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Sigma Preparation

Posted on Sun Aug 22nd, 2021 @ 6:42pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Zach Chase

Mission: Episode 3: The Night The Light Went Out at Sigma Station
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current

Lt Chase stepped off the turbo lift and entered the bridge. Captain Laque turns and says, “Lt Chase, I need you at navigation. Set coordinates for Sigma Station.”

Zach went to the navigators station, sat down and started punching in coordinates for Sigma Station.
“Coordinates for Sigma Station loaded and ready to go sir.”

Dr Dex enters the bridge. Captain Laque turns and addresses his senior officers. “We have an emergency at Sigma Station. They are under attack from some unknown enemy. They are losing power, and communications are gone. I need Lt Chase at navigation and ship support. Dr Dex, make sure that sickbay is ready for possible casualties. I want updates in an hour.”

Lt Chase rechecked the navigation board and ensured that all was set properly. He then went to the support station and checked on it’s status.

He returned to navigation and sat down. He touched his comm badge. “Chief Arthur this is Lt Chase. I need both fighters with full charges and full weapons. Ready for immediate take off.”

Captain Laque says, “stand by to hit the button to engage the slip stream drive. Lt Chase, engage.”

Lt Chase said, “engage slip stream drive. Aye.”
He hit the button and engaged the drive. The view screen went in to a blur as the wormhole opened.


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