Posted on Sun Nov 14th, 2021 @ 6:16pm by Commander Shoniara T’ghann Dex M.D

Personal log Commander Shoniara T’ghann Dex

It has now been several days since Tyzon and Zach left on their missions I have not heard from either of them and I can only hope for their safety. It feels as though time has stopped here on the Polaris. I am on a precipice I am having trouble meditating wondering what is to come, I have stopped eating again and am taking supplements to allow Grace to grow at her unusual rate. She will be born in approximately eight weeks Enc’ra and Borvan tell me. T’ghrek’s ship will stay with us until Grace is born. Etienne is difficult to deal with as he worries about his father on the one hand and then comes great elation when he imagines him home again and us as a family once again. I cannot talk to him about the different part our lives will be taking. I will be stopping the majority of my physical work in sickbay in two days and concentrating on administration until Grace is born. She is so active sometimes I think she will just break out of her captivity. The scans show that she looks like a normal child but we are unable to say in what ways she will be different. I worry the most about Zach, what is he doing, is he safe. He has a family to return to now. Borvan keeps bringing me food that he thinks I might like and it does make me smile. The only person that can make me eat is Zach and, so long as Grace is safe I will wait for him.

I have been up to the bridge several times to keep an eye on Jason as I promised Ty. He seems to be doing very well, the crew like him and seem to respect him but he sometimes seems to have trouble maintaining his distance as a commanding officer. I will cut this log short now as I have a patient to see.

End personal log.