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Posted on Thu Oct 7th, 2021 @ 1:14am by Lieutenant Junior Grade Zach Chase

Lt Chase departed Ardera’s quarters and went to locate the captain his thoughts on Ardera, her security risk, her romantic interests and her possibly joining the crew.

The Captain was busy and would talk with him later, so Zach went to his quarters, ordered up a meal and contemplated the situation.

“Computer, start personal log. I had a meeting with the prisoner, spy, saboteur, or just left behind warrior.
She made romantic advances, invited me back to her bed later. I told her I had to work tonight. She wants me to escort her around the ship, which I personally think is a bad idea. She wants me to introduce her to ship mates. Again I feel that is a bad idea as I’m sure she will convince them to do things that they normally wouldn’t do.

The romantic ploy is a nice move on her part. For me while she may be able to over power me and have her way with me, it wouldn’t be an interest on my part. My romantic desires would be human naturally, Vulcan, Betazoid or even Romulan. Races like Klingons and cardassians, or Ferengi just aren’t my cup of tea.

Now I await to hear the captains opinion on our guest.

Computer. End log.


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