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The year is 2699. The United Federation of Planets has finally done it. The galaxy is at peace. All races and species from the known quadrants of Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta can sit at the same table without taking up arms. So Star Fleet can go back to what it was developed for and the is exploration.

Off in the deepest parts of the Delta Quadrant, the USS Ganymede, a science and exploration vessel, who was captained but Captain Tina Artex, discovered a strange looking asteroid and went to investigate. While taking samples of the asteroid, a strange phenomenon occurred. Out of no where a wormhole appeared. A stable wormhole at that too. Being the ever curious explorer that she is, Captain Artex took the Ganymede, through the wormhole and what she found on the other side was amazing. A whole new uncharted and undiscovered part of the galaxy.

So after sending probes and recording data from this new place the Ganymede, recorded her findings and sent back the information to Star Fleet and returned back through the wormhole and came home.

After a years time, in the year, 2700. Star Fleet Command, commissioned a new fleet, called the Sigma Fleet, for the new part of the galaxy was dubbed the The Sigma Quadrant.

Only the best and the brightest of Star Fleet personnel was chosen to lead the expedition. So the newest ship in the fleet, the USS Polaris NCC 100001 was commissioned by Star Fleet to be the first ever mobile Command vessel. It's mission is to travel through the wormhole and chart the uncharted, discover the undiscovered and make first contact all while maintaining the Prime Directive.

So explorers, are you ready for a new adventure? If so, please join me Captain Tyzon Laque and the crew of USS Polaris as we dive deep in to the Sigma Galaxy. So set your warp factors to maximum and strap in and enjoy the ride.

Latest News Items

» I am not alone

Posted on Sat Mar 19th, 2022 @ 4:17am by Captain Tyzon Laque in Sim Announcement


We finally have an Executive Officer, so I am not going to be running this sim all by myself. Please welcome Executive Commander, Mr. Kerr. In other news, Commander Teron will be the CIO and Second Officer.

Please respect Mr. Kerr as you do me, and show him the ropes.

That is all.

» New Discord Server- Winter Weather Warning

Posted on Wed Feb 2nd, 2022 @ 7:52am by Captain Tyzon Laque in General News

Hey guys, so we can be more free to discuss and plan things out, which should be done. I have created a Discord Server: https://discord.gg/F5knJQKdyA

Discord is an app and website for games, just like us.

Due to increasing weather here in Texas, I might have to take a few days off to get prepared to hunker down and keep safe. I do not mean to disappear, but if I loss power and have to evacuate, I will be going to my mothers, who unfortunately doesn't have an internet connection. Let's pray that this is not like last years Snowmaggeddon. Yes, that is term we used here in Texas. If I am unable get on and play, please reach out to me on discord at matthew43#3685

» The Events Have Started

Posted on Mon Jan 31st, 2022 @ 7:18am by Captain Tyzon Laque in General News

Ok crew the Topic of [Events] has started. Remember it needs to be a single post. No Joint posts allowed. It needs to be in your Personal Long. Judging will begin on the last day of February.

This Event Topic is Flashbacks. Flash back to a memory in your characters past. There is no word count so make it creative as you want to be.

» Events

Posted on Sun Aug 15th, 2021 @ 12:28pm by Captain Tyzon Laque in General News

Looks like we are having a posting stall. So We are going to stat to have what is called EVENTS. What is an event is, is a different mission, that is separated from game missions. You will know that it is an event because the title of the mission will have [EVENT] in the title.

Rules of Events:

1. All Events a Solo events. No Joint Points.
2. Personal Logs are were events will take place
3. There is no word count in events, so let your imagination run wild
4. The winner of the event, will be given the option of to start the new one

Categories of Events

1: Most Erotic
2: Most Scary
3. Most Silly or Funny
4: Most compelling(storytelling)
5. Best background story
6. Most lovey dovey(romantic non erotic)
7. Most Action packed

So look out for more details as this is just starting. The first Event will begin very soon.

» New Mission will be starting soon

Posted on Wed Aug 11th, 2021 @ 5:03am by Captain Tyzon Laque in General News

OK team, the honeymoon is over. It's time for action. There is a problem at sigma station.

Latest Mission Posts

» Dinner

Mission: [Episode 6] A Virus Takes Hold
Posted on Tue May 3rd, 2022 @ 2:05am by Captain Tyzon Laque & Commander Jason Taron & Executive Commander Alec Hunter & Commander Shoniara Chase M.D. & Lieutenant Teela Tiado & Lieutenant Borvan Pirek MD

Counsellor Tiado quarters.

Teela had spent some time collecting some plants and art to brighten up her quarters. She watched the repairs going on on the ship's hull for a while and lay down and slept. When she woke she showered and dressed for the Captain’s dinner. She pulled her…

» Settling in/Executive Meeting

Mission: [Episode 6] A Virus Takes Hold
Posted on Mon May 2nd, 2022 @ 2:49am by Captain Tyzon Laque & Commander Jason Taron & Executive Commander Alec Hunter & Commander Shoniara Chase M.D. & Lieutenant Teela Tiado & Valev T’ghrek of the House of O’Kaan Ambassador & Lieutenant Borvan Pirek MD

Shoniara Chase was up early, too early and her eyes felt crusty and wet. To be sure some of that had been the crying she had been doing as she stood in the cargo bay on the station that had become the catalyst for the major change of direction in…

» One Ending and Two Beginnings

Mission: [Episode 6] A Virus Takes Hold
Posted on Thu Apr 28th, 2022 @ 8:13am by Commander Shoniara Chase M.D. & Lieutenant Teela Tiado & Captain Tyzon Laque & Executive Commander Alec Hunter & Commander Jason Taron

Teela Tiado the new Counsellor for the USS Polaris sat at the table she had snagged at the seemingly new cafe on board Sigma Station. She had arrived on a civilian transport a couple of days ago and had soon tired of the place. It was still being rebuilt apparently…

» Ghost in the Machine (part 2)

Mission: [Episode 6] A Virus Takes Hold
Posted on Wed Apr 27th, 2022 @ 7:03pm by Captain Tyzon Laque & Commander Jason Taron & Commander Shoniara Chase M.D. & Lieutenant Borvan Pirek MD

Lieutenant Niali Korial stood on the bridge feeling like a non entity. Commander Chase had sent her up from sickbay in case any of the bridge crew needed her and also to be a liason between Dr Pirek if needed. Being new on board she had only just begun to…

» Ghost in the Machine

Mission: [Episode 6] A Virus Takes Hold
Posted on Sun Apr 17th, 2022 @ 5:54pm by Lieutenant Borvan Pirek MD & Captain Tyzon Laque & Admiral Taka Sito & Commander Jason Taron & Valev T’ghrek of the House of O’Kaan Ambassador

Alpha Shift:

Captain Laque was sitting in his ready room going over some pad work when call came in over the video system. It was Admiral Sito.

"Taka, it is good to see you." Ty said.

"Ty, it is good to see you too. I have read over the report…

Latest Personal Logs

» A Gift of dance

Posted on Tue May 3rd, 2022 @ 3:27am by Commander Jason Taron

CIO Personal Log:

I thought I would never get to dance that way again. Last night at dinner, Tyzon did the unexpected. I know that dancing was not his favorite thing to do, but when he took my hand and led me out on to the dance floor, my heart…

» I'm not giving up on her

Posted on Tue May 3rd, 2022 @ 2:46am by Captain Tyzon Laque

Captain Personal Log:

For months after the battle of Sigma Station, I have seen a change in my dear sister Shoniara. From the depression to the nightmares to the very high highs. There is someway to help her I will find out. I am not going to lose another officer…

» Sadness and Confusion

Posted on Tue May 3rd, 2022 @ 1:44am by Commander Zach Chase

I’m afraid for Shoniara. Something is definitely wrong. Ever since we arrived at Sigma Station she has gotten moody, sad, depressed. I figured that it was due to the things that we went thru on or near the station, especially with the Pirexans.

Then I made a comment in my…

» ‘A Change Gon’ Come.’

Posted on Tue May 3rd, 2022 @ 12:20am by Commander Shoniara Chase M.D.

I think I am going mad and I do not know why. Life is good, we are settled back into our roles on the ship and I no longer have the duties of an XO to worry about. Our new Commander Hunter seems to be settling in well, I am…

» Power Mission

Posted on Wed Feb 16th, 2022 @ 3:44pm by Commander Zach Chase

I have just returned from a briefing in the Captain’s ready room. I will be leading an away team of people younger than 25 years old. We will be going to a planet called Valhalla 1. It apparently isn’t as advanced as it could be.

I’m leading an away team…