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Captain's Personal Log

Posted on Wed Oct 13th, 2021 @ 3:23pm by Captain Tyzon Laque

Captains Personal Log Stardate.........I do not remember.

The last few days has been a whirlwind of events. First we have the attack by the Pirexans on Sigma Station. They claim that we are invaders in their space. That was a tragedy. So many lives lost, but we saved the station, but at what cost? So many have died. Women, children, diplomats, and civilians. I wanted to save them all, but I was unable to.

Well, now that's over, the crew transfers are finished. We are finally at a full compliment. We did lose or first officer along the way. He was fatally wounded in the attack, but Jason, my Imzadi, was among the survivors and he requested a transfer to here to the Polaris. He was going to be my 2nd Officer, but after reading his record, I found that he was going the promoted to Executive Commander, but that was going to be delayed because of the attack. I think I will do it. I need a first officer and we do make a good team. Who else would I have by my side, but the man that I love. Jason knows that this is my ship and I am the Captain, and he knows that he takes his orders from me, but he is also my lover and partner in life and we have good communication between us, even if we don't see eye to eye, we can always talk it out.

Also we have hopefully a healed Dr. Dex. She is such a important member of my crew and she would surely be missed if something was to go wrong. I hope nothing goes wrong in her healing. I need her the ship needs her.

Also, we have Pirexan guest aboard named Ardera. I don't know if she if going to be a friend or foe to us, but only time will tell.

Looking over at Jason resting, gosh do I love that man. He means the world to me, and if I lost Jason, I wouldn't know what I would do. There is a legend on Betazet, that if an Imzadi pairing was to lose their other half, they would go insane. I would tend to agree whole heartedly, but I would find some why to survive, if I would to lose Jason.

Well Log that the end. I need to close my eyes and get some sleep.


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