[Episode 7] Not in Kansas Anymore

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Introduction: Hunter and Teela beam down to Ganymede IV to help mediate a settlement in the unrest a civil war would bring the planet. Hunter and Teela are met by representatives they think are from the warring parties. when in fact they are members of a splinter group with an agenda of their own.

The Problem: Hunter and Teela are kidnapped, bound, gagged and stripped by their captors as they want the Federation to stay out of their affairs. as well as held for ransom. The Polaris must find their missing officers even as Teela and Hunter seek to escape.

Mission Group: Captain Laque, Commander Hunter, Commander Shonia Dex Chase, Commander Zach Chase, Lieutenant Teela and other NPCs as needed.

Submitted by Jeff aka Cmdr Alec Hunter

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Episode 1 Flight to Sigma Station

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Episode 2: Bon Voyage

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It's launch time.

Episode 3: The Night The Light Went Out at Sigma Station

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The crew of the USS Polaris gets an encoded message from the Sigma Station, and they are already on route and using the slipstream quantum drive go investigate ahead of schedule.

[Episode 5] - The Power of Youth

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The crew of the USS Polaris travels back to through the wormhole and on to the Sigma Galaxy. Their first stop, a M Class Planet called Valhalla 1. This planet can sustain life, but it run by all by teenagers to younger adults.

An adult over 25 is forbidden: Is the number 1 rule.

[Episode 6] A Virus Takes Hold

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During a crew transfer from Sigma Station somehow a strange virus takes hold of Polly, the ships AI and things start happening on the ship that is not explained.

[Episode 4] A Hunting We Will Go

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Captain Laque plots to bring Colonel Jaques home