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Colonel Jacques Theriault

Name Jacques Etienne Theriault

Position Chief Security/Tactial Officer

Second Position Marine Commanding Officer

Rank Colonel

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 225 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Well built and muscular. A former Starfleet Marine, Jacques keeps himself in great shape. He has several scars from seeing combat as a Marine and the usual SFMC tattoos on his upper body.


Spouse In a relationship with Commander Shoniara Dex, M.D.
Children Etienne Theriault, Human-Bajoran hybrid, age 10
Father Colonel Etienne Theriault, SFMC (Deceased)
Mother Dr. Elena Theriault, Ph.D, Professor of Classical English Literature, Cambridge University, Earth.
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Lt. Commander Jeanne Theriault, Operations Manager, USS Merrimac
Lt. Hollyn Theriault, Chief Operations Officer, USS Valley Forge
Other Family Duke (Schutzhund Trained Rottweiler, age 4)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jacques is normally a very cheerful person, loud without being obnoxious, and usually has a smile on his face. This changes when things go sideways. In combat or a crisis situation he is calm and collected. He never panics and can usually be counted on even in the worst of times.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Works well with others
+Hopeless romantic
+Is expert in three unarmed combat disciplines
-Has a slow yet very explosive temper at times
-Can sometimes be overprotective of the ones he cares about
Ambitions To one day retire on a new Federation colony, where he can forge a new frontier and spoil his grandkids should he have any.
Hobbies & Interests Klingon Mok'Bara
Krav Maga

Personal History Jacques Etienne Theriault was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to Colonel (Then Major) Etienne Theriault of the Starfleet Marine Corps and his wife, Elena. Growing up, he was raised in the various postings his father was assigned to, and it was a foregone conclusion that he would join the Marines when he came of age. When he was 17 his father accompanied him to the recruiter's office and signed the consent forms, and it became official. Jacques reported to the Starfleet Marine Recruit Depot in Parris Island, South Carolina. He excelled in Boot Camp and the SFMC School of Infantry, and was posted to the 5th Marine Division (The Fighting 5th) on Jericho II. During his time there he did very well at the beginning of his third year in the Corps he was offered the opportunity to join the elite Orbital Drop Incursion Regiment, which he immediately accepted. He made Corporal just after he completed his jump training and was posted on New Haiti, where the regiment was posted. He was meritoriously promoted to Sergeant a few weeks before the start of the Dominion War. The 1st ODI Regiment (Archangels) was immediately deployed to the front lines. Near the end of the war's second year, just before Operation Return, the Archangels were dropped onto a world called Sheol. The drop immediately went sideways, suffering over 30% casualties before the first boots even touched the ground. However, the Marines managed to hold the line long enough for a strike force to break through Dominion lines and pull them out, along with the 319 Starfleet personnel assigned to the Sheol Research facility along with their families and the several hundred research staff from the Klingon Empire and several non Federation allied worlds. After Sheol, Jacques was reassigned to Starfleet Special Operations. He spent the remainder of the war behind enemy lines, the details of which were redacted from his records and can only be read by officers with Level 9 Omega Clearance. After the war ended he was sent to Earth to undergo psychological evaluation and treatment, which is where he met Voran Malina, a counselor's aide who was working in the office where he took his treatment. After a year long courtship, the pair were married, and less than a month after the wedding she announced that she was pregnant. The baby was a boy, whom Jacques named Etienne after his father. By then he had been promoted to Staff Sergeant and was posted to the First Marines on Earth. (The First and Finest) While Jacques was on a field training operation he was informed that his wife had been killed in a shuttle accident. Etienne had been at his parents' house, so he wasn't with her. Jacques, realizing that he could not remain in the Corps, resigned despite offers from his mother and older sister to take the boy in until he attained enough rank for accompanying dependents. Jacques instead applied to Starfleet Academy. His mother had a friend on the Federation Council and he was also endorsed by Vice Admiral James Harris, head of Starfleet Special Operations, his commanding officer during the last year of the Dominion War, and he was admitted as a midshipman. He chose Security and Tactical, thinking his Marine training and combat experience would come in handy. This thinking proved to be true, and he was often called upon to help teach marksmanship and fieldcraft as well as hand to hand combat. But he found he also liked tactical training as well, and spent a lot of his off duty time in the starship combat simulators. He graduated from the Academy with the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade, his previous time in the Marines having given him time in grade. He was then posted to the USS Goddard as a tactical officer, and did well enough to impress the ship's captain to make him Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer. His department head also endorsed this, and he advanced quickly to the rank of Lieutenant. He was next posted to the USS Gagarin as Chief Security Officer. After four years out on the frontier he was reassigned to Starfleet Academy, this time as an instructor, and has spent the last few years teaching starship combat tactics and tactical theory. However he started to grow restless and applied for a starship assignment, which was approved. He is currently awaiting assignment.
Service Record Age 17: Enlisted, Starfleet Marine Corps. Parental consent required. Sent to SFMC Recruit Depot, Parris Island, S.C. Earth.

Recruit Training Completed. Transferred to SFMC School of Infantry. Meritoriously promoted to Private First Class.

Age 18: SOI Completed.

Theriault, Jacques E., Private First Class transferred to 5th MarDiv, Jericho II.
Assigned to 2nd Infantry Regiment, 5th Marines.
Assigned Specialty: Designated Marksman

Age 20:

Theriault, Jacques E., LCpl, selected for Orbital Drop Incursion Training. Reassigned to SFMC ODI Jump School, Jericho II.

Age 21: Jump Training Completed. Promoted Corporal after requisite time in grade. Reassigned to 1st Orbital Drop Incursion Regiment New Haiti.

Age 22: 1st ODI Regiment Deployed for combat operations following outbreak of hostilities with The Dominion.

Age 24:

Theriault, Jacques E., Sgt reassigned. Operational details redacted by order of Harris, James T. VAdm, Chief of Starfleet Special Operations. Level 9 Omega clearance required.

Age 25: Reassigned to Starfleet Medical, San Francisco, Earth for psychological evaluation and treatment. Promoted to Staff Sergeant after requisite time in grade

Age 27: Reclassified as fit for full duty. Transferred to 1st MarDiv, Camp Pendleton, Earth. Assigned to 1st Bn, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st MarDiv as platoon sergeant.

Age 30: Resigned from SFMC for hardship reasons.

Age 31: Applied, Starfleet Academy. Application approved and endorsed by Harris, James T. VAdm, Starfleet Special Operations. Endorsement seconded by Counselor Chev, representing Bolarus IX, Federation Council.

Age 34: Graduated Starfleet Academy with rank of Lieutenant j.g due to previous military service. Assigned to USS Goddard as Security Officer. Family quarters and accompanying dependents authorized. Promoted to Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer upon recommendation of department head and commanding officer, USS Goddard.

Age 36: Promoted Lieuteanant. Assigned to USS Gagarin as Chief Security/Tactical Officer.

Age 40: Reassigned to Starfleet Academy. Assigned Post: Instructor, Advanced Starship Tactics and Tactical Theory, Starfleet Security/Tactical School.

Age 42: Applied for transfer to starship duty. Transfer approved. Awaiting Assignment.

Medals and Commendations:
Federation Medal of Valor
SFMC Battlefield Commendation
Silver Star with "V" Device for courage under fire.
Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster for second award
Purple Heart with Star Cluster for Multiple Awards
Fleet Marine Force Meritorious Service Medal
Starfleet Medal of Achievement

SFMC Qualification Badges and Specialty Certifications:
Designated Marksman Badge-TR-116
Expert Phaser Rifle Badge
Sharpshooter Hand Phaser Badge
Class 2 Sniper Badge with wreath (32 confirmed enemy kills)
Fleet Marine Force Qualification Badge
Orbital Drop Incursion Badge 2nd Class (Upgraded to First Class upon completion of Operation Cabanatuan II, Sheol)
Combat Drop Badge

Basic Recruit Training
SFMC School of Infantry
Starfleet Orbital Drop Jump School
Basic Field Equipment Repair
Combat Bivouac School
Combat Engineer's Course
Scout Sniper Course
Starfleet Academy, School of Security/ Tactical

+++Remaining courses and qualifications redacted by order of Harris, James T. VAdm, Chief of Starfleet Special Operations. Level 9 Omega Clearance required.+++