Posted on Sun Aug 15th, 2021 @ 12:28pm by Captain Tyzon Laque

Looks like we are having a posting stall. So We are going to stat to have what is called EVENTS. What is an event is, is a different mission, that is separated from game missions. You will know that it is an event because the title of the mission will have [EVENT] in the title.

Rules of Events:

1. All Events a Solo events. No Joint Points.
2. Personal Logs are were events will take place
3. There is no word count in events, so let your imagination run wild
4. The winner of the event, will be given the option of to start the new one

Categories of Events

1: Most Erotic
2: Most Scary
3. Most Silly or Funny
4: Most compelling(storytelling)
5. Best background story
6. Most lovey dovey(romantic non erotic)
7. Most Action packed

So look out for more details as this is just starting. The first Event will begin very soon.



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