported in, "Battle Bridge is up and running."

"Thank you ensign." Ty said

=/\= Oh and one more thing. Get dressed for the your away mission Colonel. Engineering officers and needed personnel will meet you in Transporter room 3. I will be joining you very soon.=/\=

Jacques was torn between wanting to stay with his love, but he knew his duty. He kissed her and was upset at the empty unknowing look in her eyes. He put his hand on Pirek’s shoulder. Look after her and the baby Borvan ?”. Pirek just nodded his head once.With one more look he turned and left sickbay heading for transporter room 3. On his way he contacted Marina and was happy to hear she had the security team armed and ready. ‘Shoniara’s new medkits will be getting use’. He thought.

He pressed his combade again. =/\= Lt. Chase are you ready for launch? =/\=

“Yes Captain. Heading to flight ops then hanger deck.” Zach rushes to the turbo lift. “Flight Ops please.” He
touched his com badge. “Lt Chase to Polly. Meet me in flight ops. Out”

=/\= Very good Lt. You see, I knew you had it in you. =/\=

=/\= Your job is ward off any incoming ships. If it is not Federation, shoot to disable, not to destroy. Lauch Peregine and Raptor Fighters now. =/\=

Zach exited the turbo lift at flight ops. “Hello Polly. The Captain will be down shortly and will fly Dragon 1 and he will take high cover. I will be in Eagle 1 and will take low cover. You will remotely control Hawk, Falcon, Condor and Vulture flights remotely. If we encounter any ships that are not Federation, we engage and disable if possible. Understood. Flight Ops call sign is Home Plate. Flight Ops is yours Polly.”

Zach departed for the flight deck. He entered a flight deck full of hustle and bustle. He went to his fighter. “Everything ready to go chief? Good. Make sure the rest are ready to go. We are launching everything. Once we launch, have everything ready for a quick refuel and rearm. Don’t know how many sorties we will be making.”

Zach climbed into his fighter. He ran a quick startup checklist. He powered up Eagle 1, checked the systems.
He signaled the chief that he was ready to launch.

“Home Plate, Eagle 1. Comm check. Roger loud and clear. Ready to launch. Launch fighters when your ready. Launching.”

Zach launched his fighter and took up a position below the Polaris.


Ty closed his eyes. He was still linked to Shoniara. "Shoniara, it's me Tyzon. I'm here to help. Listen to my voice. Follow my voice. We need you Shoniara, come back to us. I know you can hear me. Find your way back to us."

Shoniara was awake fighting against her restraints, breathing heavily and sweating, all she could see from the Koliarhu monastery window was the desolate Plateau of Tai-lain in the province of Gol. This was where she was to become an acolyte of the High Master. Here she was to be cleansed of all her emotions in the final ritual of Kolinahr. The ceremony itself followed a ten day period of leave taking where the acolyte was allowed to leave the monastery and meet with as many of his lifetime friends as were possibly in order to bring closure to their memories. After which, the acolyte traveled alone into the desert where they carried only the robe on her back and a waterskin as they entered a deep meditative trance. In this state, they began casting out all the remaining emotions they had into the surrounding sands. She stopped struggling “ You are a Cardassian pig, you desecrate this holy site.” She spat at him. Borvan wiped his face. He had no doubt if she had not been restrained she would attempt to kill him. He leant over her.

“Shoniara your mind has been taken over by your meditation. You are a Chief Medical Officer aboard the Starfleet Vessel USS Washington. You performed a mind meld with Jacques Theriault to try and contact Sigma space Station, the Captain’s Imzadi and your Bond Brother T’ghrek.” She looked away. “You lie Cardassian.” Inside her mind she saw a large Sehlat padding up to her she struggled but somehow she knew it would not hurt her. He looked into her eyes and she could not look away. “Jacques, come back to bed?” She saw a tall, muscular handsome man that she knew was hers. Emotions of love and lust filled her and she cried out. “Emotions are to be cleansed in order to take the ritual.” She said in a clear level voice devoid of emotion and looked away from Pirek. The medical monitors over her bio bed alarmed. The EMH behind Pirek stated, “her seratonin and isoboromine levels are off the scale. Her blood pressure is too high. We have to sedate her and try Rivastinamine. We really need a Kolinar Master to meld with her and bring her out.” Pirek looked at him “Really Doctor and just tell me where will we find one of those currently?” He instantly regretted his sarcastic tone and loaded the hypo with 8ccs of the drug Shoniara had suggested to use if anything went wrong after the meld. “Rest Shoniara.” He pressed the hypo to her neck and she fell back onto the bed and slept.

Inside her mind it was quiet like an early morning summers day after rain. The air smelled sweet and pure and the breeze cooling on her face and body as she stepped from the ocean, ‘just like my home on Riasa’ she thought. Sometimes a beautiful golden haired little girl would come up to her and lay her head on her chest and call her mummy. This quieted her mind. A man was standing a way off so far she could hardly see him but she knew he made her laugh and that she loved him. A authoritative yet kind voice kept whispering “Shoniara, it’s me Tyzon. I’m here to help. Listen to my voice, follow my voice, we need you Shoniara come back to us. I know you can hear me. Find your way back to us.’ She knew that voice as well but from where she did not know. ‘Tyzon help me find my way home I am lost?’ She stood in a blue Starfleet uniform her hair swept up the tips of her Vulcan ears showing proudly. She knew she looked beautiful and felt strong, there was somewhere she had to find her way back to, somewhere she belonged in this uniform.

The pictures faded into a small room filled with scents of herbs. A tall Vulcan man in flowing robes sat in front of her and lit a small lamp that produced a blue flame. It was beautiful. She leaned forward as he held his fingers to her face. ‘Shoniara it is me T’ghrek, let me help you home my sister.” He closed his eyes “my mind to your mind, my thoughts to your thoughts…….” She slipped into the meld slowly. She saw a long passageway, dark at first but with light at the end. T’ghrek held her hand as he led her forward. Through the darkness she could see the people of her past. Her parents so proud of her. Her grandfather brown skinned for a lifetime in the sun in his Sioux clothing. Mark her beloved husband held out his hand and pushed her forward. “Go into the light my love, be happy.” Shea wanted to turn round to embrace him but T’ghrek led her on. As they began to approach the light the little golden haired child appeared. They stopped and Shoniara bent down, this was her child, her Shasta whole and beautiful as in the best of times they had had. Shasta put her arms round her mother’s neck and kissed her cheek. “I love you mummy and I always will. Look forward not backward, love Etienne and Colonel Theriault and my new sister. We will meet again Surak assures it The moment was gone and Shoniara no longer felt alone, she knew who she was and where she should be. The Washington awaited her. They passed into the light and she was free.

She opened her eyes slowly and saw Pirek and the EMH in conversation. “Borvan” she whispered her throat parched. They turned surprised. “It’s me Shoniara T’ghann Dex, I am home….please release these restraints and get me a Dela leaf tea?” They smiled. “Where have you been Shoniara?” Borvan inquired. “In a wonderful place of healing.” Restraints released she sipped her tea.

Half an hour later side arm in place and medkit in hand she was ready to follow Captain Lacque on to the Station. “You have sickbay Borvan. keep an open channel.” She looked at the worry in his face, so at odds with his Cardassian visage. We will get through this, just do your job, save lives, treat the dead with respect and remain yourself. I will stay in contact.” You have the EMH don’t forget he can go most places on the ship and can triage. Remember our plan.” She put her hand on his arm and then was gone. She touched her communicator. =/\=Dex to Captain Lacque, please give me your location. I am ready to join you?=/\=

Captain Laque was on the Battle Bridge with the rest of the battle bridge crew when Dr. Dex's voice came over the commbadge.

=/\= Dex to Captain Laque, please give me your location. I am ready to join you.=/\=

=/\= Dr. Dex good to hear you up and about. I am just leaving the Battle Bridge. Now on my way to the Fighter bay. If this enemy wants a fight we are going to give them one. Go to Transport 3 and you and Colonel will take over rescue efforts. Get many as you can out. Use the site for site transports if needed for injured. Remember find Jason and bring him home safe, as well as you bond brother and Admiral Sito. No StarFleet or civilian left behind. If you need me I will be in Dragon 1. Keep this com open for communications only. Good luck Commonder. Laque out =/\=

"Sir, Your orders?" LT. Commander P'Vek asked.

Ty shook his head. "Oh right orders. Lt. you are my acting 2nd officer. Treat her with care. I leave her in your hands. As soon as I am clear, your job is to help with the evac procedures. But listen and listen closely. If you have to fire, fire to disable only. Do not destroy. I have sent word to the Klingon High Command and well as the Romulan Empire and they are too far away to get to us, but they have launched several ships. Remember fire to disable only."

"Aye Aye Captain." P'Vek said

"Good luck folks. Remember you are trained for this. Work as a team and we will come out on top." Ty said

He pressed his commbadge.

=/\= Lt. Chase. I am on the way the to the launch bay. Remember shoot to disable only , not to destroy. Laque out. =/\=

Ty reached the fighter bay. The bay chief turned around and snapped to attention.

"There is no need for that Chief. Stand at rest." Ty said

"Aye Aye Sir." The bay chief said.

"Is Dragon 1 ready?" Ty asked

"Yes sir. Are you sure you should be going out there?" The chief asked

Ty snapped his head around. "An NCO questioning his superiors orders? That is absurd, but I will over look it." He thought.

"Chief? Do your self a favor. When Lt. Chase and I return back, and we will return back. You will report to him when he is ready for a debrief on how you should not question a superiors orders. Do I make myself clear? If I was any other Captain, I would have you stripped of your rank and set you on mess duty for the rest of your career." Ty said.

"My apologizes sir." The bay chief said

"Apologizes accepted, but you will report to him. This will not go on your record." Ty said

"Thank you sir." The by chief said as Ty climbed in his fighter's cockpit.

"Dragon is ready for launch. All systems go." Ty said

"Launch when ready." Came the voice over the com link.

"Dragon has left the cave." Was the last words Ty spoke in the control team as the his fighter launched out of the bay.

Ty caught sight of Eagle and flew right to him.

"Lt. Chase, I am right here. How are you doing?"

“All quiet for the moment sir. Nothing on radar.

"Good. So here's the plan. I will take high cover. My fighter is much more equipped to handle any big ships that come our way. You just keep the the smaller ones off my tail. As soon as we get cleared, I will need to land and help with evac on the station. I will send Dragon back up on remote and Polly will take control."

“Eagle 1 copies. Dragon 1 has the lead. Eagle 1 will be behind and below left.”

As Captain Laque was briefing Lt. Chase, out of the worm hole came a fleet of unknown ships. Ships of all sizes.

"Lt. Chase, we are being checked. Arm plasma rays only. "

“Home plate this is Eagle 1. Arm plasma rays only. Remember, disable not destroy.”

A small bunch of fighters that were acting as an escort to one of the much larger ships broke away and started to fly right for Dragon and Eagle.

"Eagle 1. Here they come. Remember fire to disable only."

“Yes sir, disable only. I just hope that they have the same orders sir”, Zach said with a chuckle.

"Break formation. You have the left flank and I have the right. "

“Roger. Eagle 1 has left flank.”

Meanwhile on the station rescue and repair efforts are already begun.

Shoniara and Jacques stood on the transporter. In the corridor they had held hands and kissed but said nothing. There really wasn’t nothing, yet everything to say. They had their jobs to do but at that moment she wished they were all far away. She looked at Jacques and then back The Chief. She nodded took out the phaser from its holster and set it to stun. “Energize” just as their molecules began to disassemble she whispered “Don’t get killed.” He wished desperately that he could tell her he had to go on a stealth mission. He had set his affairs in order before he left making Shoniara legal guardian of Etienne and inheritor of his estate.

They materialized on the main promenade. There was already the stench of death which Shoniara’s Vulcan nose picked up. The whole promenade seems to have a slight tilt and the gravity was low several wounded lay amongst the debris. The sound of phaser fire could be heard on an upstairs level and then screams.

“I’ll need to go check that out. Marina should already be there.” He knew he did not want to go but stay and protect her.

She knew that look. “Go, do your job and I will do mine.” She looked away and had already knelt down beside a wounded female half covered in debris and terrible bloody wound from chest to pelvis. “Jacques” she called as he was moving away.He turned “This wound was done by a bladed weapon not unlike a b’atleth. There may be Klingons here?” He nodded and moved away. The woman looked at her with eyes that were already misting over. She applied a hypospray of analgesia to her neck and touched her hand. “Kir-Alep” she said and closed the woman’s eyes. She heard crying and noticed a Bolian child of about 12 years old looking at her from behind a doorway. She reached out her hand. “Hello, I am a doctor, here to help you. My name is Shoniara what is yours?” She knelt down again and could see the child had a compound fracture of her left leg. She began to run her medical tricorder over her and the child winced and tried to back away. “It’s okay” Shoniara said in a soothing voice. “This just tells me if you have any other wounds and you don’t but we need to get that leg fixed.” She dialed back her hypo and gave the child analgesia. “This will help with the pain.” As she applied a field dressing to the wound the child said

“Sarcha, that’s my name.” She smiled through her tears. “Where is my daddy?” A blast of something hit the station causing the ground to shift alarmingly.

“Was he with you?” Dex questioned.

“Yes she said he was right behind me but something fell on us and I can’t see him now He is an engineer on the station” she said proudly.”

Dex looked around and her eyes notes a figure in a Starfleet uniform under a large pile of rubble he was Bolian and clearly deceased, Dex sighed. She did not want Sarcha to see her father like this. “Sarcha, I have to send you up to the Starship in the sky so we can heal your leg and you will be up and running about in no time.” She pressed the temporary transporter signal patch onto the child’s clothing. Sarcha grabbed her arm “please look for my daddy?” She nodded. “Is your mummy on the Station?” No mummy went to see grandfather last week.” Dex sighed in relief ‘at least she will have her mother’. Dex swallowed and nodded, she was so like Shasta. She pressed her com badge =/\= one to beam to sickbay =/\= it took a second or two before the beam took the child. She tapped her com badge again. =/\= Dex to Pirek I am sending you a 12 year old with a compound fracture of the left femur. Mother on the Bolian home world father Deceased but she does not know.” She paused. How are things up there Borvan?=/\= “Holding up Dex, rushed off my feet here but everything is going well. Colonel Theriault has been busy sending me casualties. Some plasma beam weapon injuries, some injuries from falling structure and, worryingly some that look like they are from Klingon weapons. The EMH is busy in surgery. I would estimate 20 to 30 injuries so far. 8 in intensive care.” =/\= “thank you Borvan, seems like you have it all under control up there.Dex out =/\=

Dex stood and approached the prone figure of Sarcha’s father, she knelt and placed her hand over his eyes “Kir-Alep” she thought. I am going to try to find the stations sick bay. She moved slowly through the promenade phaser ready and medkit in hand. She had now met several people that she had treated for small injuries who had told her that the station had been rocked by an explosion, then what appeared to be Klingons began to appear on the station beaming through the shields and attacking with disrupters and bladed weapons. Apparently they were mostly contained by station security in the cargo bays. There was a rumour going round that they were mercenaries.

She breathed evenly and opened her bruised mind looking for T’hgrek. There was no reply. For a moment it seemed like interference in her thoughts, a slight buzzing as though ……. And then she heard it clearly. A voice whispering “Imzadi, Imzadi help me. I need you. I am hurt.” If Vulcans could whoop for joy then Shoniara thought she would be doing so. “Commander?” She ventured with her mind “Commander Taron, Jason.” I am Shoniara Dex the CMO of the Washington. We are surely glad to hear from you. Where are you?” ……… the thoughts became fainter and disjointed and she hung on to the communication, ‘like trying to catch sunflies’ she thought. ‘Doctor I am hiding in sickbay” came the whisper in her mind “but…there is somebody else in here.” She grappled to keep the voice. “Hold on Jason I’m coming” then the voice was gone and it seemed that the communication had gone completely dead.

For a moment she wanted to call Jacques to help her with whatever, whoever was in sickbay but she was a Starfleet officer and a Vulcan. Sickbay was now only a few yards away. She pressed to the wall moving slowly, listening with her enhanced Vulcan hearing. She could hear heavy ragged breathing and the slight clink of metal. She closed her eyes and saw……a wicked looking b’atleth. She automatically reached for her own on her back and realized she had not brought it on a mercy mission and Starfleet officers did not carry them. ‘Damn’ she thought and for a second she wished for hand to hand combat and her blood sang. One of the sickbay doors was blown off and the other seemed to be trying to repeatedly open and close. She counted the seconds and the next time the door attempted to open she fell into a low barrel roll and appeared in the doorway just as it attempted to open. A huge Klingon warrior turned and saw her, his blade swept upwards to strike.

“Starfleet” he said in a thick oily voice as he smiled to show a mouthful of dirty teeth. “We have been waiting for you, my friends and I will…” she sighed ‘Surak save me from the histrionic oratory of Klingons and she leveled her phaser and shot him. He went down like a tree, the burst rendering him unconscious. She kicked his b’atleth from him and removed the disruptor pistol from his belt. She tapped her communicator as she pressed the transporter signal patch to him. =/\= computer one to beam directly to the brig, level three force field =/\= she knew the brig would be bristling with those who would be wholly equipped to deal with prisoners but she wanted to be sure as his molecules coalesced in front of her. She stood careful to check there were no more of them.

“Commander Taron?” She walked into sickbay which had remarkably little damage. “Commander where are you?” ……. “Doctor!” A hoarse whisper came from behind bio bed. She saw a tall handsome looking man sitting with his back to the wall a nasty looking bruise and a head wound that had spilt blood all over his face. “Don’t move Commander. Tyzon is going to be so glad we found you” She began her medical scan “Pleased to meet you Doctor.” He said in a ragged voice. “Please call me Shoniara” She smiled. A signal grew from her medical tricorder and she frowned. “What hit you Commander?” She noticed he was slipping into unconsciousness “Commander stay with me!” She ordered in a loud voice but her scans showed raised intracranial pressure indicative of brain swelling. She knew he had a short time between the now and irreparable brain damage. She hit her com badge. =/\= two to beam directly to the surgical suite =/\=

Sometime later Commander Jason Taron lay on the bio bed unconscious on life support, the surgical clamshell helping his body and mind heal. Dex had worked on him for an hour, refusing the help of the EMH much to his disgust and now she had time to let the Captain know.

=/\= Dex to Captain Lacque=/\=

=/\= I read you Dex. I am in the midst of a dog fight at the moment. =/\=

=/\= I have Commander Taron, he has been badly injured and has needed surgery. He is going to be fine but I want to keep him in an induced coma for few hours.=/\= she drank a long draft of the hot black coffee Borvan had brought her. =/\= I saw Klingon mercenaries on the station, what is happening out there?=/\=

=/\= By the looks of them, they do look Klingons, but a more advanced race. They came from the of the other side of the worm hole. Thank goodness you found Jason. I'll try to be with you soon. Did you find your blood brother and Admiral Sito? Are they safe? =/\=

=/\= Colonel Theriault found Admiral Sito he has a few small wounds but insisted on going to the bridge immediately. Captain. I think T’ghrek is on his ship which should be here any minute. It is the heavy cruiser T’Planna Hath. I am sure he will join with you when he arrives . Dex out =/\=

Meanwhile outside the station.

Tyzon, was like a fighting bee. He wizzed in and out, shooting everything that moved.

"Dragon 1 to Eagle 1. How's it going there? I am almost clear. Making the last pass. Oh, Shit there is the command ship. That's the one controlling the fighters. Get here when you can."

“Right behind you Dragon 1. Your tail is currently clear.”

Tzyon passed by a window of the command ship and thought he saw a Klingon, so we took another pass and it was a Klingon, but bigger and much more menacing. So he opened a hailing channel to hail the ship.

"Unknown vessel. This is Captain Tyzon Laque of the USS Polaris. You are in violation of the Galaxy Accords. You are to stand down and disarm your weapons and prepare to be boarded. Do you read?"

"Captean Lakue. We are the Pirexans. We claim this station and all of the spoils for the Pirexan people. You will leave this sector of space."

Tyzon returned the hail, "Pirexans, I do not know you, but you have violated StarFleet space. I saw you come through the worm hole and you need to return back that way. That station is already claimed. Again, I repeat, stand down and disarm your weapons and you will be treated with respect."

"We will not stand down. You are but a small fleet of ships, we are many and we are mighty. That station is ours. " came the response from the command ship."

Behind the Pirexan command ship that just has dropped out of warp, was a fleet of Romulan Warbirds and a fleet of Klingon Battle Cruisers with the Vulcan cruiser T’Planna Hath commanded by Ambassador T’ghrek.

"Looks like my friends have just arrived. Now it looks like you are out numbered 10 to 1, so I suggest you leave and do not come back." Tyzon replied back.

"No, you will have to shoot us down. We are not going anywhere." Can the reply from the command ship.

"I am giving you one last chance. Stand down and you and your people can go back through the worm hole and return to your planet."

No response came, but from Tyzon's view point it seems that were in a discussion.

"Pirexan Command ship are you standing down?" Tyzon asked on the hailing channel.

"It seems we have no choice. We will retreat for now, but you have not heard the last from us. Retreat!!!!!!." Came the response from the command ship and the Pirexans turned tail and went back through the worm hole.

"That could of been ugly. But we got through it." Ty said out loud

"Dragon 1 to Eagle 1 What's your status?

“Eagle 1 is good. I don’t think that they believe in the disable or kill posture though.”

"I know. Dragon has seen better days. I think I am going to lay her to rest. Care to fly the big girl?" Tyzon asked

“Big girl, little girl. Whatever is needed sir”

"Yep I am giving her up. I am not a fighter pilot. I barely passed fighter school. The only reason why I took it, because it seemed to impress Jason."

“Forgive me commander, but I have always been taught that you don’t do things to please others. It’s what pleases the individual to make the individual happy. You handle the Dragon just fine though. I think I may get it fixed up and have it ready in case you decide you want her back.”

"Ok, looks like they are gone. Let's get back to the Polaris." Tyzon concluded

Tyzon waiting until the last of the Pirexan ship were out of sight before returning back to the Polaris.

Shoniara had been with Commander Taron for some time now. She was having trouble bringing him out of his induced coma. ‘He is fighting this’ she thought. She could no longer reach out to him. She knew if he continued to fight there would be a good change he would suffer some brain damage. She tried to put him back into the deeper coma but was aware by his isoboramine levels that he was also fighting that. She felt like she knew him as a friend now due to their brief periods of telepathic contact. “Dammit Jason” she said out loud as a nurse looked at her. She made a decision and tapped her communicator.

Tyzon was on course back to the fighter bay, when Dr. Dex's sweet angelic voice came over the com, normally very cheerful, there was a twing of fear and uncertainty in her voice.

=/\= Dex to Captain Laque =/\=

=/\= Laque here Dr. Dex. What can I do for you?=/\=

=/\=I am with Commander Taron, he has taken a turn for the worse, please can you come down as soon as you are able, he needs you? =/\=

=/\= I am about to dock in the fighter bay. I will join you right away. Laque out =/\=

"Dragon 1 to Eagle 1. When you dock, please go to your bay Chief and give him a good talking to. I know that we are in troubling times right now, but a NCO should not be questioning his superiors orders or actions. He down right questioned me for wanting to fly with you. Make sure that this doesn't go on his record, ok? LT. Chase?" Tyzon spoke into his flight com.

Lt Chase cringed as he was told of the Chief and his action. “Aye sir. I will have a talk with him.” Zach circled around the ship as the other fighters landed on Polaris.

Zach sat for a moment to let the fatigue ebb, and the adrenaline calm down. He then exited the fighter with the help of a few technicians.

As he crossed the hanger bay he spotted the bay Chief and headed in his direction.

Lt Chase stared the Chief in the eyes. “I thought chiefs were smart. Maybe your the one exception to the equation. Disrespect and questioning the ships commanding officer. That wasn’t your brightest move. He is pissed and hurt that one of his chiefs showed that type of disrespect towards him. He expects that it won’t happen again. Isn’t that right Chief?

On the other hand, though I am the group commander I am young and inexperienced. I will need and expect advice and support. Respect would be nice also. If not for me, then at least for the position. Ok Chief, let’s get these birds checked out, rearmed, refueled, and fix what ever might be broke. I’m sure we will have company again soon.”

Zach left for his quarters in the hopes for at least a quick shower.

Tyzon flew as fast as "Dragon" would let him. Jason, was in trouble and he could feel it. Jason was tugging on the link like he was fighting for his life. As soon as Dragon docked, Tyzon exited Dragon and used the site to site transport and soon appeared, still in his flight gear right next to Dr. Dex.

Shoniara turned and saw Tyzon she looked relieved.

"I got here as fast as I could. I may not smell so great, but I'm here."

Tyzon looked down at Jason, who is laying on the bio bed. On the outside he looked peaceful, like he was sleeping, but Tyzon knew that inside Jason was fighting for his life. He was gravely injured during the attack on Sigma Station, and yes, Dr. Dex originally said that he would recover, but now there was something wrong. The coma sedation was turned off but Jason still had not woken up. Tyzon thought for a moment. "There is got to be a way to wake him up."

"Dr. Dex. Place your hand here. Right above his heart. Do you feel that? Betazoids have a.... kind of like a reboot button more like a computers reboot. His body is not waking up, because of his telepathic and empathic abilities are encasing him like a protective cocoon. He is being shielded from us. He hears us, but is unable to respond back to us, becuase his abilities are turned up so high, they are drowning us out. Get me a laser scalpel and 5cc's of adrenaline. We are going to reboot his body."

Tyzon began to strip of his flight suit right there in sick bay. He has done this once before, he saved his father's life. Full Betazoid or half Betazoid, we are all the same. We are all born with button inside us. Some it's deeper than others, but we all have it. I was just a young boy when I had to perform this on my father, right in the middle of street, when my father fell ill right before my eyes. I didn't have a scalpel, just my pocket knife, but I was able to do it with some help from some townsfolk.

Dex watched her Captain relieve himself of his clothes and just for a moment she felt unsure of herself. ‘Naked in my sick bay!’ But he was a fine looking man. She managed to contain herself to the usual raised Vulcan eyebrow.

"Don't look at me that way Shoniara, yes I'm naked so what. That flight suit was getting in my way, plus I hate the bulkiness of that suit. Sorry about the mess, I'll clean it up later."

Tyzon looked Dr. Dex right in the eyes, "So are you going to just stand there and look at me naked? Or are you going to help save my Imzadi's life? Because if we do not break him free, he will be like this permanently and then what do I tell his parents?"

She looked at him “I’m sorry but you have to allow me to be a little surprised at seeing my Captain naked. I understand Betazoids have no difficulty with being naked in public but Vulcans do. I found Jason and saved his life initially so I want him to live. I think Jason and I have an understanding and will be great friends. “ She delayed no further and handed a hypospray with the requested 5ccs of adrenaline and a laser scalpel and watched.

Tyzon said a silent prayer and began the procedure. He made an incision right above Jasons' heart. "Dr. Dex, please monitor his heart. If I cut to deep I will cut into his heart and he will be gone."

Dex raised an eyebrow as she knew full well what would happen. If Tyzon did cut into the Commanders heart there were several possibilities that she could try to save his heart. She watched the bio bed scanners with exquisite sensitivity. She also tried to look over Tyzon’s shoulder to see what was happening. It was something she would like to add to her medical knowledge of Betazoid anatomy, it might come in useful one day.

Tyzon took two fingers in plunged it right into the incision and started to probe until he found what he was looking for. He let his senses guide him. "There it is." Ty said out loud. He pressed upon the small, almost too small area. Jason was only half Betazoid, that is why the area is smaller then full Betazoids. As soon as he touched it, Jason's eyes fluttered open.

"Where am I?" Jason asked

"Your in sickbay Imzadi. I had to perform the ritual on your body." Ty said.

"Where is that kind lady from the station? The one with Vulcan ears." Jason asked

Ty looked up and with his free hand he motioned to Dr. Dex to come closer.

"She's right here." Ty said

“Hello Jason, I am so glad we had our ‘telepathic conversation’” she laughed with pleasure. “It is so good to meet you at last. But Commander if you ever call me a lady again!” She stopped hoping he would take the joke but then was aware that the procedure was still ongoing.

"Jason lay still, I know you want to embrace me right now, but my hand is still inside you. I need to remove my hand. You will feel some pain for just a second, but it will pass." Ty said.

"Dr. Dex, you may administer the adrenaline now." Ty said

She administered the adrenaline into his heart

Tyzon removed his hand and heard Jason cry out in pain and then Jason went silent. Jason slept.

"He will sleep for now. Let's patch him up." Ty said

Dr. Dex and Tyzon worked on patching up the hole and using all of their medical knowledge made Jason good as new.

"His body will reboot now. He should be right as rain in a few days. Call me if anything changes. I need to check on some things to prepare for Jason properly." Ty said

Before Tyzon exited sickbay, in his all-together, he turned and looked at Dr. Dex.

"Shoniara, It's not like you haven't seen a naked man before. If it wasn't for nakedness, you wouldn't have that life growing inside you. By the way, have you picked out a name yet? If not, may I be so bold as to give you a suggestion? Damian, if it's a boy and Grace, if it's a girl."

“Yes Tyzon but I did not expect to see your nakedness, Jacques yes but not you,…….. in sickbay,……. give me that at least?” She smiled at him so happy that she had managed to find his Imzadi. “And Tyzon I know it is a girl.” Do not worry I will have the EMH let you know if anything changes. Right now I am going to return to the station to help with the rest of the wounded. By the way, those Klingons were mercenaries.”

Before he exited, Tyzon turned and winked and then strode out of sickbay with his flight suit gathered in his arms.

She checked Jason and his bio signs which were settling down nicely. She remembered the look of love she had seen in their eyes when they looked at each other and she knew Jacques and her had the same deep abiding love. She rubbed her hand gently over her lower abdomen. ‘A girl, so soon’, she had thought she was not ready but she was, ready to be a wife to Jacques and a mother to both Etienne and Grace. She sighed and left Commander Taron with the EMH and left for her quarters.

Once there She showered quickly changed, fed Puss and spoke to Etienne letting him know that she was fine and that she was going back down to Sigma station to help with the last of the wounded. Transporter room 3 was quieter now. “You will be feeling tired now Ensign?” She noted to Perry. Have you seen Colonel Theriault?” He smiled a tired smile, “no Commander but I beamed Major Kerrigan up a while ago.” Dex stood on the transporter feeling refreshed and ready to go again. “Energize” she said. When her molecules coalesced she found herself outside cargo bay 6 it was on one of the deeper levels of the station. There seemed to be no one around and the lighting was poor. She tapped her communicator lightly =/\= computer raise ambient lighting to full in cargo bay 6.=/\= she waited then asked again. There was no reply although the computer seemed to give a small click after she has asked her questions.

‘Malfunctioning’ she thought. She pulled out her phaser and activated her palm beacon. “Hello?” She called softly. It seemed to echo deep into the darkness and, for a moment she was scared. ‘Pull yourself together Dex’ she told herself, you are no longer a little girl afraid of the dark. She moved slowly amongst the debris, someone had obviously opened all the crates ‘looking for spoils if mercenaries were involved’ she told herself. The light in her palm seemed to burn holes in the blackness as she moved. Finally she reached the back of the bay, she had found no one living or dead. Her palm beacon caught a wall of crates piled high, they looked as though they had not been touched. ‘I will just check those and make my way back’ she thought. She edged her way to the base of the pile and….suddenly she was off the ground, floating. She desperately tried to grasp one of the sides of a crate but it was smooth and she could not get purchase. =/\= Dex to computer, restore gravity in cargo bay 6=/\= again nothing. She had nearly reached the top pleased with herself that she had not rolled when her light caught someone’s eyes. She did not recognize her species. ‘This is ridiculous’ she thought until she saw the unknown female point what seemed to be a weapon of some kind at her. “DIE …. SHE SCREAMED. Dex pushed herself off the side of the crate as a blast of heat seared by her catching her cheek. Her assailant appeared over the top of the pile of crates and Dex took aim with her phaser and fired. Just then the gravity returned and the last thing she saw were the eyes of the stunned female as she fell onto her and they both crashed to the floor and everything went as black as the cargo bay.

It seemed like only moments later she woke in the darkness her world split through with pain every time she breathed. She managed to push the still unconscious female from her and tried to move. She screamed out in pain and pulled her hands to her abdomen. Then she felt it, a huge stake of wood had pierced her and she was impaled on it. She tried her communicator =/\= computer one to beam to sickbay…=/\= again nothing. =/\= Dex to Theriault =/\= nothing =/\= Commander Dex to anyone=/\= the computer bleeped again. She felt her blood flowing sticky and warm. It was then she knew that she had lost the baby. Before she lapsed into blessed unconsciousness she threw out a thought hoping her receding link to a Betazoid mind still held. ‘Tyzon, Jason…… help me.

Tyzon was was sat in sickbay reading Jason's favorite book, "Wind in the Willows, when a very distressed voice rand out in his head.

"Jason, someone is pulling at my link. I need to step out for just a few moments. Be right back." Ty said

"Ok Ty, hurry back." Jason said

Telepathically Tyzon contacted the voice.

The voice was filled with hurt and fear.

"Shoniara, It's me Tyzon, I'm here. Are you alright? Where are you?"

She found it difficult to maintain the telepathic link lapsing in and out of consciousness. The thought was thrown out and travelled like a light whisper “I am on the station cargo bay 3 there is someone here with me, I stunned her but I am badly hurt, communicator not working can’t beam ….. impaled…the baby…help me Tyson, send someone……darkness took her and she fell into unconsciousness.

"Back on the station? Of course she went to search for more wounded" was Tyzon's thought and he rushed back in to sickbay.

"Computer EMH"

"Please state the nature of the your emergancy." came the EMH hologram.

"Is Commander Taron fit for duty?" Tyzon asked

"Request entered, please provide command codes." EMH said

"Command Laque Apha 5-1-9ner Sigma 10." Tyzon said

"Command accepted. The patient Jason Taron-Laque, rank Commander has had severe trauma to his head and abdominal regions. He is not fit for duty, but can be released from sickbay to his own quarters. " The EMH said

"Thank you EMH." Tyzon said

"Dr. Boravn, grab your field medical kit and meet me in Transporter room 3."

“Yes Sir.” Pirek grabbed the required equipment.

Tyzon turned and looked at his bewildered Imzadi laying on the bio bed.

"Jason, you can be released from sickbay, I don't want you so do anything that puts strain on your injuries, but I need you to accompany me back to the Station. Shoniara has gone back and has gotten herself in a scrape and we need to have a rescue effort." Tyzon said.

Jason's eyes got wide. He has been stuck in sickbay for 3 days now and really wanted to get back into action, with his partner and his new crewmates.

"Is this an order from my captain or from my partner?" Jason asked

"From both." Tyzon said

"Aye aye Captain." Jason said and he sat up in bed and winced, the pain stimuli that sickbay is using triggers a euphoric effect and Jason planted his bare feet on the floor and stood up. Jason noticed that he was not wearing anything but a sickbay robe and he looked into the eyes of his partner and Captain Tyzon.'

"Ty, I can make the trip, but I am in bad need of an uniform." Jason said

Ty took a moment to asses the clothing situation of Jason.

"You’re right." Ty walked over to the clothing replicator.

"Computer? StarFleet Uniform. Black. Rank Commander. Size Medium. Occupant 6'1."

"Just one moment." the computer said

Suddenly, there was a flash of light and there on the clothing rack was Jason's brand new uniform.

"Wil this do Jason?" Ty asked

"Perfect Ty. Let me get changed and we can be off." Jason said.

Dr. Boravn was still gathering things that he could need for a rescue mission.

"Dr. Boravn, once Jason is ready we will be off. Are you ready?"

“Yes Captain.”

"Good." Ty said

Jason came out of the dressing room looking like he just stepped out of dream. He even looked like he had taken a shower.

"You know the dressing room has a sonic shower!" Jason exclaimed.

"I did not. There is alot about this ship, I have not seen or heard of yet." Ty said.

"Well I am ready to go." Jason said

“Captain everything is ready, the EMH is standing by with an intensive care surgical bed.”

"Good. Computer. site for site transport. 3 to transporter room 3." Ty said

Once they appeared in the transporter room, Ty pressed his commbadge.

=/\= Captin Laque to Lt. Chase. =/\=

“ Lt. Chase here Captain. What can I do for you.?”

=/\= Please grab some security personnel and report to transporter room 3. =/\=

“ Case copies. We will be there shortly. Out.”

Lt Chase to security. I need two armed security personnel to meet me in transporter room 3 ASAP. We are going to the station. Chase out.”

Zach hurried to his quarters, retrieved his personal phaser and departed for transporter room 3.

Ty, Jason, Dr. Borvan, waited until Lt. Chase and the security team reported to the Transporter Room.

Jason mentally spoke to Ty.

"That Lt Chase is a young one. How did he become a Lt. so fast?" Jason asked.

"It's a field promotion. He is actually the Wing Commander of our Star Fighters, but he came with the rank of Warrant Officer. I could not let him on the bridge without the proper rank, so I promoted him. He's a good officer. Still green, but he is earning the respect of his team and the rest of the crew." Ty explained.

"Transporter Chief 6 to beam to Sigma Station." Ty said

"Aye Aye sir." The transport chief said

The rescue team was engulfed in a blue light and instantly was transported to the station. right outside the Cargo Bay 3, right where Shoniara said she would be, but the Cargo bay doors did not respond.

"Looks like the power is still out in this area. We might have to pry or manual unlock the doors." Ty said.

"Allow me." one of the security officers said and she went over to the control panel and pulled the command switch off the wall and examined it.

"I see the problem, there is short here in the relay system. Not to worry. I doubled as an engineering officer as well. I can get us in there in a jiffy." The security officer said.

Sure enough the Cargo Bay doors opened

Tyzon tried his link.

"Shoniara, I have Jason and Dr. Borvan and Lt. Chase here with me. The lights are out. We can't see you. Direct us on where to find you." Tyzon said.

Dex by now was deeply unconscious, unable to respond and close to death. Standing next to her listening was the now conscious alien who had retrieved her weapon. She shouted “I have your crew Member and will kill her unless you give me safe passage off the station.”

"I am Captain Tyzon Laque of the USS Polaris. The woman that you have is my Chief Medical Officer. If you do not let my other Dr. examine her and she dies, it will not only be one life but two, that is gone, but I can guarantee you safe passage to where ever you need to go, just let my other Dr. examine her to make sure that she is ok and that the little life she is carrying is ok as well."

The female spoke. “I just want to be with my people but I am unable to contact them. If I let you have this woman, my hostage I will never get home. I will allow a doctor in to see her, however if I hear any others approaching I will then kill her and the other doctor. “She added, “I have extremely good hearing Captain.”

Ty spoke to Jason and Lt. Chase telepathically.

"Jason, feel your way around the perimeter of the Cargo Bay. From the sound of the captors voice it sounds like they are in the northwest corner of room. Lt. Chase, you will be by my side. Phasers set to stun."

Tyzon then spoke to Dr. Borvan.

Dr. Borvan, are you ready to go in there?

“Yes Captain, I will do everything I can to save Shoniara. Even if it seems like nothing can be done we will all try, she is my friend.

"Good now listen closely. My god daughters life is at stake. When the assailant moves away. Get to Shoniara and make sure that no harm has come to the baby. Fix her up, and transport yourself and Dr. Dex to sickbay for medical treatment." Ty said

“But I heard the alien say she would kill us if we tried anything?”

"Who are you?" Tyzon asked

“I am Pirexan, I came with my fleet to take this station for the Pirexan Empire. From here we will incorporate this quadrant into the Hegemony.”

"You are frightened, that your crew left you behind when they retreated. I can hear that. Not to worry. Outside this station we have a ship, that can carry you anywhere you want to go. We will even take you there ourselves. Just let my crew member get off this station first. She is hurt and I do not want to lose that baby. I am her godfather." Tyzon said

“My crew would never retreat Captain. What is a is a goddaughter ?” The Pirexan asked. She touched Shoniara with her foot.” your doctor is dead now I think. I am not afraid of death.

Tyzon spoken to Jason telepathically "Are you in position?" Ty asked

"Yes, Ty. The lights are out, but with the moon beams coming in, it makes it a little brighter. I can see what looks to be two females. One standing and one prone on the ground. " Jason said

The lights start to flicker and suddenly come on full force.

"Looks like engineering restored power to this part of the station." Ty continued

"Yes, I can see them now. Unknown alien female standing and..... There she is! The kind woman from earlier. She is hurt and hurt pretty bad. Blood everywhere." Jason said.

"Good thank you Jason, now get back here without being seen." Ty said and shut the telepathic link down.

Tyzon spoke again to the unknown female alien

"There is lots of blood there. I can smell it. Are you hurt as well? Let me crew member go and we will treat your wounds. We are entering the room now."

We Pirexans are not afraid to die. I am not injured and I am a strong warrior, I will commit Suka Rae myself and anybody who comes near me. My Captain will kill me anyway for letting myself get trapped here. Pirexans do not take prisoners.” She began to raise her voice. “You will all die for the Pirexan Hegemony!”

Tyzon, felt a swell in his heart. "These Pirexans are like Kilgons.", Ty thought

"I am coming in there with my Dr. Now to answer your question. The life that is inside the woman on the floor is not my blood, but if anything should happen to her or to the man that she loves, I will be taking on the task to raising that child has my own. Do you have family back where you came from?" Ty questioned the Pirexan female warrior.

“ when you become a warrior your crew are your family, but, if you mean those who gave birth to you then no I have no family.

"I am laying my side arm down and walking in there unarmed." Ty said. Ty motioned to Jason to disarm and to lay his phaser on the ground and he told the same to Dr. Borvan and to Lt. Chase.

Zach heard the Captain say to lay down their weapons. Zach stood and stared at the Captain in disbelief. Where Zach came from, rule #1 was you don’t negotiate with terrorists, which is also someone holding hostages. He looked left and right at the security team. They were looking back at him, fear and uncertainty on their faces. Slowly he motioned for them to lay their weapons down, then slowly put his down.

"This is a hostage situation Zach, if we walk in there with guns a blazing, Dr. Dex is as good as gone, but if we play this smart then we get our Dr. back. We have to come off willing to negotate." He told Zach

He stepped into the cargo bay with his hands up.

"See, I am unarmed and willing talk about my crewmembers safe return. She and the baby inside her mean the world to me. I need that woman. She is the head of Medical Department where I am from and is very important. What can we do to get her back. You said that you wanted safe passage off this station, correct. My ship and I are willing to provide that. You will not be harmed while you are in my charge. Again no harm will come to you. Just let me and the other Dr. assess her please. Where I came from I am a warrior myself. I am the Captain of that big ship out there. I have many warriors that follow me. That woman maybe a healer, but she is also a warrior. So from one warrior to another, what can we do to get her back?"

“Warriors do not get themselves captured Starfleet. For a warrior it is always a good day to die”.

In the back of Tyzon's mind Jason spoke. "You better not get yourself killed." Jason said and sent all the love emotions he could.

"Don't worry, I was trained for this. This is not my first negotiation. I have done this before." Ty spoke back

"Just come back to me." Jason said.

Tyzon spoke again to the Pirexan female warrior. "If you can see, your fleet of ships are gone. Not even a fighter is left. You are alone."

“You lie Starfleet.” She snarled but there was a new uneasy tone to her voice.

" I am coming closer now. I am unarmed and will not harm you." Tyzon said

Tyzon did the unthinkable, he took off his comm badge and pressed the emergency transport button that was on the back and threw it on to the prone and bleeding Shoniara. The comm badge hit its target and in a shaft of light Shoniara was gone. Before leaving the Polaris the second time he had it programmed to Shoniara's bio signature and that if anything should happen to any of the crew, it was to transport them out back to the last place they were at and for Shoniara, it was sickbay.

The instant Pirek saw Shoniara being transported he pressed his comm badge “one to beam to sickbay.” And disappeared.

She knew the instant her prisoner was gone that her fight had ended. Her hand dropped still clutching her weapon as she looked around now frightened.

"Now we have the upper hand Pirexan. Now again, you will not be harmed. What is your name?" Ty questioned

“My name is Ardera.”

"Ardera, that is warriors name. Strong and true. You are rightly named." Ty said. "I am Tyzon, those men over there is Jason, my 2nd Officer and Zack, my Wing Commander and Navigator.

Ardera looked at the them. She pointed to Zack with a smile. “I like him. I would take him as a mate, he has a warriors body. “

"Computer? Sensor reading on any Pirexan ships in the Delta Quadrant?" Ty asked the stations computer.

"There are no Pirexan vessels in the Delta Quadrant at this time." came the answer.

"See Ardera, the fleet is gone and you have been abandoned. You must be scared. Rightly so. From one warrior to another, it is ok to show fear. You look to be what 16, no 17 earth years. Forgive me Ardera, we do not anything about the Pirexans. We are explorers. You came through a gateway called a wormhole. You, well not you but your fleet attacked a station that did not belong to you. Many people died in defending this station and many more could of died, if this station came crashing down on the planet below it. But look at you you're all alone."

Security personnel came busting into the cargo bay.

"Stand down. Ardera is only a child. She was just following orders and she got left behind." Tyzon said to the security team.

"Lt. Douglas of Station Security. The monitors are back up and we saw you in here, but did not see who you were talking to. Who's blood is this?" Lt. Douglas asked.

"That blood is the blood of my Vulcan CMO." Tyzon said and Lt. Douglas raised his side arm and pointed it at Ardera.

"I said STAND DOWN LT. Don't make me have to report this on your record, because I will have you demoted and sent to mess hall duty faster then you can disassemble that and reassemble that rifle. Admiral Sito is my contact." Tyzon said and he turned his head so that the Lt. can see the four pips on his collar.

"My apologizes Captain. I am sorry I did not see your rank." Lt. Douglas said

"Look before you open your mouth Lt. I have matters well in hand here. She is not a threat after all. I assume that my CMO came back to do one final sweep for any more injured and stumbled Ardera hiding out here and there was a scuffle and my CMO got hurt. Isn't that right Ardera? Is that how all of this happened?" Tyzon asked "Now Lt. Douglas is it? Kindly tell your men that there is no threat here and that you can return to your duty stations. I have this under control." Tyzon said

Lt. Douglas lowered his side arm and turned to his detail and said, "The Captain has things under control here. There is no threat. We can return to our duty stations."

After the security detail filed out of cargo bay Tyzon turned to Ardera, who stood there wide-eyed and amazed at the actions that just transpired.

Ardera looked down at the blood on the floor. “Will she be alright?” She whispered, “I did not hurt her.” She had conveniently forgotten that she had fired a shot at her.

"So I bet you want to go home as soon as you can. I want to get you home. Now is Pirexia through the worm hole?" Tyzon asked

“Pirex is our home world, what you call a wormhole is our holy space. It appears to us every seventy years and we take it to explore and concur for the Hegemony.”

"How long will it take us to get home?" Tyzon asked

She looked sly as though she did not want to say anything. “It took our ships ten years to get here. We did not plan on going home.” She shrugged. I am hungry and thirsty.”

"HMM let me see you are going to need quarters. Computer?" Tyzon called to the computer. "Please scan this Pirexan and transmit quarter information to the USS Polaris. I need to know the best living environment for this young woman."

A green beam, began scanning Ardera.

"Scan complete. Transmitting information now Captain" came the response

Tyzon motioned for Jason and Zack to enter the Cargo Bay.

"Now let's get out of here and also get you a bit to eat. Our replicators can make you anything you would like. We do not know much about your people, so if you are going to traveling with us, then we will have to learn to cook your food and you will learn from us. This is what we call First Contact and you, my dear Ardera is the real first contact we had with your people. Besides that little skirmish out there. "Tyzon said and turned to his fellow officers.

"Jason, please stay by my side and Zack you may return back to the Polaris. We will be right behind you. Hopefully with a guest in tow." Ty said

"I am not going anywhere Captain." Jason said

"Thank you Commander. Because my commbage is back on the Polaris. I need a working commbadge." Tyzon said

"Are your ready to go?" Tyzon asked

“I will only go with you,” she smiled that sly smile again. “Do I get my weapon back.”


Pirek materialized in sick bay just in time to see the clamshell surgical support connect around the very small fragile looking Shoniara. The EMH was setting up life support. “What happened Doctor” asked the EMH “ We think she fell from a height and was impaled… he hesitated for a second. “She is pregnant.”

“Well at the moment the doctor is clinically dead” intoned the EMH. ‘She has lost most of her blood volume and was without oxygen for some time, of course her half Vulcan brain can go without oxygen for a longer period than a human can. Her heart is lacerated, she has multiple fractures of the skull, spine and both femurs.” The bio sensors agreed with his diagnosis all falling into the red zone and registering alarms. I am going to apply cortical stimulation, Dr Pirek please attend to her abdominal wound and the foetus.” The EMH began to try to restart her heart.

Pirek bristled at the word foetus although of course in medical terms that was what it was. He quickly gowned and began his job of assessing the wound, the foetal support monitor confirmed that it was still viable. She had been lucky the spike had missed most of her abdominal organs but had lacerated her splenic artery. Borvan quickly repaired that and was pleased to see her organs beginning to perfuse with blood again . He closed the abdominal wound. The monitor information was now above her head and he swore he could see the baby move. ‘Keep fighting Shoniara’ he thought as he offered up a Cardassian prayer.

“Dr Borvan where is her next of kin. They should be here?” The EMH asked.

“Colonel Theriault is currently on special assignment for the Captain, I am not sure if he can be notified.” He was about to mention Etienne when a extremely tall handsome Vulcan entered sickbay. “Peace and long life” he said raising his hand with the Vulcan sign of greeting. I am T’ghrek of Vulcan, where is my bond sister?” The two Vulcans with him, obviously guards took up places outside the sickbay doors.

‘So this is him” Pirek thought, the famous Ambassador T’ghrek who brokered the peace treaty between Vulcan and the Typhon pact, no means feat, Borvan suddenly felt ill at ease in his gown covered in Shoniara’s blood. “We are doing all we can for her Ambassador but, at the moment “…… his words did not seem enough to explain. T’ghrek strode over to where she lay on the biobed.

“Are you her next of kin?” Asked the EMH.

T’ghrek nodded. “I am her brother.” The EMH did not stop working as he spoke.”Doctor Dex lost almost all of her blood volume, her heart has now restarted with help, the foetus is still viable but…”

T’ghrek held his hand up, “Shoniara is pregnant?” He raised a Vulcan eyebrow, as much surprise as a full blooded Vulcan should show.”

Borvan smiled inside, so different from the woman he had come to call mentor and friend despite her Vulcan heritage. “He interjected. “Yes Ambassador, ten weeks, a girl.”

“And the father…Jacques Theriault I presume, where is he, should he not be beside her?”

“You will need to ask the Captain about that, I think he is on a mission and I am sure he does not know or I know he would be here. He loves her very much. He also has a son Etienne who will need to be told. I will do that if his father does not arrive soon.

T’ghrek walked to the head of the bio bed and touched her on the cheek. She was pale and her skin felt cold. “Bones and wounds can be mended Doctor but how is her brain?”

She fell from a great height and has fractured her skull, her brain is swelling and we are preparing a craniotomy to release that pressure.” T’ghrek nodded. “At the moment sir the bio bed is keeping her alive. Once all her fractures are healed and her heart is working properly again we will put her into an induced coma to help her brain heal.”

T’ghrek pressed his fingers to her cheek and closed his eyes. For a minute all was silent apart from the sounds of the bio bed alarms and diagnostics. He opened his eyes and nodded. “She is not there” he seemed to be speaking to himself… “but I will be able to help with that when the time comes.” He looked down at her “Shoniara T’lath ‘na-gat, O’talik Shan.” He stood and looked at Pirek. “And where is the Captain now Doctor?”

“Last time I saw him he was dealing with Shoniara’s captor on the station.” Said Pirek.

“You have been most helpful,” T’ghrek said. I would like to send my personal physician over to see her. I will wait on board my ship until I can see Captain Lacque however I presume I am free to visit my sister anytime?”

“Of course Ambassador, I will keep you appraised of her progress.” Borvan wondered if the Captain would approve of a Vulcan doctor in Sickbay, but then again it was really Shoniara’s sickbay.

T’ghrek nodded. “I will also take her Sehlat whilst she is unable to look after him. Raising his hand again in the Vulcan salute he said “live long and prosper.” With that he turned and left sickbay, he spoke softly to his guards and one took position outside the door the other falling in beside him.

Borvan turned to respond to a monitor alarm and began the matorapan treatments for her fractures.

Transferring back to his ship with Shoniara’s Sehlat Puss treading beside him T’ghrek sought out his personal physician Dr Placib EnchRa, “ Placib you have met my bond sister Shoniara last time we were together, you remember?”

He nodded, “of course Ambassador.”

T’ghrek continued, “ I have just returned from seeing her in the Sickbay on the Polaris. Apparently she had a fall and impaled her abdomen, she is also with child, which I did not know about. She is going to be placed in an induced coma whilst her body mends. The child is apparently still viable. However her heart stopped due to blood loss and her brain is swollen. I want you to see her and give me your opinion as how to proceed.”

Dr Placib raised an eyebrow. “She is that ill Ambassador, I presume you are speaking of the T’nak -n’eh ritual?”

T’ghrek nodded, it may be all that can save her, your contact will be a Doctor Borvan Pirek. He is Cardassian which I found unusual. We may need to transfer here here but I have yet to speak to Captain Laque. He was still down on Sigma Station when I called. He looked at his helmsman, “please contact the Polaris and ask her Captain for an audience when he is able.”

A youthful officer of about 50 appeared on the viewscreen “This is the Vulcan Cruiser T’Planna-Hath. Good day to you Polaris. I have Ambassador T’ghrek of Vulcan who wishes to speak with your Captain. Is that possible?

The communications office got the hail from the T'Planna-Hath and responded

T'Planna-Hath we read you. Captain Laque is investigating the incident involving our CMO back on the station. We just got word that he is transporting back now.

“The Vulcan replied. “Message received Polaris. Please contact us when the Captain is available.”

Meanwhile Back on the Station

"Ok, is everyone ready?" Tyzon asked the group that was surrounding him.

"Aye Captain." Jason responded

"Well Jason, take us home." Tyzon said

Jason pressed his commbadge. =/\= This Commander Teron. 3 to beam back. =/\=

The transport Chief responded =/\= 3 sir? =/\=

=/\= Yes Chief 3. Now Energize =/\=

A shaft of blue light engulfed Jason, Tyzon and their new young friend Ardera and in seconds they were standing on the transporter platform.

"Glad to have you back Captain and Commander Teron." The Transporter Chief said

"Good to be back." Chief Commander Teron said

"Who is this that you have brought with you?" The Chief asked

"That business is mine Chief, but if you have to know this is a guest of mine. Ardera. She will be staying with us as we travel to her home planet." Tyzon said

"Very good. Sir." The transporter Chief said

"Ardera, I will take you to your quarters. I am sorry about your weapon, but you can't have it till we return you home." Tyzon said

Tag Ardera

"Commander Teron, Please report the bridge, I will be joining you shortly." Tyzon said

"Aye Captain." Jason said he exited the Transporter room.

"Now let's take you to your temporary home." Tyzon said to Ardera.

Tyzon and Ardrea walked and talked like they were old friends. Even though they had just met it seems like that knew each other for years. When they stopped infront of what was to be Ardera's quarters. Ty spoke," Now Ardera here we are home sweet home, at lest for now. Now I am going to ask you something and this is for your own safety. Please do not come out of these quarters till I or Jason come get you. I promised you would not be harmed, but I have not made an announcement to the rest of the crew yet, so except for the Transporter Chief. No one knows you are here. I do not want my promise broken. Are you ok with that?"

“Yes Captain I understand but how are you going to get me home if my journey takes ten years? Besides I am now a warrior disgraced. They will not accept me back. I would much rather live here with you on the ship?” Ardera knew that in order to manipulate the situation the Captain must agree that she could stay. Then she could begin her work of undermining the Polaris. Also she had an appointment with the doctor to finish what she had started. Unless Dex dies her warrior status would be no more, and it would be satisfying, yes satisfying to end a Federation life.

"Good I am glad we understand each other. Oh yes and I forgot. "Computer, analyze voice pattern for our guest here." Tyzon said

"Voice Pattern analyzer ready.' The computer said back

"Now say something to the computer so we can analyze your voice, so the ship will respond to your needs." Tyzon said

“ Hello computer I am Ardera.”

"Voice Analyzer complete and entered in. The ship will now recognize Ardera of Pirexia as guest of Captain Laque." The computer said

"Thank you computer." Tyzon said

Tyzon opened the quarters door and escorted Ardera inside.

"Now remember do not come out till Jason or I come get you. If you need anything, just ask the computer and the computer will get it for you." "I will be back shortly." Tyzon said.

Thank you Captain.” Ardera was already looking round her quarters to see what she could fashion a weapon from. It would also be a relief to let her mental barrier to the Betazoid telepathy drop. They had told her that would be the hardest part of the mission and indeed it was.

"Good, I will see you soon. I must return to my duties and prepare the ship for my announcement." Tyzon said and exited the quaters. As the door closed, he thought to himself, I think I made the right choice doing this. I was made for First Contact and well I did it."

Tyzon first went to the supply officer and got himself a new commbadge. The he went to the bridge to get ready for what is going to be an announcement of a life time.

End of mission.


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