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[Ep3] Decoder Ring Needed

Posted on Sun Sep 5th, 2021 @ 4:17am by Captain Tyzon Laque & Commander Jason Taron & Lieutenant Borvan Pirek MD

Mission: Episode 3: The Night The Light Went Out at Sigma Station
Location: USS Polaris
Timeline: Current

Captain Laque was sitting in the command chair when suddenly Polly appeared in front of him.

"Captain, we have a encoded message from Sigma Station. Text only." Polly said;

"Display message." Ty ordered with his eyebrow raised. The message read:

USS Polaris, we have been attacked by an unknown assailant. We are losing power all over the station. Our dampeners are failing. Do not come to Sigma Station. This is a warning. There is no hope for us here. We are done for. I repeat do not come to Sigma Station.

The message disappeared from Ty's view.

Ty stood up and said, "Attacked? Sigma Station had been attacked. There is no way that we are going to just heed this warning. We have to go and help. We are the only ship in Delta Quadrant. Time to wake the staff."

Ty pressed the wide communication control."

"All Senior Staff report to the bridge. This is an emergency."

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Shoniara Dex had just settled in to her office having woken early. She had wanted to check the final stats on the new improved EMH. She pressed her communicator =/\= Dex to Pirek=/\= he answered almost immediately. =/\= Doctor I presume you are responding to the same emergency call?=/\=

=/\= Yes I am Doctor …race you.=/\= She arrived on the Bridge a fraction of a second after the Cardassian physician. He smiled and whispered “I win” Dex noted the Captain had a grim look on his face. She was about to ask him what was going on but decided she would wait for the rest of the senior staff to appear.

As the senior staff reported in, Ty set to work. "Polly? Please transfer yourself to Engineering. I want the slipstream drive up and running right now."

"Yes, sir" Polly said and she disappeared, only to reappear in Engineering.

A few moments later, the USS Polaris's senior staff was on the bridge.

"Thank you all for coming. Looks like there is a problem with and at Sigma Station. They have been attacked. I don't know by who, but the Station is rapidly losing power. So this is the perfect chance to test the quantum slipstream drive."

"LT Chase. You’re on nav for now. I may need your services on ship support."

Lt Chase went to the navigation station. He went about the process of inputting the coordinates of Sigma Station in to the computer. “Coordinates locked in sir.”

"Dr. Dex and Borvan. There maybe injured. Prepare sickbay."

She nodded “Sickbay will be ready Captain.”before a second she looked at Jacques deep in conversation with Kerrigan. He looked at her with a small loving smile and nodded. She smiled back. The doctors moved off into the turbo lift already in conversation “Borvan I want the EMH on triage, I want you too work in sickbay, I will be on Sigma station if possible to stabilize and treat patients as necessary. There should be a sickbay there with medical staff but we can’t be sure of anything. We need to save our sickbay for those patients needing intensive care and surgery. The EMH will be an adjunct to you…” she stooped for a moment as the turbo lift deposited them along the corridor from sickbay.

“How about deploying the EMH with the new bio sensors so he can move about the ship?” Asked Pirek. They entered sickbay. “Pirek spoke.” Polly are all the upgrades to the EMH finished and when can we deploy him?” The ships AI replied. =/\= the EMH is fully functional and ready to be deployed in sickbay, on the bridge, in the mess hall He can be activated anytime you require =/\=

Thank you Polly Dex answered. “Computer activate the EMH.” And calmly waited. A couple of seconds he appeared transported into view. “Please state the nature of the medical emergency?” Dex let out the breath she did not know she had been holding. ‘ It worked thank Surak’. Pirek looked at her, as the ranking officer. She continued “ There has been some sort of attack at Sigma Station, it is unknown as to who is behind it or how many casualties there will be and what kind of wounds we are looking at. We can only presume there will be blast injuries, burns, weapons injuries hand to hand.” She looked at the EMH. “I want you to perform secondary triage here in sickbay and possibly the Mess hall. Doctor Pirek will be in charge up here and will be looking after any pediatric patients. There may also be civilian injuries also.” She looked at the EMH. “You will be in charge of secondary triage here of those I send up from the surface. Dr Pirek will take charge of any children there might be. If needed you will take charge of the outliers. Understood?” The EMH nodded. “I will update you when we have more information.” He nodded and replied ‘yes Doctor’. =/\= computer deactivate EMH =/\= he winked out of view. “Borvan I would like you to check all the equipment and I will check medications.” He nodded and they parted company. Shoniara felt elated, this was what she excelled at but in the back of her mind she was worried, worried for T’ghrek, was he an the station or was he aboard the T’Planna Hath and worried for Jacques.

"Colonel Theriault and Major Kerrigan. You are on intel. I want you to find out how many are stationed at Sigma and I want specs of the station sent to my ready room. We have to save that station. All of you get to work. I want your reports in 1 hours time. That is an order."

"Yes sir. I'll have Major Kerrigan work on intelligence while I start drilling our security personnel for a boarding action. " said Jacques.

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Polly's image came over the view screen. Slipstream drive is up and operational Captain."

"Very good Polly." Ty said

Captain walked over to to where Lt. Chase was sitting at the nav computer.

"Mr. Chase, it is your job to get us there. This button here engages the Slipstream drive. All you have to do is enter the course. As soon as you press that button, the Slipstream engine will engage open a wormhole and we will propelled into and we should come out right at Sigma Station. Don't give me that look Zach. I didn't give you this position on a whim. You are are qualified to do this. I will be right behind you. We all believe in you. You will press the Slipstream button on my order. Do you understand?" Ty questioned Mr. Chase

Lt Chase looked up at the Captain with a slightly worried look on his face. “Yes sir. Press the Slipstream button on your order. It’s just that things have been completely different than I expected since coming on board. Most likely the youngest group commander ever. Then on the first trip an actual emergency. I don’t know if I’m excited, worried about letting people down, being scared, or all of the above. I’ll do what’s required of me.”

1 Hour Later>

Reports from all over the ship are coming in. First was from Sickbay.

=/\=Sickbay reports ready Captain the EMH is available and online. Dr Pirek has sickbay and I will be beaming onto the station . We will be deploying med kits to the Marines and Colonel Theriault will be in charge of their deployment. The new surgical beds are ready. We expect possibly blast injuries, and possible weapons wounds of whatever kind. The EMH will look after those patients in our outlying sickbays and we will deal with those needing intensive care. As for the dead, cargo bay 3 will be designated a mortuary area. It is to be hoped we will not need it but I am not guided by hope in these sort of circumstances. This is obviously a fluid situation Captain and things in medical may change. However you will be informed. Dex out =/\=

Next was from Security and Intelligence

"Captain, our intel on Sigma Station is spotty. Station personnel number four hundred and thirty two Starfleet, three hundred civilians and dependents. That's not counting the average number of people going through the station daily. Best guess is that there are over a thousand people there at any given time. " said Kerrigan.

"Sir, I've gather together the ship's security detachment and I've been drilling two teams to board the station if you deem it necessary. That will leave Polaris spread thin. I recommend that all crew be issued hand phasers should the ship get boarded. They'll need to defend themselves. " said Jacques.

"Very good all of you. Now we need to find out who or what the assailant is and neutralize the threat to the station. That will be our first task. Our second, is station is that we need to send an away team over there to help the injured, and restore power to the station before she falls out the sky and crashes on Sigma 1, the planet right below her. So gear up. We are going on Red Alert." Ty said

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Shoniara had been thinking about the presumed ‘situation’ on Sigma for the last couple of hours. She had tried to contact T’ghrek but was unable to. The slipstream drive was probably making communication difficult. She then realized that the Captain’s partner was on the station waiting to come aboard. At least T’ghrek was on the Vulcan cruiser T’Planna Hath. Making her mind up she contacted the Captain =/\= Captain I need to speak to you=/\= I realize your partner is on the station as is my Bond Brother Ambassador T’ghrek. I am hoping they are all right. Have you heard anything at all? =/\

Captain Laque heard Dr. Dex's voice over his comm. He tried to mentally contact Jason, but all he was getting was telepathic feed back, with just a hint of fear, emoted from the link.

Ty pressed his commbadge.

=/\= Laque here Dr. Dex. I have tried to contact Jason over our link, but all I am getting is feedback. I hate when he ignores me like this. But I am getting a sense of fear and uncertainty. As for your bond brother, I am not sure. The comm link and subspace and hails are to the station are not being received. I do have a question Dr. Dex. How is your Vulcan telepathy?" =/\=

=/\= I have not used my limited telepathy for a long time, I can try but we have to be nearer and I have to meditate beforehand. Remember I am only half Vulcan and the meld is better. I know I can sense what T’ghrek is feeling but as he is full Vulcan reading emotion from him would be difficult.
Do I have your permission to try? =/\=

=/\= You have all the permission to try. Report back to me if you get anything at all. Laque out. =/\=

=/\= Dex to Colonel Theriault =/\= she had a minute to take a break and have her usual black coffee rather than the Vulcan tea she knew she should drink. She was worried about Jacques and what he was planning to do. She also wanted to touch base regarding the security away team and the new med kits. also Etiennes safety was on her mind. She waited for him to reply

Jacques was going through more details with a few of the security types on what was expected of them in a boarding action when he heard Shoniara's voice over his commbadge.

"Theriault here. Go ahead, Doctor. " he replied. He wanted to honor her request that they keep it professional while on duty.

=/\= Colonel I wonder if you have a few minutes to spare to discuss the new trauma medkits. I want to add hemostats and I have a task the Captain has asked me to try and I need you to help me? Please meet me in my quarters and prepare to be here a little while=/\=‘

Shoniara retreated to her quarters, fed Puss and then prepared for her attempt at telepathy. She had asked for Jacques as she needed a Mok Vokau. This had to be someone dear to her as an adjunct and protecter for her during her meditative trance state. She thought she might be able to contact T’hgrek but her telepathy probably would not be compatible with Betazoid telepathy. However she needed to try.

She changed into her blue robe and sat cross legged on the floor after retrieving her meditation bowl and cloth. Into the bowl she placed herbs and lit it. The smell was very strong and very highly spiced. Soon all her quarters were filled with the sweet, slightly acrid smell. She looked into the blue flame and cleared her mind. Now all she had to do was wait for Jacques.

The chime at Shoniara’s quarters seemed to echo. “Enter” she said. The smoke was so thick, sweet yet acrid and he found it difficult to breathe.

Shoniara remained kneeling on the ground before the flame as he entered her quarters. “ My Shon -a-Lok the Captain has asked me to try to contact T’hgrek and also his beloved Jason both of whom were on the Station. This is a dangerous contact for me as obviously Jason is Betazoid and I am only half Vulcan.” She smiled” so I need to know if you would be willing to act as my Mok-Vokau. This will allow me to use your mind as an extension of my own. To do this means a meld of our minds so I can meld my Katra with yours. There is no danger to you apart from you entering some of my memories whilst I will enter some of yours. Whilst we are in the meld we will know no one apart from each other and after this we will be forever connected. If you do not want to be my Mok-Vokau I will understand and not love you any less? You may encounter memories you thought were or wanted to bury.

“Mon amour you know I love you,I trust you, this is needed. I do not know what to expect but I will try.”

“Jacques once we have entered each other’s minds I will take a part of yours and cast it forward with mine. You will know everything I know. See everything I see. Whatever you do, whatever you see do not pull away from me as my thoughts may get lost in yours and never find their way out.

Please remove your communicator and phaser and kneel in front of me. Try to relax and breathe deeply, let the scent of the herbs enter your body. For a few minutes all there was was the sound of their breathing. . As they knelt Puss began to circle slowly round them. She moved to within inches of him placing her fingers precisely on the left side of his cheek and temple. The scent grew thick stronger as she closed her eyes and began to chant in a low voice.

“ Mok Vokau Popra Mene aitlu, La-Ka -ha’gel. Tre-tor Katra, trev-tor Satau T’hgrek, Satau Beitazedu Jason.” She repeated this three times.

She looked into his eyes as she knew he would look into her silver ones. “Do not be afraid my love.” She whispered “do not hold back, my mind to your mind, my thoughts to your thoughts.” She felt the touch of his Katra and then brushing past was into his mind, his unconscious thoughts and memories rising up inside her and becoming theirs.

He gasped as he felt her inside his mind, he wondered what would come next but a slew of memories rocked him
A little boy playing in the mud his parents looking at him with love.
A strong 17 year old standing at the Marines recruiting office smiling as his father took a holophoto of him holding his joining papers. She began to delve further into his mind pushing aside the curtain he had placed to hide the memory. Planet Sheol a place of hell, she could feel the fear, the pain and the loss of friends and men under his command. The pride of having ‘held the line’

Tears began to fall from Shoniara’s face as she shared his memories, his pain and his pleasures.

A beautiful Bajoran woman tending to him, her face full of love. The happiness of their wedding and the consummation of love. This was forever, then the joy at the birth of their baby boy. Her eyes closed as she shared the pain in his heart as he was told of the death of his beloved. She stood beside him at the grave as he held Etienne in his arms his soul empty no more tears to cry. Then she felt the first tentative touches of his love for her inside his mind, she saw herself through his eyes the first time he saw her, his love for her strong even then. The night they made love, the lust, passion and quiet gentleness of their coming together. The peace he felt when he knew she loved him and his son.

Then he was inside her mind a part of her, as Shoniara and her brother Telvan laughing hid from their father, her wildness and wilfulness when Telvan was sent to the Vulcan monastery school. The elation of her first flight in her grandfathers old crop duster. Flying in the holodeck with the safeties off, the wind and the sun in her face of-setting the danger.. Her first day at medical school hiding at the back of the auditorium. The pride of her graduation. The face of Mark as he looked into her eyes and asked her to marry him and the joy and pain of the birth of their little Shasta. The feeling of taking lives for the first time and her panic as she searched for Mark and Shasta amongst the ruins of Ensara. He could feel the heat of the flames as he watched them consume her family and felt the exquisite pain of cooking flesh as her back sizzled and burnt. He stared down at the charred melted remains of her life, then felt the utter lack of any emotion other than wishing for death followed by darkness and depression. He felt the first flash of anger and life again as the Klingon narcotic J’heek hit her system and then the all encompassing needs and pain of addiction spliced with alcohol dragging her down. Then a tall aristocratic looking Vulcan saw her suffering and befriended her….

Then it happened no more memories as his Katra melded with hers and added the power of his mind to hers. Shoniara felt the surge of mental power reaching out into space. She went rigid and stopped breathing. ‘Remember me, do nothing’ the words she had spoken crept like smoke into his mind.

Jacques began to panic, she was no longer breathing and his urge to reach out to sickbay for help was almost overwhelming. He could not loose her now, like this. Then she breathed again. Their minds pushed forward together and entered Sigma Station, panic, flames and smoke, bodies, alarms and lights strobing and systems failing. Screams of the scared and the dying….. Then Jason, alive hiding, trying desperately to reach out to his Imzadi as energy weapons strafed through the promenade. Then her Bond Brother T’ghrek joined their minds dissipating the picture of Jason. ‘Shoniara, I am pleased to see you well my sister.’ She reached out to him ‘we are coming T’ghrek, what has happened, where are you, are you safe?’ The replying mind came through stronger ‘I am aboard the T’Planna H’ath, I was not there when the station was attacked by an unknown weapon of seemingly great power, enough to knock the station off its orbital access. It will be another 4 hours before we can get there.

Then darkness overtook Jacques and he felt himself slipping out of her mind. They opened their eyes together. “Let Captain Lacque know about Sigma…and Jason, Pirek….sickbay” and she fell forward onto him unconscious. Puss finished his circling and growled at Jacques. He knew she was in trouble.


"LT. Chase? Are you ready to engage the slipstream drive? Ty questioned his young, but able bodied Fighter Pilot."

“As ready as I will ever be sir.”

"Good Mr. Chase." On my mark. Engage!

And the USS Polaris's quantum slipstream drive roared to life and a wormhole appeared before them and they were pulled into the void.


Captain Laque was beside himself with worry. His Imazadi, Jason was on that station, as well as the crew transfers. If they do not get to them soon, who knows what would befall them. Jason and the others could be lost forever, but Ty knew that Jason had a good head on his shoulders and he was one of the highest ranking officers aboard Sigma Station, but that overwhelming fear that came over the link still lingered in the back of Ty's mind. Ty had a thought, "This might take some team work, but with the research he had done, cross checking his facts, he found that even humans had some innate telepathic abilities. After looking at the facts, and he didn't like this one bit, they all needed to be disrobed. How in the rings of Betazet was he going to propose this to the crew? LT. Chase was shy and this was his first mission, Ty didn't want to scar the young man, but he was going to need everyone help. So after some deeper looking, he thought out of modesty, that pants were going to be required, but they could be topless. So with an unsteady hand he reached for the ship wide comm.

"Crew of the USS Polaris, this is your Captain speaking. We have been trying our best to reach the personnel at Sigma Station with every technology that we have at our disposal and we are getting nothing, to it's on to Plan B. Please meet me in Holodeck 1. Uniforms are not required, do dress comfortable. That is all."

=/\= Dex to Captain Laque. I am going to my quarters to see if I can get in touch with T’ghrek and I will try Jason. I will let you know but it may take some time=/\

With Polly at the helm and the ship set to auto, he walked over to Lt. Chase.

"Zach, you are relived at the moment. Polly will take it from here. Thank you for your help. As you have heard from my announcement, that I have a plan. This may be out of your element, but I want to try something. Go get changed into something more comfortable and meet me in holodeck 1. Do not think of this as an order, but merely a request. I have done some research and I think that together as a one collective unit we can reach someone at the station or at least send a message. So if you want to help and I plead that you do, please be there. I am leaving now."

“Yes Captain. I will do what I can, but I have no training or ability in this area that I know have. I know that there are humans that are in a very close relationship can finish each other’s sentence and can even feel their emotions. Twins seem to be very adept at that. However I’ve never had an opportunity to experience that closeness.”

Zach departed the bridge enroute to his quarters.

Captain Laque walked to the turbo lift and took it to his quarters to get changed. After changing in to his ceremonial robes, thank goodness he always had them with him, because he still practices the old ways, he left his quarters and went to Holodeck 1 to get prepared for what hopefully would be a success.

Holodeck 1

"Computer, run program Laque Solace ." Ty said to the computer

"Laque Solace 1 running. Please enter when ready." The computer said back and the doors to the Holodeck slid open.

Inside the holodeck was a forest that was so calm, not even the wind was blowing through the trees. It was so quiet that even Ty's footfalls, sounded like a concert, compared to the silence. He walked for what seemed like an hour, when he reached a clearing. There in the clearing, he saw it. The alter and the stone seating. Ty took off the top part of the robe and he walked up to the alter and bowed his head. He said a prayer to the Goddess statue that was in front of him. He prayed for strength and for guidance. The he turned around and faced the stone seating.

Zach enters the Captains hologram programs. He feels the quiet and peace in the place. He walked down the path for a seemingly long time, though in reality it was most likely minutes. After a period of time Zach comes upon a clearing with the Captain kneeling in front of a statue. Zach just stood quietly at the edge of the clearing and waited on the others to arrive.

"Thank you all for coming. I know that will be out of your wheelhouse, and I am sorry to ask you to do this, but it we run out of options. In my research, I have discovered that we all of have an innate telepathic ability. Humans, do no use the side of the brain, so this ability can be awakened, and normally it takes years to practice, but we do not have the time. Now all telepathy is, just a form of communication without speaking. We telepaths can send out brain waves, which to receiver hears with their mind and not their ears. Is that not so?"

"So what we are going to do is awaken that ability in you, normally this done naked, but in the sense of modesty top less will work. So if you all could remove the top portion of your clothing." Ty says to the group.

After everyone has removed their tops, Ty walked over to the center where there is a fire pit and lights the pit. "Please come join me around the fire." "To start we need to have a focal point. The fire will help is that. "Now everyone join hands and close your eyes. I am going to speak into your minds. This will be strange to some of you, do not be afraid it is only me. I am going to guide you and be your anchor. "

Ty opened his mind as wide as he can and reaches out to each of his crewmembers.

"Zach, do not answer me out loud, just listen. You are young and inexperienced that is true, but I will guide you and develop you into the officer, I see inside. You have everything you need to be leader, you just need to bring it the surface. You will make mistakes and have challenges along your path, nothing comes easy, you just need to faith and confidence in yourself, because if your team sees confidence in you, they will trust you. So trust in yourself and they will trust in your."

Zach heard Captain Laque in his head, speaking. It was strange feeling someone in your mind, seeing what you see and feel.

Zach replied in his head, “I do have faith and confidence in my abilities. I just need the experience to go along with the abilities.”

Zach returns to clearing his mind of all thought, free for the Captain to use.

Next was Dr. Dex

"Shoniara, I know that you are hurting, because the loss of Mark. Mark was a good man. You still love him. That will never go away. This man besides you loves you too. Lean on him. He will be your strength and your shield. I will be there not only as your captain, but as a friend and confidant. So do not be afraid to show emotions. Emotions are what makes us who were are. You are in a battle within yourself, becuase of your Vulcan half and your Risan half. You don't have to battle. Let your two halfs work together. Make them become a whole, not just a half. You strong willed and that can be a blessing and curse. It is ok to have walls. We all do, but it is not ok, no to let the ones that you love and that love inside you. I know you don't want to be hurt again, and from what I can tell, that man beside you won't. Oh, and by they way. congratulations on the new baby. She is going to be beautiful. Just like her mother. "

He waited for Shoniara to reply and then Theriault broke through. =/\=Commander Theriault to the Captain. I am here in Dex’s quarters, we shared some kind of meld. We reached the station, it is a mess, still occupied by whoever has taken it over. Shoniara managed to contact your Imzadi for just a minute, he appears to be safe in hiding but very scared. The station has been knocked out of its orbit. There are many dead. we must get there quickly. Dex is unconscious and I think she wants to be taken to sickbay. I will transport her there. Theriault out =/\=

=/\= Take her to sickbay. It was me that joined you together. We are breaking through Colonel. You saw the station. My plan worked. By the way Jaques, you have a baby on the way. Shoniara needs to rest. What I have done is pushed her mental abilities to the breaking point, but she will recover. There is no fear. After she is safe, join me in the holodeck. =/\=

Next was Dr. Bovan

"Dr. Bovan, I know that you have been struggling to find a home here. I know that being a Cardassian/Star Fleet Officer is hard. I am here to tell you that it doesn't have to be. Do not keep what you are feeling inside. It is ok, to be weak at times. We have all been there, my friend, you are not alone, plus you are like me. I like men as well. You will meet my Imzadi soon. We will help you along in your path. Trust in yourself and we will trust in you."

Borvan had felt slightly uncomfortable at having to disrobe as showing their bodies was a very private thing.but the Captains words almost brought tears to his eyes. He stood tall and looked at him.

“Sickbay…”please state the nature of the medical emergency?” Jacques grabbed the EMH “ we had a Vulcan mind meld and then she just lost consciousness. Please help her. The EMH had already begun his assessment. “Dr Dex’s mind has been overwhelmed. I am sure she will be okay. She did tell me this might happen and she gave me a Vulcan depressive drug. She asked me that If this happened to give it to her and just wait for her to fight her way out.” He injected her with the hypo he had prepared. “Colonel Theriault there is nothing you can do. I suggest you go to the holodeck. The Captain has asked for as many crew members to attend. I will look after her.

“But she looks so pale?” “The EMH sounded exasperated. “Of course she does. Jacques leaned over her and whispered “I will be back mon amour. Come back to me soon.” He kissed her gently.” Looking at the EMH he said in a hoarse voice “if anything happens to her I will cast your programme into space”

A few minutes later he appeared in the holodeck, shirtless as the Captain had requested. The Captain saw him.

Ty was standing shirtless among the grove of trees. He looked over and saw Jaques. In his heightened state, he was able to break through any mental and emotional walls that was surround the Colonel. Ty spoke to Jaques mind.

"Jaques, my friend and right hand. You have a heavy heart, but you do not need to be rigid all of the time. Your have a burden on your shoulders that you made for yourself. Allow us to carry that burden with you. You are not alone and will never be alone. Shoniara and I and the rest of the crew are behind you. We are your family now. Your son is a wonderful boy, let him grow and experience life. Your daughter, she will be a Goddess among women. Strong willed like her father and wise and beautiful like her mother. There is no need to compare Shoniara to your wife that you have lost. They are two different, but lovely women. You are a good man as long as you have the faith in yourself to be. Now go Jaques, be with your lover now. She is resting. I can feel her struggle to fight and to win and win she must. Lover her like you love your departed wife. Yes, Shoniara cannot replace her, and she shouldn't, but she will make a new place by your side. Your union is granted. Now go and quickly. I will join you in sickbay soon."

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Ty closed off all mind communications. He spoke aloud to the crew. "We have a job to do. Now let's get cracking. To your stations."

Penny's voice came over the ship wide communication. "Captain Laque, we have reached Sigma Station."

"Very good Penny, please transport me to my quarters so I can change into my battle gear."

Ty then spoke to the computer. End Program." Then the holodeck program ended and a shaft of blue light appeared and engulfed Ty and transported him to his quarters. Ty dressed quickly in his battle uniform. If Ty is going to make any sort of move he needs to do it now. Ty called for the computer.

"Computer, transport me to the battle bridge. As well as Lt. Chase and the other officers that are ready for duty."


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